Saturday, August 11, 2007

Alpha Dog

Really quick I wanted to jump in and let you know that I just finished watching the movie Alpha Dog. I rented it out of desperation thinking I didn't really want to see a movie with a bunch of young actors acting like punks but TV is all repeats as you well know.

Here's the deal.

There were parts that definitely could have used some editing but WOW. I was freaking out at a certain scene and not believing it was happening. If I had known this movie was based on a true story before I watched it I would have been seriously out of control.

If you haven't seen this movie I would recommend it but it's not all flash and bang. It's more about a bunch of guys smoking dope and partying but what happens is tragic and heart breaking. I just found the real life story it's based on and for the most part the story plays out true to life.

I don't want to say too much so as not to spoil it for you guys if you decide you want to see it. The first 10 minutes or so ain't much but letting you in on who the characters are and how they relate to each other. There also seem to be a lot of dates/times/places that flash on the screen.

So let me know if you've seen it because it plays into how we all once felt when we were in our teens, all invincible and mighty.

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