Friday, November 02, 2007

Play Through!

Good news - our 30 year old concrete pool is not leaking and is all air tight so no crazy money needs to be spent. (I'm talking 10s of thousands)

Bad news - the leak is by the pump and I'm trying to get the company that moved it to come and do the work for free. Yeah. We'll see if that flies but seriously, they did the work wrong.

Good news - the AAR Polls are closed and Lee reports there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So far I'm in the tunnel seeing double. Maybe I'll see two lights soon!

Meh news - I'm edgy because Saturday I'm having a fancy dinner with my parents. If the extended family shows up it's all good in the hood but if it's just 4 of us I'm going to be chewing my panic pills like candy. I could call and find out if any one else is coming but if I know no one else is going to be there I'll start panicking now. I know they were inviting others but I don't know if they are coming. This way I have hope until I must absolutely know.

Anyone want to borrow my crazy for the weekend?

Didn't think so.

Fantabulous news!!!!!!

Bobby called me this morning to tell me that Chapters (Canada's big box book store) has announced they will be reducing prices by 10-20% because of the strength of the Canadian dollar.


It better be closer to 20 % cause some of us live close to the border and can do a hop over to the States!

So, uh, looking for titles to buy cause I suddenly have a burning need to go shopping!!!

Whatcha reading? And can I buy it NOW!! No ARCs need apply.


Kat O+ said...

CL Wilson's Lady of Light and Shadows (you'll need to have read the first book).

Dev said...

I'm reading After the Night by Linda Howard now and am about halfway through it.

nath said...

Hey Cindy :D

well it's great news for the pool :D now with all the money saved, you can buy books LOL :P

I hope dinner at your parents' place goes well tomorrow :D

As for Chapters/Indigo pricing, i don't want to burst your bubbles, but I think Bob is not aware of all the details... Chapters/Indigo are NOT reducing their prices by 10 to 20%... At the moment, they have a special promotion where if you are a I-Reward member, you get a 20% off on the most expensive book if you spend more than 35$ and if you're not a member, you only get 10%.

the pricing online is not changing either, but we still get 9% off on books over 10.99$, 24%off on books over 13.99$ and 34% off on books over 25$ which is good.

However, the prices of some books have been going down thanks to the publishers :D I've noticed that Avon's books 7.99$ instead of 9.99$ and same thing for Kresley Cole's publishers (I think it's Pocket Star)... now, we can just hope that all publishers lower their price!

C2 said...

Good luck with the dinner party! Calm blue ocean (repeat as necessary)... ;-)

Books to buy??? Did you know Suz has a novella out called All Through the Night? LOL The money goes to charity, even. You know you want it! I also just picked up Cindy Miles' Into Thin Air.

When will the poll results be posted?

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy: Good luck with the dinner party tomorrow.

Great news for you on book prices...and continuing bad news for people in the U.S. Oh, I'd suggest giving some Nora Roberts a try.

Jenster said...

I hope the dinner went well!

Great news about Chapters. :o)