Friday, March 02, 2007

And We're Off!

I always say I'm going to be quick like a bunny and end up writing an essay but I thought I would do a mini-update.

1. I realize now that I'm just waiting for J.R. Ward's Lover Revealed to get to my door already. Reading anything else seems to be a waste of time. All the same, I am trying to read The Stranger I Married by Sylvia Day which I think is probably a great book but I can't seem to sit and read for more than 5 minutes. I'm hoping the Ward book will cure this.

2. I am just starting to come out of my hibernation. I realize now that I have been an extreme shut in but I think it's starting to wear off. I actually felt like I wanted to go shopping for the first time in months. It only lasted a few seconds but it's nice to remember what it feels like.

3. I also seem to be getting ready to do something to the house. I'm not sure what exactly but I have a feeling paint will be involved.

4. I slept 16 hrs yesterday and woke up a midnight. It's now 4:30pm and I figure I'll be hitting the bed in the next little bit. So I'll be a day walker for the next couple of days which is nice because I was forgetting what the sun looked like. Cool.

5. I'm stressed about Cody - I started to type out what's going on but I'll leave that for another time.

6. I can't wait for Bob to be done with the renovations at the other house so I can have my husband back. Did I mention how my days just all meld together right now. Seeing as how I'm going to be heading to bed fairly early, I won't see him tonight (although we'll get to sleep beside each other - I told him not to make any noise when he comes to bed or I would wake up swinging! For some reason if Bob accidentally wakes me while coming to bed (I've never heard someone make so much noise going to bed - calling for the cats and Cody and then has to talk to them and then God forbid he forgot to shut something off - up he gets and lots of re-shuffling of the cats etc.) it's the end of my sleep cycle. So I told him that if he messes up my sleep tonight I'll be going to the job site tomorrow and making his life miserable! Course, only I know that I'm not setting foot on the job site.

7. I bought this go-go-gadget shower scrubber. So I super extend the pole and don't see a locking mechanism but whatever, I have really got to scrub the shower from top to bottom. On one of the down sweeps I fell into the shower because the damn pole collapsed! How do companies get away with making this kind of crap!! Oh! And how many of you have to actually get in the shower with the bleach cleaner and clean while having a shower? I have yet to figure out how to clean a shower without having to get in which would be fine until you run out of hot water. And this shower is all ceramic tile so there are grout lines everywhere. I think I may just have to clean the bloody thing everyday!!

Okay, we should end there before you all fall asleep.

Apparently I'm going to need more than this lack luster entry to put me to sleep.


sybil said...

Hey! Hope the something is grand ;). And is something wrong with sleeping for 16 hrs?

ames said...

I too am waiting for Butch's book. But definitely give Stranger I Married another shot-AFTER Butch's book. I love SIM-I need to review it.

nath said...

Hey, it's good that you're coming out of hibernation, I'm glad for you :D Hopefully, you get Bob back soon so he can take you out and in the meantime, I hope you get Lover Revealed :D

Holly said...

#7? I have yet to figure that out. It's just not possible to clean unless you're actually inside there. *Sigh*