Monday, November 12, 2007

AAR Top 100 Romance Poll is UP!!

The Top 100 Romance Poll has been published and you can find it here and then you can read the analysis here and then you can go and talk about it here.

Helpful little mite, aren't I?

By the time stamp you will see I am up and I slept through the entire night. I'm off to run a thousand and one errands that I never get to do so I will catch up with you guys later.

Have fun!


Kat O+ said...

It just clicked that you're *that* Cindy. How dumb am I??? It's great to see that Slave to Sensation made it in, although I'm disappointed there are no EJs on the list.

Jenster said...

Wow! I'm amazed that I've read as many of them as I have. I've read all the historicals in the top 25 and even some of the contemporaries.

Dev said...

I've read a lot of them this time around. Although, I'm wondering how Kristie and her minions rigged the poll? DoY was second!

Kristie (J) said...

What can I say? Us Cravenators Rule. There was no fixing - cause if there were, Cindy being in the Wrong Camp - would have done so *huge grin*

katiebabss said...

I find it fishy that Devil in Winter is so high.. hmmmm...
But still DOY is way higher!
Derek rules, Sebastian's still in last. Har har. :)

CindyS said...

The only rule for ballots is that they have to have more than one author listed. That way we could figure out 'fangirls'.

Anyways, a ballot came in with about 12 titles and they were all Anne Stuart books. LinnieGayl e-mailed me to remind me it didn't count at which point I jokingly suggested that if a few Nora Roberts (LinnieGayl's a fangirl) happened to fall onto the ballot no one would know.

I think we almost killed Lee ;)

No tampering of any kind because dude, Mr. Impossible would have beat out LOS!

Yep, new war!!


nath said...

To my big suprise, I read a lot of those books :D yay me! LOL :) Thanks for you hard work Cindy!

C2 said...

Wow, what an undertaking! I'm impressed by you all. :o)

I just counted and I think I've read all but 26 of the list. Should I be proud or embarassed, I wonder? LOL

You know what would be good? A printable list for the newer readers lurking around on AAR (and maybe there is one - I didn't dig around).