Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm an EEEdiot!

Have I mentioned I'm sick?

I am one whiny grumpy sick person as a rule but I sometimes pull this 'mind over matter' crap outta my arse and power through. Monday through Wednesday were the 'lay around moaning in ill frustration'.

Then I get an inkling of 'hey, I think I feel a tad better!' and I go bat shit crazy.

No really.

I take on extremely physical tasks although at least this time I didn't wash any floors on my hands and knees. (When my mom said she no longer did stuff like that I was all 'hell yeah! I'll never get down on my hands and knees again!) So I kind of ran around the house yesterday getting stuff put away and then I posted on the blog saying I was off to bed soon.

Uh, no.

I decided I had to learn how to use a label maker that I just bought and then I decided to re-label all my files to get myself even more organized. In my brain this took all of 10 minutes.

THEN, I decided to take a run at the TBR pile by looking for To Have and To Hold by Patricia Gaffney (I don't think I've ever read it before but you never know - thing is it's a used copy and now I want to see if it's ever been re-printed. Smoky smells really get to me lately and my best friend is a smoker! OMG - It's was re-released - gotta run!). I knew it was there but again, I don't like to sort stuff so I ended up moving all the books around and yes, it was in the last place I looked. Okay, I had already looked everywhere and was starting again when I noticed it sitting face out at eye level all along.

I hate that.

Finally, I give Cody a tap to let him know I'm leaving to go to bed (he's stone cold deaf now - ohhh, I have to tell you a silly story!) and off I go only to glance at the clock as I'm climbing into bed.

10 am.

I thought Bob had maybe hit the wrong button when he got up so I double checked with the TV. Nope, I had stayed up an extra 2 hours. Ugh.

I go to sleep but for some reason wake up at 4 pm. That's six hours people!

I got up and then Bob came home and I wanted out of the house (bad, bad, bad idea) so Bob took me out and then he went to the reno house and I gallivanted around a few stores, tried on some shorts and scared myself stupid, decided that fat is so not the look for me but, I'm lazy. So, yeah, I'm out and about and stuff.

I go to Chapters and leave with NOTHING. I told Bob and he went to get a thermometer. So far no fever but Bob's looking worried.

Oh, before Bob got home I decided to spend time trying to get the horrendous squealing noise to cease on our garage door opener. This involves me getting on a ladder and farting around with tools and such in a cold garage. Again, felt like 10 minutes but I'm thinking it was longer.

So why the run down on my day?


I friggin' made it worse. Headache, achy all over (which gets me thinking about the flu and how I'm terrified of it) and painfully tired. I took Tylenol and Bob gave me a head rub and yikes, I feel crappy. I even tried to go to bed and nothing.

Cody, meanwhile, is being supportive by laying full out on the couch and snoring up a storm.

Lucky bastard.

Crazy Side Trip:

So Cody is now deaf. Okay, he's deaf but if you are really, really loud he either hears something or the movement of soundwaves in the area lets him know something is going on.

Now, I have mentioned that Cody loves Bob to itty bitty bits. He will race to the window when Bob leaves just to make sure he is really going to work in the morning. Bob has thrown him off a few times by driving away and discovering he has forgotten something. Cody will then stand at the door for an hour not trusting that Bob has really left.

Anyways, the other day Cody crawled up on the couch with me and was snuggling. I don't know what came over me but I wanted Cody to know that I loved him and I thought if I yelled it really, really loud he would get a sense of it.

So I yelled. And I'm loud naturally so it was no soft holler.

Poor guy knew something had happened but he must have thought it was Bob returning home. Ears up and staring at the front door. I felt so bad, I got him all excited because he thought his 'love' was coming home.

Now I make him look at me when I talk to him and hope he is learning to read lips.


ames said...

Hey Cindy, sorry that you're still sick. :( For myself, my regular Friday afternoon incapacitating headaches are now beginning as soon as I wake up. Not good.

When did you notice Cody's deafness?

nath said...

LOL - about the part where you went to Chapters and came out with nothing... but completely understandable since there's nothing much that is released this month. So sorry that you're still sick... hope you get better soon! At least, there's Cody to lend you support :D

CindyS said...

Ames - what's happening on Fridays to have you waking up with a headache!

We thought Cody was deaf just before Christmas but when we got some anti-biotics for his sinuses it seemed that he started to hear again. I thought maybe the tumor in his nose was causing swelling in his sinuses which affect the ears. The hearing lasted about a month and was gone again and no matter how much meds he gets it doesn't seem to come back.

Poor guy sometimes falls behind while following you around (or gets distracted). If he loses sight of you and you go to the bathroom he'll be searching for you the whole time you're in there. I've had to get up out of bed after Bob leaves in the morning to catch his eye so he knows where I am. Once he knows I'm in bed he just settles back down and goes to sleep. Crazy guy ;)

Nath - yep, not happy about the buying options lately! I'm starting to feel better and yeah, Cody's around to give me snugs when I'm moping ;)


ames said...

It's funny the things we do to catch our deaf cat's attention. Of course we could just go pick him up. LOL

Suisan said...

Cody looks very sweet, sort of dripping off the sofa. Dear thing.

Rosie said...

Read lips?