Friday, May 11, 2007

Bringin It Old School

I had to talk Bob down last night.

This meant going to the 'other' house, getting measurements and then spending valuable time at Home Depot setting up installation for carpet and linoleum in the basement. Basically I think Bob got to the house last night and walked out when he saw everything was a mess again. When we got back he said that maybe he just over reacted but again, we're just so close to getting this finished that I need to help keep the pace. Hey, I'll hire people at this point in order to get this house done so that Bob doesn't waste any sunny pool days at the house.

The other partner has been pulling shit like, I'm going golfing or I have my kids or my fiancee wants to see me. Uh, yeah. I want to see Bob too but I know we are so friggin' close. Bob said that he thought the other guy saw that I had showed up and done some work and thought that maybe he could start blowing Bob off and that I would fill in. I told Bob the partner would be shocked when he sees my labour bill.

Yep, I'm a bitch but for the most part I'm an even keeled person. Thing is, piss Bob off and I become this scary warrior woman who tells it like it is and that usually means I'm ready to insert my foot up someone's ass. And yes, I know who the person is. They just don't know I'm looking for them.

On another note, Mother's Day is this weekend and I'd like to crawl into a hole and come out on Monday. I have been horribly anti-social lately and I know it's not healthy but I wanted to ease myself back into it. I hate weekends that have too many activities I have to deal with. So BBQ at my Mom's and then the next day we'll be at Bob's parents. I'm just going to make Bob call before we go this time to make sure every one is healthy!

I am hoping to find time to sit and start Keri Arthur's series that Ames has been loving. Course, she mentioned that she thought Mr. Impossible was meh *gasp* and liked Not Quite A Lady Better!

*rubs hands together* So now we'll see just how in tune we are with each other when it comes to reading.

Shut up.

I have to get my kicks somewhere.


nath said...

I hate ppl that does thing like Bob's partner... pulling out and leaving the work to the partner... Bob is lucky to have you as his amazon warrior :D

if you end up not liking Keri Arthur, give a try to Through A Crimson Veil LOL :D (yeah, I know, I can be insistant)

Suisan said...

Geez woman, that's an impressive graphic there. Maybe I can use her on my Board agenda to remind me what I'm supposed to be doing up there.

Sorry about the partner thing. I say bill the guy and see if he drops golfing to finish up the rest.

ReneeW said...

I hate slackers like that. Hope this weekend is not too stressful. I want to hear what you think about the Keri Arthur series.

CindyS said...

Nath - dang, I forgot I had that one waiting in the wings - I put all my books back in the library and now try to only carry one around with me.

Suisan - Doesn't that graphic ROCK - I'm pretty sure I look just like that :)

Renee - I'm already getting antsy and it's Sat morning 5am - have to go to bed soon so I can be up for a BBQ. Damn. Can't wait to sit and read!

ames said...


Rosie said...

Go get 'em Cindy! I'm diggin' the graphic too.