Thursday, March 29, 2007


I tell ya, there are days I should not be allowed to run amok in blogland.

Meljean would concur.

I was over at Sybil's the other day when Anna Campbell was the guest Author. I happened to see the Contest post because Sybil is super crafty and bolded up the contest so even I, someone who never sees anything right could tell that I had a chance to win something.

This is what I read:

The next three funniest comments win signed coverflats. Sorry, you’ll have to buy Claiming the Courtesan to see what should have been in between the covers.

Me, being the dipstick I am read this as the first three comments with jokes would get the coverflats. There were already three jokes posted but, I so love to share the funny so I posted a link the The Bunnies and since it's almost that time of year again, here they are.

I know you know what happened.

I WON A SIGNED BOOK!!!!! Cause see there was a whole other part to the post I hadn't read about there actually being a book for a prize.

I'm such a nob.

But I'm a nob with a signed book by Anna Campbell heading my way!


nath said...

Hey Cindy! congrats on winning the book, cos boy you deserve it :D LOL The bunnies are so cute and funny!

Jenster said...


That is a funny joke. :o)

Zeek said...

HA! I love those bunnies! One of the gals at work have the same pict hanging at their cubicle!



ames said...

Those bunnies are funny-so YAY you!! Isn't it fun winning stuff?

ReneeW said...

Hey, I remember you posting that picture last year and laughing my a** off. Very funny. Congratulations on winning the book.

sybil said...

I sqquuee'ed when I saw the winner too *g*. She is a trip so even if you hate the book whatever she writes should be too funnah.

Oddly I think you will like it. As Kate? someone was comparing it to a feel of A Rose at Midnight I went yay... that is it.

C2 said...

Congrats! I'm so jealous...but I will find that book this weekend. *determined face*

My computer wallpaper at work must be the cousins of those bunnies...I'll have to find it online and put on my blog. LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Squuueeeee to you for winning!!

Kat O+ said...

Congrats! I'm eagerly awaiting your review of this novel because my book buddy and I are too scared to read it without recommendations from known sources.