Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Little Bit of This

So Cody Bear is not well but you all know that. One of the things that happens is that he gets nose bleeds. They aren't bad but since his nose is always running there can be a stream of blood that flows with it.

Nobody panic! Other than being sleepier of late (Bob's taking him for a walk daily and I swear it's tuckering the poor lad out) he's still a happy puppy.

Anyways, we have carpet in our bedroom. I don't love it and I know it's going to go at some point so I'm not overly worried about it. Problem is there are little blood marks all over the carpet and I have a thing about 'visual oog'. I don't know how to explain it but it eats away at me even though I'm not focusing on it.

Well, the other night Cody got sick. Luckily Bob was getting up so he cleaned it up. By cleaned up I mean he got whatever chunks were there off the carpet. When I got up that morning it looked like we had slaughtered a small calf in our bedroom. First I was worried that Cody had thrown up blood but I know that's not the case now.

Anyways, it's obviously time to get out my little bisel green machine and a ton of bleach. Like I said, I don't care about the carpet but I'm not living in the dregs of a slaughter house. It took most of the day and lots of elbow grease but I got the stains out of the carpet. The blood stains had to be bleached out whereas where Cody had been sick needed no bleach. Makes me feel better to know he's not bleeding internally.

My God, why do you people come here!?

So basically, I'm working on the 'visual oog' that's all over our house. I'm trying to work from our bedroom on down to the main floor but now that Bob is in bed it looks like I'll be working on the kitchen and this room.

And bleach is always my friend.

I just can't be in the same room with it because my throat gunks up and my sinuses start to close up. So not good that way but I'm always happy to know that things are disinfected. I just usually have to leave the house for a few hours afterwards and I wasn't able to do that today and so I'm not feeling all that chipper.

Oh and the thingie inside the toilet tank broke in our upstairs toilet. Bob doesn't have time to deal with it but I'm not sure I can take looking at it anymore. The friggin' water evaporates and even though it's not being used it gets dirty. Ugh!!!

Okay, I have written weird posts but this one takes the cake!

Here's a little ditty that I enjoy and of course, my favourite line is 'the mud and the blood and the beer'. Something about that line is just poetic which might explain why I like weird words like oog or slog.

I would have told you about the blowout on the reno house from last night but the drama has already sent one person home to their mama and another has hung up on our partner. People sometimes really suck.

Open house is this Sunday come hell or high water! Johny boy is our agent (you may recognize his name as he has bought and sold three houses for us thus far) and Bob calls him the Columbo of Real Estate. He really is a great guy but he is always late (we're used to it) and he always has 'just one more thing'. I think it's hilarious. Thing is he has never steered us wrong and he isn't obnoxious or anything but he knows how to put a deal to bed. Sure you have to look over the paper work and fix his typos but he gets it done.

Three other agents had a kick at the tires so to speak but none of them saw the potential that John could see in the property. So there were lots of hurt feelings (our partner is one of those people who has lots of 'friends' but these 'friends' have been screwing the poor guy over and Bob and I don't ride with that shit) by two other agents but hey, bring your A game or get out!

So yeah, that was just some of the drama.

Bob went nuclear last night which our partner had never seen before and I couldn't get him back to calm (he took it out on a poor real estate agent who was way below the price we think we can get for the house. Her parting shot was that her boss who has thirty years in the business said if we were offered X amount (which was 20 thou below what she was suggesting) we should take it and run. At X amount we would lose money and I don't think Bob wants to come home to me with nothing. Not that I would bitch or anything, I just think he couldn't handle that he spent so much time working away from me for nothing). Bob never yells or really gets angry but his body language has an aggressive nature. Doesn't in the least affect me - I'm like those heroines who will just walk up and go nose to nose but for other people I guess it can be intimidating. I'm thinking a few people had to go home and take some Tums.

I just want to get the house sold so I don't have to buy interest in Pepto again!

Man, this post sucks but it's what's running around in my brain right now.

Aren't you glad you get to see the innards?

I didn't think so.


ames said...

Hey Cindy, sorry about Cody's oog. I don't like visual oog either. (My cats' deals are that they like to throw up-very gross and stinky.) And I'm having toilet issues too! How strange...is this a canadian wide conspiracy? (My toilet doesn't stop flushing.)

I think it's great that you and Bob stand up to other people's shit. Why should you get taken for a ride because your partner does?

Rowena said...

Ugh, I'm glad you guys didn't back down from that lady, good for Bob and good for you sweets!

I'm sorry about Cody's stuff but atleast you were able to get it out..and yes, this was a very weird post but it didn't bother me, it's all good in the hood.

Jenster said...

You surely don't think I'M going to complaint about your post!

Love the video. I totally get the visual oog thing. And I really hope the house sells and Bob actually makes money!

Suisan said...

Totally get where you're coming from and I don't think you are the least bit weird. Not at all.

When we first bought the house, the upstairs toilet would spontaneously flush at odd moments, but it seemed to prefer to do so when the kitchen sink was running.

Plumber: If there's a leak in the sink nearest the toilet, it can cause a vacuum seepage.

Me: Toilet's upstairs, kitchen is downstairs. On the other side of the house.

Plumber: You have a strange toilet.

Me: Thanks. Care to fix it?