Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I have done my duty as a friend and went painting today. We got a lot done but, boy oh boy we are euchred on Thursday! She is painting all the trim and doors the same colour and painting trim is a bitch. At least we're not painting over peach like I had to at my old house. FOUR COATS OF PAINT! Pain in the ass. Seeing as how we are painting the upstairs there are 5 doors and the trim around it. Ugh.

But that's something I can worry about on Thursday.

Tomorrow is Butch's day!!!

Yeah, I'm a little excited.

Just a little.

I would start it right now but I know myself too well. I would end up staying up all night reading and I can't start that right now. I need some day light time and I have my sleep on a great schedule!

So as Bob and I like to think about life - just one more sleep!!


ames said...

Isn't painting so much fun? LOL

I'm still reading LR. I'm taking it so slow and really torturing myself. It's awful, but feels oh-so-right. :P

Dylan said...

Did you like LR or have you not read it yet? I've read lots of good reviews on the book...