Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And I'm Back - Kind of

Just popping in to let you know I'll be back to blogging again in a bit.

We had a great weekend and thanks for all the well wishes!

We are opening the pool which is a bit of a nightmare because of how much water had to A) be removed from the winter cover (took 4 days to drain most of it) and B) how much water needs to be added. (The water has been on for almost 12 hours now and it's still a long way from being where it needs to be.)

My best bud with the romance problems is finally coming down for a visit today so I'm sort of trying to tidy up but then I realize it's a lost cause and go back to watching TV.

The 'other' house is becoming a thorn in my side and I'm slowly watching Bob make himself sick even though he is denying it. Looks like C-Rex needs to bust out and get some shit done over there. (The other partner is now whining because it's golf season and he wants to be anywhere but at the house. Boo-freakin-hoo! Get your ass back to work!)

I just reached the point in Chase's book where the kid shows up. I could weep.

I think that's the salient points for now.

Oh! Emma is much better and yeah, I'm thinking having a vet shave a cat would be expensive because they normally have to knock them out. (This is quite common with long haired cats) Now however, I can see her unconditional love for me and I'm thinking I could break out the clippers and give it one more go and I know I won't cut her because they are made not to do that. No more scissors!

And Bob and I don't really do gifts for anniversaries. We more or less pick something for our house and buy that as a gift. We haven't really picked anything yet so nothing to report. Bob did buy me 12 roses and I think Emma forgave me when I allowed her to eat them to her heart's content.


Mailyn said...

Happy late anniversary!!!! I didn't know cats liked to eat roses. LOL.

Jennie said...

I was going to warn you about the kid in the Chase, but I didn't want to give spoilers. :D I hope it doesn't ruin it for you! LOL.

ames said...

Haha! Our cats always eat our flowers as well. :P

The kid isn't so bad. Remember, I don't like children either. LOL

Suisan said...

I had a cat who would stick her head into lilies and get that staining pollen all over her face. See the lemon yellow kitty.

She also liked chocolate (had to hide it very very well) and cantaloupe rinds, whicih she would steal from the garbage, drag under the couch, and munch on while growling. It was always the noise she made while eating the rinds which made me notice the theft.

Weird cat.

But she never went for roses.