Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Reading

Since we all love to read I thought I better update you all on how I'm doing.

Not well.

I think I'm in need of just a wonderfully sexy romance. No sci-fi, paranormal, werepeople, vampires, society brothers, wallflower sisters or series of any kind. I'm realizing that my library is not quite set up for easy access. It was my fault of course, because I decided I had to find a book before I jumped in the pool. Bob's yelling from downstairs 'are ya comin!?' Well, yeah, but I have to find a book!!

I ended up grabbing a historical Kresley Cole but I'm still not sold. How weird is that?

I think I really want to go book shopping so I'm going to take a nap and then drag the hubby over to Chapters late tonight. Ah, sweet revenge.

Edited: When I woke up Bob was in his jammas and I decided not to drag him out so no book shopping yet.

I don't like having my books set out to be alphabetical but I can tell I need to at least have them sorted by author. For example, I should have all of Kleypas' books together and such. Why? Because I was looking for a Kleypas I haven't read (I know I haven't read all her Bow Street Runner books) but I didn't have time to move the books in the front to see the ones in behind. I'm afraid to try her really early books in case the sex is too sweet - I remember people were upset with Lady Sophie's Lover because there was more sex than usual for her. I thought the book was bloody brilliant!

So if you have read most of Kleypas' backlist, do you have any suggestions as to where I can start? I have heard there are other Bow Street Runner books and I know I haven't read them all. Anyways, I have not read (as far as I can recall) Only With Your Love, When Strangers Marry, and then anything published before 2000.

Where Dreams Begin 08/00
Someone to Watch Over Me 05/99
Stranger in My Arms 07/98
Because You're Mine 09/97
Somewhere I'll Find You 10/96
Prince of Dreams 8/95
Midnight Angel 1/95 (reissued)
Then Came You 6/93

I don't think I own all of these but as soon as I make time in the library I can sort out which books I do own. Anyways, you all know me, I like my books to be sexy so a little help?

You know, it's like I know what paranormal writers I like and trust so I'm not really willing to try anyone new right now. It really must just be my mood but at the rate I'm going I'll have read 2 books this month and after a banner month last month it's a bit of a downer!

I'm chalking it up to stressing over the other house and looking around here and wondering where I'm going to find the time to get stuff done! Apparently we are going to have the house 'staged' which is a good idea but I don't want to pay too much so I've been thinking that if the 'stagers' will move the furniture then they can plunder our house. Afterall, I have three beds - two of which aren't being used. I have two desks (Bob built the oak one I'm at) and then another gorgeous one in the living room. Also, since I'm not enamoured of the decor in our living room I never sit in there so they are welcome to the chairs with the ottomans. Not my leather couch though. Or my rug. Some things I can't replace ;)

So fingers crossed.

But until then, maybe I need to do some re-reading to get my mojo back.


Kristie (J) said...

Hmmmmm - if you're looking for which one to try I'd say either Then Came You (where we first meet Derek) or Stranger in my Arms. Those are my two faves's of the bunch.

avidbookreader said...

Let's see, not to disagree with Kristie or anything, I haven't read the two she's recommending but the one that I loved, was Where Dreams Begin. I need to look into those other two titles.


nath said...

i can't help you for Kleypas backlist... I too have it, but don't feel like reading it :D

as for dragging Bob to the bookstore, you can now do it on the week-end and enjoy the 20% off :D

Holly said...

I've read LK's entire backlist and I think you should stay away from Only With Your Love. That's the only novel she's written that I didn't care for. Blech.

When Strangers Marry is a great book, IMO, but I know Daphne and Rowena didn't like it as much as me, so I could be wrong.

I luurrve Because You're Mine, but didn't really care for Somewhere I'll Find You, which is supposed to come before it. But then, I like my jerk heroes, so there you go.

Same with Prince of Dreams. Total jerk hero. But it kind of gets bogged down in the middle, IMO. Something strange happens and it sort of pulled me out of the story, but the first 1/2 and last 1/2 were fab.

Midnight Angel comes before PoD and it's really good, too. A different kind of hero.

Then Came You is a good book, too, and Where Dreams Begin is a ma zing. Love that book.

Ok, I'm done for now. I could tell you more if you want later. :)

ames said...

Blogger ate my comment. :(

But what I said was - reread Passion. LOL

Mailyn said...

I didn't like WHERE DREAMS all but I'm weird that way so yeah, ignore my comment. LOL.

Just wanted to say hi and I hope you get the reading mojo back soon. I know how those can suck!

C2 said...

I liked Stranger in My Arms (I think I'm one of the few that actually liked it). But I like amnesia/long-lost spouse plots. :-D

How's Cody doing, poor puppy?

ReneeW said...

Loved Then Came You too. I also have Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow street book #1) and Where Dreams Begin on my keeper shelf so I must have liked them too, but don't remember much about them now. Short term memory sometimes :)

Mailyn said...

OMG I just saw I missed your last post! I'm so sorry Cody is sick. :-(