Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beyond Reason

I'm well past the point of knowing what to do with myself. My sleep is all over the place and there are times it's all I can do to keep my eyes open.

Last night I went to see my Dad off - he's going to Malaysia for the next 6 weeks. You know I'm not a flyer but I don't stop anyone else from doing it. Thing is, I know my Dad just doesn't like it so I get antsy. Sure, my family tells me to get a grip but I've heard the stories and seen the results. So off he goes on a 20 hour plane flight. That's a day of being in a tube and my Dad figured he wouldn't sleep. Ugh.

Did I mention my father is retired? Yeah. This is his secondary gig.

So I'm thinking I should be around for my Mom over the next month and a half and hopefully that won't create a new fresh pristine kind of hell. I just have to keep saying 'It's not about me' and maybe I'll do fine.

Bob was upset by my Dad going also. He doesn't get it and has said to me numerous times since we all found out that he wouldn't go anywhere without me. Funny thing is I really can't go anywhere without him!

Okay, I could. I just feel better when he's there.

So yesterday I'm waiting and waiting for Bob to get home so we can go see my Dad. Bob's work is extremely busy to the point where we haven't taken vacation so I knew Bob had to do some dancing to get out the door. By the time he got home my eyes were burning with the need for sleep and I knew it wasn't going to happen.

Bob and I got home about 7pm and I crashed until 10pm. I only got up because I knew Bob was still up and I was thinking about the prime rib I cooked the night before and how good the leftovers were going to be.

Eat. Sleep and Poop. My sad motivation for most things.

On the book front I'm still reading Sarah McCarty's Promises Linger and I have to say, I'm very surprised at how tame it is. Right now it's really just a sweet historical western romance with some words thrown around. And there is a fairly detailed plot. Who knew?

I know, I'm slow on the uptake.

Watch, the next half of the book will have me racing for the shower.


nath said...

Hey Cindy :D Why is your father going to Malaysia? I hope Bob will enjoy his coming vacation :D And you're such a good daughter :P

Rosie said...

Ack! I couldn't do six weeks without GG. Well...I suppose I could if I absolutely HAD to, but I'd hate every minute. That's why I have so much admiration for military families. They endure such long separations.

Hope the sleep gets better. Nothing worse than not sleeping. It screws up everything.

Dev said...

I'm on page 142 of Promises Linger. I really like Asa and Elly's story so far.

ames said...

I have promises linger in my ebook tbr pile, so I can't wait for your thoughts. LOL Hopefully you do have to race for the shower. :P

Why is your pappa going to Malaysia?

C2 said...

Six weeks in Malaysia?? That's not a trip you hear people talking about every day. Yikes. I hope he has fun and does lots of Christmas shopping while he's there. ;-)

Hope your schedule lines itself out soon! (((Cindy)))