Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Part Whatever

First some pimpage for Book Binge. You knew 'em and loved 'em as Sanctuary's Finest but they wanted a fresh start and created a new reviewing blog. Super cool. Just one question - will the background be black forever? My eyes!!

They are running a contest for those who pimp so follow the link and see for yourself!


My husband sent me a wonderful gift today in my e-mail.

Apparently there is an article about a gene that creates people like me. Night Owls or Nocturnal People. What was super cool was reading the comments and discovering there were other people just like me and suddenly I understand that I'm not on a 24 hr cycle like other people which is why my sleeping goes around the clock!!

Okay, it was exciting for me. You can read the article and comments here if you like. Turns out that my ancestors may have been those who kept watch while others were sleeping.


You're welcome.

Too bad I'm obsolete now.


Rosie said...

I have 8 sibs. Most of us have been or are night owls. My Mom for most of her life was a night owl. This seems like a reasonable explanation for why our clocks are different.

Holly said...

Wow, Rosie, 8 sibs? Your poor parents! lol

I'm a night owl, too, Cindy. You have no idea how hard it is for me to work a normal 9-5er. When I worked at the bar I was happiest. I didn't go in until 5 or 6 and got home sometime around 3a.m. Perfect. :)

Thanks for the pimp, too. And no, the background won't be black forever. We're designing a new template, so the one we have now is just temporary.