Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stupid Things to Know

I just saw that MJD's newest is coming out and it's called Undead and Uneasy.

Yes, I'm pathetic and I'm buying it. So there.

Easy. I know I can redeem myself by buying Meljean Brook's Demon Moon and then the next book in Colleen Gleason's series Rises The Night (even though I haven't read her first book yet).

But that's not the point of this post. No. It's the fact that every time I have seen the title Undead and Uneasy I start singing this song.

You have to wait until the minute thirty to get to the chorus and of course, that's my favourite part.


Take me down slow an' easy!


Jenster said...

Gotta love Whitesnake!! LOL

C2 said...

Yes, I'm pathetic and I'm buying it. So there.

Oh Cindy, be strong! At least wait and buy it used. ;-)

CindyS said...

Jenster - now I want a CD of all my old 'metal' guys - Skid Row, Cinderella ;)

C2 - Not sure I can! I haven't bought a book in ages and my wallet is aching ;)


Devon said...

Whitesnake...a blast from the past.

I can't shell out for MJD hcs anymore, but I'll be getting it from the library ASAP

CindyS said...

Devon - crap, it's a HC? Okay, I may have to block that one from the TBB list. I'm just itching for new books and can't find any to spend money on!