Saturday, March 24, 2007

KRISTIE J - Dang, it doesn't work without a middle name!

First I would just like to say that Rosie left me a wonderful comment on my last post (so very happy that your son is feeling better because WOW! those pictures) about how she just happened across Anne Stuart's latest release Ice Blue, which, if you are not an avid fangirl (get out!), is to be released the first of April.

Upon seeing this news my heart leapt but I tamped it down because really, it's just way to early for her book to be out here - many, many miles away from Rosie and well, I'm in another country.

Just to set the scene let's all remember it's Bobby Week so the minute Bob got home, my arse was dragged out of bed to go to a plethora of building box stores.

I know.

I'm living the life.

Now, you may recall that we had to fit our Godchildren into a three day span because everyone has jobs, church, swimming, well, you get the picture. So tonight I suggested we stop in so Bob could get his birthday hugs. He lasted 20 minutes before a breeze from an open window hit him perfectly across the face and whispered to him that it was time to sleep. (It was at this time that I reminded him as he pryed me from my Godchildren that on Sunday when he dragged my butt out of bed after 4 hours of sleep that I too would hit that perfect point and would need to be driven home - Yeah, I make my points where I can.)

We load back up in the car and we get home where we both change into our jammas since we are in for the night and we can snug on the couch. Okay, really, Bob watches some weird shows so I tend to play on the computer while he watches re-runs of Corner Gas. Don't ask.

I open my e-mail and see that Kristie, my dear pal has left me a HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!

I spin in the chair and declare that I had to get dressed and go back out again immediately.

Bob: What!?

Me: Anne Stuart's book is at Chapters and I have to go and get it.

Bob: It's nine o'clock and I don't want you out by yourself.

Me: You could drive!

Bob: *points at his jammas*

Me: *pout*

Bob: Tell me which store it's at and I'll buy it in the morning when I'm out and about and you're asleep.

Me: Listen, I know I'm not going to read it right now or maybe not even this week but you know what I'm like and I need to have the book under our roof.

Bob: I'll get it in the morning.

Me: IT'S ANNE FRICKIN' STUART!!!! You know I need to hold the book and call it George!!


Bob: Take your phone.

I jump out of the chair until Bob asks how I knew the book was at the store.

Me: Kristie told me! She wrote this taunting post about how the book was at my store and that she wanted to see if I would go nuts and how I would end up with two copies.


Bob: You mean there are still people who doubt you are nuts?

Me: *growl*

Bob: Ho-kay then. Wait, why would you end up with two copies?

Me: *whistles while counting the ugly tiles on the ceiling* Seriously, we have to do something about the ugliness of this room.


Me: I pre-ordered it.

Bob: *groan* Quit pre-ordering books!

Me: HEY! Why isn't the book on my doorstep as we speak, huh? I mean, they were able to ship it to the store which is still open and only a hop-skip and a jump away, so why isn't it here!?

Bob: *realizes Bobby week is in jeopardy* Take your phone.

So yes, I am Kristie's dancing monkey.

In return for such kindness I have ordered a taxi for my boy Cody and told them your address. Even though he is extremely gassy and has, in fact, broke glass with his odoriferous self, he just wanted to see you so very badly and knowing how oh so fond you are of puppies I knew you would be delighted. Now, you have to feed him the right food or that gas issue will get even worse.

If only I could remember which brand it is we buy for him.

OH! And I made a special lasagna with extra tomatoes cause I know how much you love them.

No, no. No thanks necessary.


Kristie (J) said...

I KNEW you had pre-ordered one - even though it was a guess. LOL - and this is the reward I get? Tomato based food and a fartin' dog? Not that Cody isn't a sweetheart - but he is *um* a dog.
And so - did you go out and get one?
And tell Bob I'm sorry to interrupt Bobby Week - but it was just too hard to resist ;)

Rosie said...

Me: IT'S ANNE FRICKIN' STUART!!!! You know I need to hold the book and call it George!!

I was already smiling and chuckling, but this made me laugh out loud. Hope it's under your roof and Bobby Week can continue without further interruption.

ames said...

I was wondering when I was going to see a post of this nature. LOL

Jennie said...

ROFLMAO about sending Kristie your flatulent dog!!! Glad you got your Anne Stuart. :)

Jenster said...

LMAO!!!! You guys are a riot!!!

C2 said...

I saw it today at my independent new/used bookstore and thought of you Snoopy dancing with glee (you know, if you had been there). :-D

Just got a new 'puter, btw. I was tired of waiting for my iBook's part to come in and I needed to upgrade my PC so off I went to Best Buy. Yikes! Anyway, I'll be around more now. (Again with the Snoopy dancing.) LOL

nath said...

LOL Cindy! Hilarious, but I understand what you're going through :D So did you get it however? I looked at my bookstore and although it was written yes on the website, I haven't seen it :(

jmc said...

Hee, I saw Ice Blue at Borders yesterday and thought of you, Cindy. But it didn't occur to me to email and torture you ;)

sybil said...


::falls down laughing::

kristie I lurve you *g*

Cindy hon it scares me you make complete sense to me.