Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm a dumbass.

No, it's okay, I can handle it.

Actually, all you smart people can tell me if I'm right in thinking this is ironic.

Since we are renovating the den, the TV was moved to our living room while our super comfy couch was put upstairs. I'm thinking it's been about 30 days since I last sat on our comfy couch and have instead been forced to sit and watch TV on our leather sofa.

This morning on my way to bed I realized that I had a pain in the middle of my back right on my spine. It was a familiar ache that I remembered from the old house and it struck me that the arm of our leather sofa happened to hit me in exactly that spot while lounging. Huh. That damn arm has been the cause of a back that always felt like it just needed to crack. A good twist and crack and spla-dow, all better. Only my back rarely if ever cracks and it's not a great feeling.

So there I am this morning dragging my pitiful self to bed and I tell Bob that I won't be sitting on the leather sofa again. Hell no. The furniture needed to be moved around.

Don't get ahead of me now.

Tonight I get up and do my normal stuff and hours later, Bob is asleep in his chair in another room and I'm glaring at the leather couch in the living room. I'm so not sitting there!

I should mention that Bob moves our furniture around all the time and I have also moved our stuff but it's usually been on hardwood floors and the furniture has felt pads on their feet so it's kind of like skating.

So I go to move the leather couch.

Holy Lord!!

I have to move the couch across our area rug (something I had never done) and it won't budge. A couple serious heave-hos and nothing. So I wake Bob and tell him I need help. I get the 'are you crazy?' look. Turns out the sofa is damn heavy. No skating here. We get it half way across the room and I have to put it down. Something moved in my back but hey, whatever.

Off I go to move my chairs and ottomans. Huh. That hurt.

Again, my extremely high pain tolerance (go ahead, you can laugh) steers me wrong and I pick up our solid wood coffee table and pivot my back.


I've never 'thrown' my back out before.

Lord have Mercy I'm in a world of foggy hurt. I've sucked back a few ibuprofen in hopes of convincing the muscle in my back that it's not really hurt but so far it's just letting me live.

Another thing about people like me (anxiety/panic people) is that we don't breath correctly. As babies we are born as stomach breathers and that's the way it should be. You know that yoga breathing? That's pure health my friends. Anyways, turns out people like me forget how to breath like that and we become shallow breathers (chest breathers) and part of healing is to practice 'stomach' breathing.

Let's just say that I have noticed since hurting my back that I actually hold my breath when I'm in pain. I just stop breathing! Whenever I notice I'm holding my breath I try and release it without hurting myself but no, that damn twinge.

Anyways. That's ironic right? I went to move the couch because it was hurting the bones in my back but while moving the couch I threw out my back.

If that ain't irony, it's at the very least, a bitch.


LinnieGayl said...

Oh cindy! Your poor back. Are you going to need to see a doctor about it?

sula said...

oh man, I did that once and it was brutal! What actually worked really well for me was a good massage therapist. Deep tissue massage...hurt while it was happening, but wow did I feel the improvement the next day.

Hope you feel better soon!

Jennie said...

Poor Cindy! Back pain is the worst because you just can't do anything. I wrenched mine last summer playing tennis and it took forever to feel back to normal. I hope you recover quickly!!

Dev said...

I also hold my breath when I'm in pain. Hope you heal up quickly! Back pain is the worst.

nath said...

Ironic or not, I sure hope you feel better soon Cindy!! and all I can think of is OUCH

ReneeW said...

Oh, ouch! Please forgive my little chuckle at the irony of it but it was only a small one. Back pain is horrible. I remember pinching a nerve in my neck/back area while vacuuming and I couldn't move for days. Hope it feels better soon. Put your feet up and let Bob wait on you :)