Monday, March 05, 2007


My second copy of Lover Revealed arrived today.

I haven't opened the book yet because I know I'll be out of commission for two days and my best friend Sue has asked me to help her with painting. I was there today and will be there again tomorrow but then I think she will have to wait until either Thursday or Friday because she will be babysitting kids.

At least I hope.

Cause I really want to get lost in a book already!

Other than that, I am sleeping like a normal person except I'm exhausted around 4pm, lay down for a nap and wake up an hour later feeling like I want to puke. Not exactly the way I wanted my day time life to be like!

Tonight the wind chill will get to -32 degrees C. I was just getting used to not having to button my coat all the way up. I have been trying to get warm for the last 2 1/2 hours but I still have a chill.

So I now I have two copies of the book I have been waiting for (very eagerly) and I'm afraid to open it because I don't have time to get sucked into a book.

End whine.


C2 said...

You've had Butch just sitting there all weekend and you haven't dived in?? What is wrong with you?!?! ;-) I hope your friend appreciates the sacrifice you've made for her. LOL

nath said...

sorry, but this is just a bit funneh :D how you went out of your way to get the book, even if it would arrive on Monday, and you still haven't had the chance to read it ;) but then, I understand the need to hold the book in your hands as soon as it's available.

ames said...

I broke my no book buying rule to buy Lover Revealed. :P I'm reading it very very slowly. It was a whopping -40 this morning. I thought we had gotten past this weather. And yeah, on Friday it's supposed to be +8. Go figure.

Rosie said...

Crikeys, I can't find a copy yet and you have two!

CindyS said...

C2 - I KNOW!! I just want to have everything lined up so I don't have to think of anything for a few days except THE BOOK. I haven't told my friend about the book cause most of my friends don't get it but she' euchred if she needs help on Thursday cause I'll bet I'll still be reading!

Nath - It's okay, laugh away - I'm feeling a wee bit of guilt but I know if I hadn't bought it on Saturday I would have been trapped in the house for the next day and a half without the book and well, it wouldn't have been pretty!

Ames - I'm glad that you allowed yourself to buy this book - I don't know how you are keeping to the 50 books in your TBR pile - I pretty sure I would have gone mad by now!

Rosie - my guilt is now complete ;) I hope you get a copy as soon as possible!


Kristie (J) said...

LOL - you are a funny one. So are you returning one of them?

Jenster said...

Crimeny! I thought it was cold here!! Do you have a warm up in your near future?? Our windchills hovered around 0 today and we're supposed to get snow tomorrow. But then it's supposed to warm up into the 40s, maybe even 50's by the weekend.

I'm glad you're sleeping well, but boo on the feeling pukey. I'm sorry. :o(

Megan Frampton said...

Since you posted, I've been obsessively checking my Amazon order, too.

And Carolyn Jewel blogged about how Amazon said HERS was on its way. But not mine.

Not fair, even though I have no time to read it right now anyway.

Holly said...

You're so cute! I love it that you had to have it NOW, because I do that, too. What's terrible is when I forget I've ordered something online and pick it up at the store. Then, when my pre-ordered copy arrives, I'm puzzled and can't figure out where it came from. I've even gone so far as to think I have a secret book fairy..except, all the while it was me. *Sigh*

Good luck with the painting!

CindyS said...

Kristie - I keep thinking that I will return the second copy and then I wonder if Rosario would like me to mail it to her so I'm stymied.

Jenster - I'm thinking your 0 is damn close to -30 C and we'll probably get a warm up this weekend but I'm only guessing - let's just say that dog's not happy about not getting out and about for a walk.

Megan - That would just piss me off - I swear those people who pre-order books way in advance get shoved to the bottom of the pile because they're thinking, hey, they waited this long. Ugh. Hope they ship it to you pronto!

Holly - I'm cute? I think it's funny that you forget what you ordered and then think you have a magic fairy sending you books. *sigh* Wouldn't that be the best ever!

ReneeW said...

Where have I been? I missed all this. You have two copies of LR and I can't get one. Something is wrong with this picture. But you can have the chilly weather. We had record settings temps in the 70s yesterday.