Saturday, May 26, 2007

Did You Say MORE?

Ah, your wish is my command.

You know, it's hard to take before pictures because there are walls that you know are coming down but you are limited to taking pictures of what is there. For example, the basement before pictures don't show the amazing transformation that took place.

From where this picture is taken, imagine that I am standing in a standard door way taking a picture of a room. That door you see is the 'walkout' to the backyard. You can see there is a wall there on the left also.

Beyond that wall is another room. At least here you can see the window and it looks out onto that great backyard. It was a creepy room with stuff every where!

I won't show you the pictures we took of the plumbing and electrical which quite frankly were scary - I was taking pics so that the guys could work out what exactly they needed to do. I walked into the basement and said 'gut it'. That's easy to say but the plumbing and electrical all had to be redone and that is not easy.

Tada!!!! Isn't it amazing! Okay, except for the fact my hubby wanted to leave the white part there to make it look like an old well loved fireplace. Uh, yeah, everything else is brand new but you want to leave the soot stained original wood fireplace there. Hmmmmmm, no.

You can see that we opened up that wall and that window you see over there is the window from the second picture. You can't see the door cause of the HUGE wooden structure there but it has glass in it so you can see the outdoors and the light can get in.

Here's one farther back that shows there is a huge window there on the right hand side - the room is friggin' huge - hey I should take a picture from the other end. Duh!

This picture was taken from the stairs heading down the basement so you can see it is a huge place. I never took a before picture from the stairs because it was a wall with one of those narrow hallways from that opening to the other side of the house.

This here though was the creepiest part of the basement. I wouldn't even go in the room because it was so cramped and I thought something was living in it. You see that weird thing on the wall?

It's a window.


Super Creepy!!!

Here is that same bathroom! We had to leave it where it was but we changed everything else, bricked up that scary window and put in a shower with glass to make the room look bigger. Now I go in there all the time!

As you can see we are still waiting for linoleum to go down and then this Friday carpet is supposed to go in in the basement and after that, IT'S DONE!!

Okay, I imagine Bob hasn't bought the baseboard yet. I have been telling him for weeks to buy it but he likes to do everything last minute.

It's funny (but in a really annoying way) that I tell Bob, remember you have to order things weeks before you need them and Bob says, yeah, yeah, I know. Well, I was telling him for the past month to go and get the carpet ordered and an installation date. Bob, of course, didn't do any of this. I'm sure his excuse would be that he didn't know where the budget was and that maybe we couldn't afford to put flooring down.

Wait. I need a minute.

Not put flooring down? Yeah, so not something you do when you are flipping a house. Anyways, I finally put my foot down and we go to Depot. Bob gets the quote but the installation can't happen for another three weeks. Bob's like, 'uh, you have to do this like, now' and Depot is like 'uh, no'. So Bob went out and found someone who can install a carpet next Friday. It's a remnant place and the carpet they sold him is what they call 'silver grey'. I call it periwinkle blue. We're going there tomorrow to see if they have anything more neutral.

I should be used to Bob by now.

The worst part is when we are doing our own renovations he will ask me to come and pick out say, a tub and I'll be all, well I really like that one only to hear, 'that's not in stock'. Uh, what?

Bob: We're buying a tub and taking it home today.

Me: You realize they don't stock most of this stuff, right?

Bob: They'll have something in stock.

Me: I'll hate it!

Bob: I'm buying a tub taking it home today.


Course the other funny thing is that I always say 'we did ...' when I wasn't even there for most of it.


I did paint most of the walls in the basement.



Holly said...

Oy, I'm exhausted just reading (seeing) about what you've got going on there. I'm loving the basement, though.

And is it strange that you creeped me out with the Window that goes NOWHERE bit? *shudder*

ames said...

You and Bob did a good job, Cindy! And yeah, it looks exhausting.

Scary window-wtf? LOL

nath said...

It is sooo nice, but it must be exhausting... actually, I'm scared like hell to see all the changes in the basement :P But such a hard-working Bob :D

as for window that goes nowhere... Mcgill University has stairs that go no where!!! LOL :D so window... that's fine.

C2 said...

Wow! I am completely impressed! It looks amazing - even more so, since we get to see the before. :-D

I refuse to speculate about the window to nowhere...*shudder*

Rowena said...

Wow that's a lot of work that you're putting into that house of yours, I felt like I was walking around your entire house just by these pictures...the changes look great Cindy, you guys should be proud!