Friday, March 23, 2007

Isn't Anybody Out There!?


Has everybody moved on? Cause like, I've seen nothing about a little show called LOST or even Grey's Anatomy - SO


Yeah, he does!! And yes, I think he is crazy sexy and by that I'm sure it's the character. There, I'm out.

I went mental watching the show. I was making noises out loud and even though I knew it was the story of how he ended up in the wheelchair I still freaked when it happened!



The dialogue between Ben and Locke - classic!

Paraphrasing about to commence:

Ben: I've been here all my life, how is it that you think you know more about this island than I do?

Locke: Cause I'm not the one in the wheelchair.

*does the wave, followed by fist pump - YEAH!! Take that Mofo!!*

Ben: What if I told you there was a box on the island that you could wish for anything you wanted and when you opened the box it would be there, what would you think of that John?

Locke: I think the box better be big enough to wish yourself up a new submarine.

*YEAH!! victory dance, fuckin' A!!*

Uh, if you missed this episode because you decided LOST had lost it's edge, well it's back baby!!

I mean, I know it's not obvious but I was a tad pumped up by this episode. I've kept it on my DVR so I can re-watch it cause Locke ROCKS!!!


Grey's Anatomy.

The scene in the linen closet was crazy tense and I loved every second of it. George's expression when Izzy touched his face? What a brilliant actor and I swear that guy steals every scene he is in. And he didn't even say a word. Not a word.


(This picture is from a scene later but I wish I could find a still of them in the linen closet)


I feel better.

Thanks for the B-Day wishes for Bob - I let him know and even told him about the burying the body line and he was greatly offended cause, like, he's a prince ;) It's a good thing we love each other.

We had a great night, the lasagna turned out excellent if I do say so myself - everyone except me had seconds (cause of my tummy I try not to eat too much of the foods I know can cause me problems and well, cheese. Although so far, so good), Caesar salad was great - OH! turns out the little lemon cake that I bought for my mom's birthday which was the only cake in the bakery case that *didn't* have a sign saying 'made with real cream' had the damn sign when I went to buy it for Bob's birthday. (I'm telling you, I'm surrounded by people who would prefer something other than chocolate cake. I know. The mind boggles) This is only a problem for me because it turns out anything marked with those pretty little signs that say 'made with real cream' become a nightmare for my tummy.

It's one of the foods I've isolated as a problem.

I bought it anyways but my Dad gets vocal if you don't eat a piece of cake cause it's bad luck or whatever. I think he just likes to see me twist. I had a sliver and it was really wonderful and again, so far so good! (Maybe they put the signs on the wrong thing)

I usually buy this Orange Creamsicle Cake which is basically a ton of real whipped cream with some orange zesty stuff and the smallest amount of white cake known to man. That cake has proven vera, vera, bad. I promised Bob I would get that cake for Saturday night and that way I could eat the left over cake that doesn't seem to have a bad effect. *fingers crossed*

Also, I have to say that apparently I bought my man a great gift.

I was so sucking wind I tell ya.

Everything I thought of was house orientated and felt like it wasn't something geared specifically to Bob. THEN I saw the Canadian Tire flyer and they had these 21' go-go-gadget ladders and I thought, hell, why not. I figure Bob can return it if it's not what he wants. (Just so you know, I don't do ladders so yes, this gift is strictly for Bob)

Turns out he's thrilled. I told him we could take it back and he could find a brand name that he loves but apparently the brand I bought was excellent quality and 'OMG' he can fit it in the back of his truck.

Exciting no?

I should really tell you the story of me getting it home in my mid-size vehicle because I was so happy to have found the bloody thing in the 'frickin store that is being remodelled to the hilt so nothing is where it is supposed to be and even the teens didn't know where the thing was'.

And breathe.

So I bought it when I found it and then got to my car and realized I was in big trouble. The kind of trouble that would need a pick-up truck. Still, I'm way too lazy for all that so I jammed the thing into my car (really the story gets way longer) only to get home to try to find a place to hide it. I notice that Bob has a few pieces of 4' X 8' sheets in front of his work bench and when I move them I find an empty space that I can get the heavy object into. I get it all put away with lots of grunting and groaning but I'm pretty proud of myself.

Then next day I open the garage door and see 10 more sheets in front of the bench.

As in the man has just buried his gift. It took a lot of brain work for me to figure out how to get the damn thing out while not waking up Bob - turns out that some of the sheets on one side were only 4' long and thus I could move those without breaking my back or having to open the garage at 4 in the morning. Then I disguised it so it wouldn't have that funny ladder shape to it (I put a box at the narrowest part so that it looked like a rectangular box - had to use the scrabble dictionary to prop that up too. In case you're thinking I'm a nut, 9 times out of 10 Bob has been able to guess what it is that I have bought him before he even opens the gift. Our first Christmas together almost had me in tears! Now, I'm crafty ;))

He guessed a lounger for the backyard. HA!!! I win!!!


Seriously, I deserve an award.

Good thing I'm a cheap date because a great book would be just the thing.

Soon, my precious.


Rosie said...

God Gawd girl are you exhausted or what?!! Glad the birthday week is off to a great start.

I was out at doctor's appt (got good news about the kid) and so we celebrated with some shopping. Guess what I found...that's right the Anne Stuart book ICE BLUE was actually shelved in my B&N, a minor miracle to be sure because they are always late shelving.

Kristie (J) said...

I'm still watching Lost - still refuse to miss it, and I was thinking Wednesday night's eppie was very good - until we saw the person in the room. Then I thought "damn! more questions!"

And Ciiiinnnnnddddyyyy - guess which favourite author of yours who you would go fan girl rabid over if you had it in you has her newest book on the shelves in a store near you? Her name ryhmes with buart.

(to everyone else - I just love to see her go crazy - this should do it - unless she ordered it already in which case she might end up with two of them again)