Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reading Is Going Well

Okay, I may be a bit optimistic on the reading front but I am enjoying the first book in Keri Arthur's series. My problem is that I know it's not a romance but I've already picked a love interest for the heroine.


That never ends well for me.

LOST - I wept. I really did but then I think I was having one of my 'bad' days. You know that kind of day where you just need a good sob for about 4 hours? Just me? Dammit! Anyways, Charlie's list of the 5 best moments of his 'miserable' life had me crying. I can't even believe how it ended because I was so sure he was done. So now I have a bunch of questions like did Desmond see him die in a worse way than drowning and knew he couldn't tell him or did Desmond see something else completely?

Jack's speech about 'blowing them all to hell'? Uh, yeah. We got us some rage issues. I could see Sawyer or Locke saying something like that but I was shocked to hear Jack say it because I don't remember Ben being super evil to him.

And I guess we should get used to not having answers for another few years as I have heard it will be three more years until the finale. I hope they stick with their end date. When shows go past their 'welcome' things get ugly but I'm trusting the writers and actors will want to move on to other things.

Okay, I mentioned the sobbing mess, the pool started to turn green and Bob went nuclear (fun!), it's been wet and chilly the last few days so messing around with water in the great outdoors is not my idea of fun and I want more time to read!

Oh and my best friend told me when I was blowing off some steam that she was frustrated because in five years I would still be in the same situation I am now.

Uh, hi.


I just needed to vent and instead of listening and saying 'there, there' she totally bagged me. I couldn't believe she said this to me because I have been listening to the same stuff in her life for years and have never said such a thing to her.

So instead, poor Bob was blubbered on this morning before work because I didn't even have a girlfriend who would listen when I just needed to get something off my chest. Nobody's perfect and Bob and I have crap that creeps up on us that can frustrate us and I needed a friend to just listen.

Instead I got blown to smitherines!!

And just so you know, I blow off steam about once every six months (I'm sure the crying jags happen more often than that but, uh, I don't get mad often). I rarely get my knickers in a knot because I tend to bottle stuff up or let it roll off me. So colour me shocked and confused when my best friend who can talk for hours about her shit blows me off.

So I'm going to go passive-aggressive on her ass.


That'll show her.

Damn. I'm such a wuss.


nath said...

Well Cindy :D That is why you have a blog and us :D To vent :) at least, everything is going relatively well on the reading front :D (and I guess you might want to wait a couple of days for your pool... it's really been freaking cold!)

Holly said...

You can call me and cry on my shoulder, babe. Just beware...I'll expect you to return the favor.

I don't have a passive-aggressive bone in my body. Want me to kick her ass for you? I'm so there. :P

As for the pool..I'm so sorry. That sucks big time. :(

Much love!

ames said...


First of all, you get passive aggressive on her - I'll back you up. That is just wrong and hurtful and that's happened to me as well. Such a sense of betrayal. Very selfish as well.

Also, who did you pick for Riley? Who? LOL Wait till you read the third book...or is it the second? LOL

CindyS said...

Nath - yep, I bore you all with my woes ;) And the weather continues to be weird!

Holly - thanks sweets! And my phone is always open and just think, when everyone else is alseep and you can't, I'm still up ;)

Ames - Ugh. It happened to you too! What a world. It was just surprising and like getting slapped. Not fun.

And Quinn of course ;) But then, I'm not sure it'll work but I just posted my semi-review.


Holly said...

Same goes for me, babe. I never sleep (isn't insomnia fun?) so when you're up at 3 a.m. you can call. ;)

ReneeW said...

So sorry to hear about that supposed BF. Very hurtful and you don't deserve it. We used to have a hot tub and it was great until we had to drain it and clean it. And it's much smaller than a pool so I can imagine what you're going through. Come and vent anytime with us. I think you need a hug.