Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Love Is Blind by Lynsay Sands

I'm pretty sure I have to count this as a DNF even though I read through to page 182 and then skimmed to the end.


Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.

This so isn't an author for me. I think I picked up this book because I saw this book in the interim results at AAR and I had been hearing about it a lot.

My example of what went wrong:

Hey, look at that flower.

This flower?

No, not that flower.

Oh, this flower then.

Why would that be the flower, no the other flower.

Ah, this flower, I see.

Isn't it a pretty flower?

Yes, it is a pretty flower.

Hey so and so, look at this flower.

What flower?

This flower.

OMG with the friggin' flower already!!!

There was no actual flower in the book but holy crap, the dialogue was atrocious.

THEN, there is the evil crime of telling. The whole first part of the book is the hero finding out what the 'scandal' (that is attached to the heroine) is about from his cousin and mother.

Talk, talk, talk, talk...UGH!!

The heroine talks about all the little mishaps she has had since not having her glasses. The hero tells his cousin and so the reader gets a second telling of said incidents. Then the hero has to go over all the mishaps because, dum-dum-duuummm, they may actually be attempts to kill the heroine but that damn cousin is there going 'Wha??' so the reader is beaten to death with the reasons why they aren't mishaps.

Geez Louise, I figured it out the minute she turned up in the friggin' fountain.

I started to skim when there was some sort of misunderstanding about where everyone was supposed to meet for tea.


No, there!

Oh, right, there. I remember something about there, but then why are you here?

*stabs self repeatedly with knife*

I survive the self mutilation and skim to the end. Okay, I actually can flip ahead 20 pages at a time and still get the gist of what happened.

Okay, I should be a little more truthful, I made it to where the hero is hiring an investigator to look into the 'accidents' the heroine is having. This is where my brain exploded as the investigator now gets the rundown on the whole story and I mean WHOLE story. Therefore the reader has now been subjected to listening to dialogue that has happened three times before this.

Ding, ding, check please!!

This is why I sometimes find my TBR pile overwhelming.

I'm terrified all my books will turn out to be like this and then I will be a weeping, sobbing mess of ugly goo.

All I wanted was a simple romance without any paranormal stuff (weird, cause I love that stuff but, I don't have the brain power going on right now) or Rom Sus or anything else to detract from a simple love story. Like the last book I finished. Yeah, I just want a wonderful romance with some heat.

Actually, I'm impatiently waiting for the Anna Campbell book to arrive - I know it has left Australia but hey, slow boats and all that!


I'm pretty sure that my reaction to this book has nothing to do with me being sick but I figure this little rant has been brought to you by the letter B.

Bitchy, blechy and blergh!


Rosario said...

ROTFL, Cindy, that was too, too funny! And the book does sound dreadful.

jmc said...

The Who's on First routine is really hard to do well in writing I think. At least I hope that's what Sands was aiming for with the flower dialogue!

Maybe your next read will be better!

Mailyn said...

This is why I sometimes find my TBR pile overwhelming.

I'm terrified all my books will turn out to be like this and then I will be a weeping, sobbing mess of ugly goo.

LOL! Don't get discouraged! I'm sure they aren't all like this. There is no way anything can be as bad as this! ^__^

Holly said...

ROTFL! That was awesome. Poor Cindy. I cannot stand books like this, and my sorry self can't stop from reading it to the end, either. *le sigh*

I'll steer clear of this one for sure.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - that's a priceless review! And I don't think you have to worry *g*. I think a number of books on the TBR pile are likely much better.

nath said...

LOL awesome review Cindy! I just have one question: do you know if this is the same Lynsay Sands that write the vampires series?

CindyS said...

Rosario - I was just surprised at how bored I was!

JMC - Oh, oh, you don't think that was an attempt at humor!? Yikes!

Mailyn - I can only hope the next one will be better

Holly - I've gotten better with *having* to read books to the end. I just knew it wasn't going to get any better and at 180 pgs in, I was done!

Kristie - I hope so! I'm considering re-reading some fav but I'm trying to keep the momentum up. Yeah, 12 books in 4 months - I'm screaming!

Nath - yes, she does write the Vamp books - she has a very long backlist which is why I was again surprised by my reaction. She's just not for me!


Stacy~ said...

I'm going to have to stop by here more often - loved the funny review!

Suisan said...

You poor thing.

I can't IMAGINE having to read the same recap of events three times. Wouldn't that take up most of your 180 pages?

I rereading some Kinsales--I'm amazed to look at the page numbers. I found myself at 138 in one and not much had yet happened in the plot. (It wasn't slow, as there was tons of character development, but I was so impressed at her ability to keep me going that long.) And then there are other books were I'm annoyed by page 82.

I'm SURE there's something better on your TBR pile. I'm positive.

Rosie said...

I'm jumping on the band wagon that was hilarious!

Jenster said...

I've never read her before, though I do have one of her books in my TBR pile. Thankfully not this one, though!

ames said...

I picked up a book by her before, but took it to the UBS in a purge a while back. LOL

Anna Campbell's book is just romance, angsty romance too. I'll have a review up soon. :P