Friday, November 23, 2007

Decking The Halls

NO!! You're in the right spot!!

In the interest of gearing myself up for the holidays I decided to change up the template. Even though I like my birds I was getting tired of seeing them and Holiday Cheer isn't going to just show up. At least it doesn't here.

Side Note! - I was in the Christmas spirit in July of this year. Yep. Singing Christmas carols and the whole shebang.

Some of you are probably groaning because you just had Thanksgiving but c'mon, the real Thanksgiving is in October!!

*ducks behind furniture* Hey!! If you are going to throw things I'd like it to be green and used as currency!

*peeks over couch* Yeah. Thought that would get you to stop.

Where were we?

Right. Gearing up. Whatever.

So that's done.

Onto other things - this weekend should be a blur of painful activity for someone who bummed around in her jammas for the past few days.

Tomorrow night we are going to a surprise 40th Birthday party that I guess will have a comedian and such. Booze as a gift and a card and money for the Godson because his birthday is actually before his fathers. Two birds, one expensive stone.

Saturday. Huh. My mother invited me to go with her and my Aunt to the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto. Hey LinnieGayl - they have one in Chicago!


For those who don't remember (or don't
know) it was 10 years ago that I last went to this show and wowzer - it left it's mark. I've had panic attacks all my life but they kind of simmered down in my early 20's and then WHAM, I'm in Toronto in a show with thousands of people and I'm panicking like someone is holding a gun to my head. My descent into Agoraphobia was swift but thankfully I went for help 4 months later. 3 years of hard work and I'm about as normal as I'll get and thus, I continue on.

Now I don't like to brag but my mama didn't raise no dummy. Crazy yes, but dummy, no.

Probably should have mentioned my 'family' doesn't buy into panic attacks. They're all in your head don't you know. So it's not like I'm going to pull honesty out of my hat and play that card. Hell no!

Luckily I wasn't home when my Mom called so she left a message on my machine that had me rolling on the floor laughing. Bob wasn't laughing and was all 'you are going to get roped into this' and I was all 'can't happen'.

Seriously, I think my mother could pull every card she has including the 'I brought you into the world' card and I would just say no. If push came to shove I would be honest and let her stew in her 'my daughter is a moron' drama.

It didn't come to that. I called her said something about the show and then said 'Have fun with that'. She took it gracefully.

What's funny is that I was thinking of asking Bob to take me this year to that show. I was thinking it was time to face it and enjoy something different. Then I remember just how pricey stuff was. I mean, it's the One of a Kind show. These are artisans and their wares are not cheap!

And then on Sunday one of my best buds is coming for a visit. Possibly. We'll have to wait and see.

Okay, I have rented too many movies and need to watch them before I have to take a second mortgage out for the late fees.

No more late fees my ass.


Kristie (J) said...

Love the cheerful Christmasy look - though the birds will be missed. And FWIW - that show sounds like an absolute nightmare to me too and I'd be doing everything possible to get out of it too!!

LinnieGayl said...

AAK! That one of a kind show looks great, if I could be the only one at it (hate, hate, hate huge crowds, which is why I'm not shopping today), and if I could afford to buy the things in it.

Enjoy your movies, Cindy.

Dev said...

Love the new look, Cindy! I hate, hate, hate crowds so I doubt The One of a Kind Show would be my thing either. Heck, I don't even leave the house on Black Friday just to avoid the crowds.

ReneeW said...

Your new Christmasy look is fresh and bright. Love it. I hate crowds too. I went to the Garden Show with some girlfriends this year and it was so crowded you can't see the displays and can't move around the booths, plus food was expensive and nowhere to sit. Not worth going. I stayed home from shopping today for that same reason, I couldn't face the crowds. I may go in the evening when it's much better.

Rosie said...

Man I missed a lot with you this week! Glad to see you are a bit more chipper. I like your template so much I called GG in to show it to him. It's great. Since I was out Christmas shopping today it fit my mood to a tee.

It's been one busy mother of week and I'm looking forward to relaxing tonight. Movies sound good.

Take it easy Cindy. I think you are doing great.

C2 said...

Love the new look! :o)

And I think the show sounds fun - normally crowds get on my nerves but, somehow, at Christmas I can deal without grinding my teeth too much. Unless there are children in strollers...then all bets are off. LOL

Oh, and you couldn't pay me to have gone shopping today but the rest of the season I'm good.

Marg said...

Love the new template Cindy!