Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Such A Nerd!

Should have mentioned in the last post my Dad is a Mechanical Engineer and now does consulting. The neighbour across the street is also an engineer and says he works more now than before he retired. I think this field is really booming but I guess in this case my Dad had to go to the head office in Malaysia to do the job.

Which reminds me I need to call my mother at a decent hour and make sure she hasn't gone into a fear coma. When my brother and I were young she would have us climb into bed with her when Dad was gone for a few nights. Six weeks on her own will either make her extremely jumpy or a warrior woman afraid of nothing. She said that maybe she would become like me and stay up all night and sleep during the day. I'm thinking that's a great idea!

I've just finished a 14 hour sleep. Yep. Not proud but it had to be done. Yesterday I was on the verge of a killing streak. Bob was teasing me and I turned and said 'you do realize I could wipe out the entire world population with a thought right now'.

Super Grump Cindy gets delusions of grandeur.

Now I want dinner and it's 6am. There isn't a place that is serving dinner right now!

Oh! Bob took yesterday off and we went Christmas shopping. I finally get to the store that usually has something different and there wasn't anything new. For an hour all Bob heard was how I've seen it all and there is nothing new and how I'm completely stymied this year for Christmas gifts.

Okay, I'm always stymied but the whole 'been there, killed that' feeling was horrible. I felt like there wasn't anything new out there and of course, no one will say what they want for Christmas.


Also, I'm not sure how much more of Promises Linger I can read. It's too slow and I need something happy and slappy and jivey to keep me from wanting to take a dirt nap.

No pressure.

If any of you have seen Happy Go Lucky Cindy could you have her report back to home base.


nath said...

I hope your dad enjoys Malaysia :D 6 weeks is long though. and yay! you started your X-mas shopping :D I usually don't before the week b4 x-mas LOL :) I find it harder and harder though nowadays to buy gifts :( significant ones especially... sigh

Rosie said...

Cindy, I just realized 6 weeks means he won't be home for Christmas? That sucks. When GG used to travel for his job the first week was horrendous but each week he was gone it actually got easier. I still missed him like crazy, but sleeping alone wasn't so traumatic.

Happy Go Lucky Cindy can't be too far away because I smiled all through your post.

Dev said...

Sorry to hear you're not liking Promises Linger ~ I really love it. I suppose it started slow, but it does get better. There's an awesome horseback scene coming up around page 171. How far into it are you?

ames said...

I think Happy go lucky Cindy and Happy go Lucky Amy are taking a break together. LOL


CindyS said...

Nath - I'm starting to feel like a tragic character with all the woe-is-me stuff.

Rosie - Ooops. My Dad comes home of the 20th of Dec. That was his one rule - my dad loves Christmas and now that we rotating the hosting, it's the first time in 2 years he gets to have Xmas at his house.

Slayer Cindy has taken up residence - I almost killed some guy hogging the one till with his lotto scratching. People suck!

Dev - dang, have I made it to page 171 yet? I read the 'sparking'. I think I'm annoyed with the repetative dialogue.

Ames - let's send out the flying monkeys to teach them a lesson!

Holly said...

Super Grump Cindy gets delusions of grandeur.

LOLOL! That's hilarious.

Sorry your pops is gone. I bet your mom is going crazy! I sure would.

I think Happy Go Lucky Holly has joined Happy Go Lucky Amy and Happy Go Luck Cindy on a haiku somewhere. *Sigh* But they have to come back sometime, don't they?

CindyS said...

Damn. We may need to break out the booze.


C2 said...

you do realize I could wipe out the entire world population with a thought right now

Could you come to my office please?? I could use someone with those powers...


ag said...

I'm right behind c2 in the queue. reading this post of yours just brightened up my day -- I was trying very hard not to laugh. it's 1+am and I'm still up -- go figure.

this is my best way of destressing, so welcome home. happy-go-luck cindy is just peeking round the corner. I saw her!

ReneeW said...

Oh, man, I agree with C2. People at work are pissing me off.

Guess what! My dad was a mechanical engineer too until he retired and he used to do consulting. I think he went to Nova Scotia for a few months and also Barrow Alaska. But he quit doing that after a couple years of that. She was pretty calm most of the time about dad's traveling but he stopped cuz he missed her so much.