Saturday, May 12, 2007


Where have all the LOSTIES gone!?

I mean c'mon, I'm dying over here!

Okay, yeah. I'm in denial cause Locke is not looking like he is in a good place at the moment but, egads man, were you not shocked to your socks!?

Yes, you're right. I am a bit of a Locke lover and having him die would probably ruin the show for me at this point because Jack's being an ass and Sawyer is wobbling around like a newborn fawn trying to find his legs. I guess Charlie might be a goner but okay.

OMG!!! When you saw what Ben had done didn't you let out a gasp of horror? I'm sitting in my den by myself and I whisper out loud 'he killed them all'. I was so horrified but then, who are the others?

The 'others' obviously don't age.

What happened to Amy? Does anyone really care?

And who the hell is Jacob!?

And will he save my Locke?

And they can't be dead because people have chosen to go to the island. Hell, some of the 'others' have been off the island (those who brought Julia).

So yeah, I'm still enthralled and excited but I know there is only ... wait, one or two episodes left?

Well there you have it. Just had to get that off my chest.

I'll discuss world peace or something more 'gray matter' worthy the next post.


Just realized you may all wonder why I don't go to some forum or something - I really hate spoilers. I just don't want to know what 'may' happen next and I want to be surprised by the show I'm watching. I do just love to wonder about what it all means and where it all could be going but I don't want to *really* know before, ya know, I really know.


Kristie (J) said...

I was in a bit of a shock after it was over too. As for Locke - I liked him pretty well in the first few seasons, but they've really done a good job (or bad if you're a Locke fan *g*)and changed him this year so while I don't want to see anyone go - if he does it won't spoil the show. I would hate to see him go though and Ben win.
I knew Ben was a bad guy but until Thursday's show - didn't really realize how very evil he was! And I was trying to figure out if that guy he ran into in the forest when he was looking for his mother was the same guy later who seems almost like the second in command. And where did they all come from by the way in the flashback to take over the compound? That one had me real curious. I have a feeling we are going to end up with a real cliff hanger at the end! And it will drive us all batty!

C2 said...

Yeah, I was shocked! I agree with Kristie - I knew Ben was a bad guy but I had no idea he was so completely twisted and evil. Yikes!

I read somewhere that Locke is the heart of the show so probably he won't really die (the island has already healed him once, after all). If you look closely, the location of the bullet is too low to have hit his heart. Someone on a USA Today blog speculated that the only way that wound would have killed him is if he still had a kidney there. Convenient, yes? ;-)

I'm just afraid that the cliffhanger is going to be so major that everyone will go insane before it comes back next February!!

CindyS said...

NEXT FEBRUARY!!!! *thunk*


Tara Marie said...

Up until Ben killed everyone from the Darma Experiment I was feeling rather sorry for him as a little boy.

I'm really starting to think the show is about good/evil and some sense of righteous justice. Which is also making me think it's purgatory and those who die move on to heaven or hell.

I'm so darned confused, but that's the point, isn't it?

Zeek said...

RE: Locke. After watching the ep. I though for sure he's coming back- or that he's not really dead. Then someone else pointed out that most of the people die off after they make peace with their past. If this is so- do you think Locke made his peace after he facilitated his father's death? Sure seemed like it after he started standing up to Ben. If this is the case then perhaps he's NOT coming back.

Oh and I've also heard- they're killing off more characters before the season is over ...

Jenster said...

I don't think there is anything more important in life than LOST!

I couldn't believe Ben shot Locke and I'm still not convinced he's dead. He can't be! Do you hear me??

The Jacob thing freaked me out. I was watching it all alone and it was raining and thundering outside and then there was that voice and a flash of a person in the chair, etc. FREAKY!

What ever will we do in between seasons??