Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quick Bunny Post

I'm a bit on the frazzled side of life right now.

I can't wait for everyone to get back into their swing of things so I can get more than 6 hours of sleep at a time.

I'm just saying.

And I have this circular rash on my tummy. Killer itchy and it's now 3 days old. Cortate cream has been applied liberally and nothing. Still itchy.

Oh! Benadryl. That's what I'll do next. Good thing you were here cause I've been wondering what it was I had forgotten!


Why yes, thank you, it is that time again isn't it. So far people are still breathing so all's good in the hood.

My dishes/plates/knives/debris have taken the kitchen hostage and sent out a list of demands for some sort of cleaning schedule.

I don't negotiate with terrorists.

And finally, I'm addicted to Scrabble on the computer.

Totally Bob's fault. Not that it's helping cause he's even more addicted. But now we have two computers thus, twice the fun, twice the trouble.

It's still Cindy Week but I'm too tired to go shopping and yes, it's killing me!

Tomorrow though - tomorrow we take no prisoners.

Unless general ickiness gets worse, then we'll take to bed.

Last final.

Caressed by Ice has been shipped and is in the Toronto area!!!


Kat O+ said...

OMG, online Scrabble is my addiction, too! Well, that and Facebook. So it's great that there's Scrabulous for Facebook. *lol*

I'll trade your circular tummy rash for my ulcerated tongue. I caught a virus from the toddler and it causes tongue pain. I can't even enjoy chocolate!

Rosie said...

I'd lose my mind with the itching. I'm hoping you are able to get out there and shop 'til you drop!

Holly said...


I have geographic tongue. Basically, my taste buds become inflamed and it looks like I have a topographical map on my's extremely painful. But it's not curable. So I have to live with it forever. I feel your pain.

I'm glad my kitchen isn't the only one demanding unreasonable a cleaning. I'm holding out, too. :P

Maybe you should go to the doc to have your rash checked out? Don't let it go too long.

Hope you're able to shop soon. A lot. Maybe you should buy new shoes. That always makes ME happy. :P

Much love!

C2 said...

I loves teh Scrabble! :-D

Caladryl Clear, if the Benedryl doesn't help enough.

Ignore the voices from the kitchen...unless they offer cookies.

C2 said...

Guess what I got at the mall today...*singsong*

Caressed by Ice! Yup, there it was, just waiting for me at Waldenbooks. Buy 4 romances get the 5th free! Yeah!! :-D