Sunday, November 04, 2007

Now That Wasn't So Bad, Right?

Batshit crazy showed up at 9:30pm on Friday night.

No warning. Just came out of no where. The bitch.

I'm sitting with Bob and suddenly I can't take it anymore, pick up the phone and call my cousin's house praying she answers. She's familiar with Crazy Cindy. Did I think up a reason for calling if my Aunt answered? Nope.

Guess who answered.

Ding, ding. That is correct.

'Uh, hi. How ya doin'?' Blah, Blah 'Are you going to Dad's for dinner tomorrow?' 'Of course.' (Why is it my brain wouldn't accept that 'of course' they would be there. It just wouldn't settle) 'Okay, uh, what time you going to be there?' Blah, blah. 'See ya there! Bye'

I get off the phone and turn to Bob.

Me: 'Do you think I'm getting more crazy?'

Bob: 'No, but that was weird. You knew they would be coming'

Me: 'No, I didn't *know* for sure and I wouldn't have been able to sleep and I would have worried and OMG do you think I need to change my anxiety meds and ...'

Bob: 'Okay, now you're acting crazy'

That conversation happened a few more times over the course of the night. And I was mad at myself for calling and I knew my Aunt would be wondering what I was doing.

Batshit Crazy Cindy don't like people looking at her funny!

So we show up at the time my Aunt said only Bob and I were the only ones. Uh, oh. Bob and I are usually second to last to show up. We go in and I'm fine but 45 minutes later I've decided someone has definitely canceled so I pop two of my anxiety pills. (Supposed to stop anxiety in it's tracks - I wasn't overly anxious at the time but I know to take them about an hour before we eat). Luckily the rest show up - hooray!! And I get to helping my mom with dinner.

We finally get everything done and we sit to eat and I realize uh, I'm loopy. With a capital 'L'! Normally two pills just keep me calm but for some reason these two knocked my on my ass. Again, since my family is known for their wine consumption I figure I just blended in with my bleary eyes. At one point I was sure I was going face down on my plate but nope, I was able to have two helpings instead. Mmmmm, turkey dinner.

Oh and get this. You all know my sleep schedule and I'm not sure what we were talking about but my Aunt turns to me and says 'is that why you called last night? To see what time you had to get up?'

Uhhhhh, YEAH! That's exactly why I called!

And she had a good laugh.


So I was definitely mellow and in the end I worried about nothing but that's usually how the monkey on my back works. Bastard.


Lee, LinnieGayl and I are in the early stages of getting the poll results analyzed so it'll be at least another week of working instead of reading books. I have been carting around a McCarty book every where I go but so far I have read the first paragraph.

Yeah, yeah. Poor Cindy.

And once again I should be awarded the 'Power of Procrastination' because I have yet to close the pool. Every year you guys are riveted by my pool travails I tell ya.

You. Are. Riveted. (Don't burst my lame bubble)

I'm just saying. Be prepared for some stories of frozen blue hands.

Hopefully once the write-ups are done I will further amaze you all with reno pics of the house I'm living in.

It's a disaster zone.

I'm off to shop the internet for unique french doors for my dining room and den. I figure some shopping therapy is definitely called for!

Christmas shopping? Haven't even started. I'm pretty sure the nightmares are only going to get worse.

Any ideas for places online where I can buy something unique and fun?


C2 said...

Dinner went fine - yay! Loopy sometimes makes family gatherings much, much better (says me). ;-)

Pool's open - boo. Maybe there will be one last warm spell so your hands won't be blue. *thinking Indian summer thoughts*

A fun site for toys and stuff: Lime Green.

Happy polling!

Dev said...

I have no suggestions on websites ~ I'm boring and pretty much stick to

Hopefully you get your pool closed before the weather completely changes!

Kat O+ said...

Try Etsy. I hate the crazies, too. They usually sneak up on me in the middle of the night.

nath said...

I'm happy to hear that dinner went well! :D and LOL, you better close the pool very soon, cos it's starting to get pretty cold outside :D

Rosie said...

Loopy's good. Whatever gets you through the night. Reno sounds like fun. I'd love to do some myself before Christmas, but it's definitely not in the budget this year.