Monday, April 09, 2007

His Secondhand Wife by Cheryl St. John

I picked this little gem off the TBR pile in desperation.

There is nothing new in this story and reading it is like putting on an old cozy sweater.

I'm giving this book a B- because I enjoyed reading a romance that had nothing to do with anything other than a budding relationship. It was a nice change of pace from the frenetic reads I normally indulge in.

Keep in mind, this book probably wouldn't be rated very high in the sensuality level - maybe subtle - and there is a baby. I mean, really, if this wasn't a recipe for disaster then I don't know what is?

Cindy Blurb: Katherine Cutter is a woman of no means, living with her bitter mother after her husband of a few weeks ups and leaves to find a job. When he doesn't come back after a month Katherine tries to keep the faith even though she has discovered she is pregnant. Terrified of not having enough to raise her child she holds onto the hope that her husband will come back to her.

Noah Cutter is a man who keeps away from everyone due to the scars marring his face and body. Believing he was an abomination to look upon he isolated himself alone on his ranch until word came that his brother had been killed. Discovering Katherine, Noah offers to take her to his home so she can be safe and raise her child. Eager for a new life Katherine leaves her known life behind for a better chance at happiness.

So, we have a man who doesn't know he can be loved, a woman who doesn't flinch from the sight of him and only wishes to make him happy and an oppressive and evil step mother who only wants to ensure than her grandchild, her last connection to her beloved son, be within her grasp.

Really, we've all read this story before but in this one there wasn't any real drama. No one got overly upset or yelled or well, anything. Kate is a woman who can talk from sun up to sun down about anything and everything and has a positive look on life. Noah, having closed himself off from people is charmed by her love of life and her willingness to she everything as a blessing. Thus, when they marry, Noah is surprised that Kate offers her bed to him but then realizes that she feels obligated.

And that is how the rest of the story progresses. Kate and Noah begin to believe that the other is a saint who couldn't possibly want anything to do with themselves.

What intrigued me was the Noah was a virgin but really, this didn't play into the romance as A) he never tells her and B) this book is not explicit with the sex scenes except that I know the second time they make love, Noah has found a way to make Katherine orgasm twice. I wish I knew how he learned that so easily because DUDE, there are men out there who still don't have a clue and they've been 'slinging hash' for far longer!

Side Note: I just took some NyQuil so I'm not too sure of what I am writing as it's starting to take it's effect.

So, if you are looking for a romance that is set in the west and you have read an Harlequin Historical before and enjoyed it then I would suggest giving this one a try.

Okay, I'm going to stop with trying to review but will now update you on me. Aren't you just tickled?

1. My anti-bodies threw up their little white flags of surrender sometime yesterday and today I am a full fledged sicky.

This blows. Literally and well, however, else I mean.

2. I love my Aunt to itty bitty pieces but she cooked our turkey dinner the day before our scheduled dinner to make it easier for her. Here's the thing. It's like eating leftovers without the benefit of eating a great Turkey meal with all the fixings. I'm feeling totally ripped off so Bob suggested I go and get a turkey and make one. I have to wait and see how I'm feeling because I will be pissed if I do up a turkey and then can't taste anything because of this cold!!

So, I'm not sure how 'up and about' I'm going to be so hold down the fort for me 'kay?

Okay, I have to go to bed now because my eyes are already drooping from the NyQuil.

Man I love NyQuil!!!

Edited to Add: Sorry, I forgot to tell you how good the Easter Bunny was to me! My puppy and kitties got me book gift certificates and Bob got me some too!! I don't know how they knew what to get me. Meanwhile I only got Bob some Laura Secord Dark Chocolate Eggs which he has said are wonderful (I will take his word for it since I can't do dark chocolate). Did the Easter Bunny leave you guys anything special?


Rosie said...

Cindy I started reading Cheryl St John because of Wendy (Super Librarian). This was my first book and I really enjoyed it mostly for its honesty.

C2 said...

(((Cindy))) Sorry you're sickly! Stay medicated and you'll be better in no time (if you're medicated enough, you won't care that you're sick LOL).

Sometimes there's nothing better than a comfort read, I agree. :o)

ReneeW said...

Well, we're very close in grading on this one. A good book but needed more sex *bg*. I haven't had a cold this year (whoops shouldn't have said that, now I'll get one). That Nyquil stuff is grand for knocking a person out so they can get some sleep. I was trying not to eat any easter candy but I broke down and had some herseys kisses yesterday and finished almost the whole bag off. It's a sickness. I don't do dark chocolate either, who can eat that stuff? Hope you're feeling better soon.