Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another Quickie

Let's just say that I thought laptops had become more user friendly. Holy crap this thing is slow but I love being able to sit on the couch and run through blogland (for the first time in a week!)

The first laptop had to be taken back. The screen would freeze up and then go black. You would have to run the mouse all over the screen like a scratch ticket to get the visual back. Then it started losing files and I swear I didn't do anything to cause this. Well, I'm not one to pay a heck of a lot of money (I don't know how much because it was from Bob but I know these aren't cheap) to have it not work properly 5 days out of the box.

So we took it back and did we get attitude. I finally walked away from the guy because he was asking stupid questions. Hey, I'm not one of your 'geeks' but even I know when something has been programed wrong so back the hell off. I finally yelled across the store at one point when he asked another stupid question and Bob relayed 'it's just broken!!'. He bloody well went and got another one pronto. Like I was going to sit there and run him through all the crap that was falling apart.

What I don't understand for the life of me is why this company has created a 'back up files' button that when you go to do it, it runs out of hard drive space and cracks up. I've decided to ignore that for now and wait and see if restore points pop up. Problem is, now this other drive keeps saying it's low on memory. Well no shit. You saved a bunch of stuff on there and since I don't know if erasing it will wipe my computer clean you'll just have to cope.

Yeah. Not a computer geek although I wish I was!

As for everything else, I haven't had time to blog hop but was out a bit tonight. What with Bob being off, me not feeling well and spending hours trying to get the old laptop to work properly, there was little time for fun.

So tomorrow is my MIL birthday so we're going there for dinner and my sleep is all out of sorts.

Hopefully I'll be back to myself by Tuesday.

And Caressed by Ice is here but I just can't start it yet. I want to wait until nobody is around and I can sit and not have to be up and down for the whole read. Since I'm a slow reader we're looking at Tuesday when everyone is back to school and work.

Hope you are all having a great Labour Day Weekend!!


Chantal said...

I have the first 2 books by Nalini Singh. I'm going to start them soon.

Sorry to hear that you have been having lap top troubles :(

Dev said...

Sorry you got the attitude from the computer geeks. But you only had the thing for 5 days ~ he should have never argued. He should have just replaced the dang thing.

I still haven't read the other 2 Naline Singh's ~ I have Slave to Sensation but I haven't bought Visions of Heat yet (I know, I'm such a loser).

nath said...

hey there Cindy,

it sucks about the laptop. That's a shame that it's really not that user-friendly :( I was toying with the idea of getting one, but I think I'll wait a bit more. At least, you got a new one without too much trouble.

Hope you enjoy Caressed by Ice :D I loved it :D