Saturday, November 24, 2007

Not Socialites

One down, another yet to go.

We did the party thing last night and I realized that Bob and I are not exactly social people. We sat at a table for two and basically kept to ourselves which is really weird.

For me it was the fact that aging is crazy and I'm looking at my best friend from childhood with her two children and 40 year old husband and wondering when exactly everything changed. Also, my weight is bugging me so I wasn't feeling my usual loud self. Bob was just his normal, 'I will sit here and grant audience to those who wish it'. At our own wedding Bob sat at the head table and I was in the room mingling. He had thrown his back out the weekend before so I chalked it up to that. Nope. My man doesn't mingle.

Anyways. Tonight I'm feeling all awful in the tummy but it's not as bad as it could be. Just another sensation that's tipping itself at me and making me wonder what I should be doing to kill time.

On that note my PC has decided to kick out error messages that are making my teeth hurt. I've done the restore points back to the earliest I can go and still no dice. All this because I want to burn a music CD and the program that came loaded in my PC 2 years ago is suddenly not working.

So I'm thinking of resetting everything back to original settings. Which means anything I've added to the computer since the beginning will now be lost. I started to back-up files and my pictures tonight but realized I would have to save the tax info and e-mail info and really the list seems endless.

THEN, I remember I'm missing my Office discs which means I wouldn't have Excel or Word and really, that would be a huge pain. I know who *should* have my discs only they claim not to have them. No more lending shit out!

And Cody has extreme gas.

I mean, it's ghastly. *ba-dum-tish*

How painful was that?

Not even a fraction of the pain my poor sense of smell is feeling.

Oh, crap! I was going to talk about the movie Sicko but I can save it for another post. Basically, we don't get stuff for free, we pay taxes. Huge taxes. But I wouldn't trade our universal health care for anything else! That said, I'm jealous of the Brits with their fixed price on prescriptions. We're much like our American friends in that we pay out the nose for meds - we're just lucky that most of us have benefit packages that cover the cost. (Two of my friends with young children both had a couple of years where they had no coverage and buying meds was next to impossible - finally both have coverage)

And if some insurance company tried to tell me I wasn't covered because of a prior cold, sniffle, nose bleed, etc, well, it'd get ugly real fast.

And finally on the note of ugly, Canadian Tire may get a visit from C-Rex tomorrow afternoon. My car wouldn't start and after having the CAA come and boost the battery we realized it was the starter and not the battery. I have an after market automatic starter that was purchased from Canadian Tire so I suggested we have the car towed there.

Bobby decided to surprise me by getting my car over there today. He gets a call telling him the battery is stone cold dead. Uh, no. The radio was on, the lights were on, the battery is fine. Then I guess he gets hit up for some sort of corrosion cleaning service which of course Bob says no to. I'm already seething at this point in the story but the topper was the fact that they are going to disconnect the automatic starter but they aren't an authorized dealer so they can't hook it back up.

They sold me the &*^%^$* thing!!!

Six hundred bucks and my car won't have it's auto-start which allows me to start my car while in my warm cozy house when it's colder than a witch's ---!


The manager is going to be meeting C-Rex.

For the first time ever, Bob smiled when I told him that.


Kristie (J) said...

Oh dear, if asked I would have told you not to trust Canadian Tire with even - changing tires. I've taken cars there in the past - paid through the nose and the problem either hasn't been fixed or they can't seem to find it. Although it may cost a bit more, I take my new car to the dealer now. So I'd say either do that or find a good mechanic - but don't go to Canadian Tire again!
As for the prescription thing - I was paying well over $100 a pop for my BP medication. Now that I'm working full time and have a drug plan the last time I got it refilled - $1. Yep - that was it.
And as for the social part - some people just aren't - and there's nothing wrong with that. At times I'm just content to sit back and watch, at other times I join in - depends on who's out that night, Kristie or Krisite. But either is fine :)

Dev said...

I'm not a socialite either. I'm much more content to sit in my bubble and watch. I'm even more content to be at home and not have to be out in crowds at all.

Rosie said...

I start reading about your car troubles and can feel my own BP rising. With 3 cars and 4 drivers in the family it's been ugly this year. So I feel your pain. Can't wait to see the outcome with Canadian Tire. If you do well you could start C-Rex Inc. and hire out your services. You'd make a mint from people who don't like confrontation... :)