Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brass Tacks and All That

First, I have Midol brain which means I'm spacey and my arms and legs feel like they could take off without me at any moment. Severely weird and somewhat unfamiliar in feeling.

Second, it should come as no surprise that the above has me feeling pukey.


So keeping this in mind we'll see if I can't write some sort of coherent post.

Yes, it's dicey on a good day but the peanut gallery is now closed so zip it.

Books that I have moved into the 'Good God, you better start reading or you'll have your Avid Reader Card revoked' pile will now be partially listed. Why? Cause I think I only have seven but again, that's seven more than I thought I would have so yippee for me!

Book one.

C'mon. You know it and aren't even remotely surprised by it so I'll leave it unnamed so as not to annoy and bore you.

See, I'm good to you.

Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty - I accidentally forgot (no really but why am I even trying to convince you when you know it's too true) to return this book when my reading twin offered to share hers with me. Bad Cindy. Still, we bought a few of hers together and will be swapping them back and forth. Meanwhile, I'm kind of happy to have this one to pick up and try. I'm thinking this will be my first true foray into erotic romance with the stress on erotic.

Janet Evanovich's Thirteen book cause it should be short and sweet and yeah, I started it and closed it after a few pages because I was all 'ugh' but I know with some of the other books I've selected I need an 'easy' read in case the load becomes too heavy.

Lover Unbound by Ward. The book is HUGE but I know I'll be skipping all the lesser parts, the John parts (sorry, I don't care) and whatever other parts that bore so what, 20 pages of reading or so. Ba-dum tish. Sorry, that was just bitchy but uh, the midol hint above should have clued you in.

One Summer by Karen Robards. Okay, Kristie, breathe. It's going to be read before Christmas or shortly thereafter. Knowing Kristie loves this book makes me happy whenever I see the title in that short pile because I know it's going to rock my socks. (Kristie will now have to find another book I have not read to recommend heartily so I can have my emergency read that makes me happy to gaze upon. I'm such a slave driver.)

Demon Moon and/or Demon Angel by Meljean Brook. I loved her short story but I have to admit the sheer size of these paperbacks had me shying away. After picking up Lover Unbound (and dislocating my shoulder) I decided it was time to conquer my fear and belly up to the bar. The reviews for both these books have been excellent so I know they will be great. I can't promise to read them both because I don't like to overdose on an author and that means I need to leave some space between books.

Surrender by Pamela Clare because Kristie mentioned it's a western historical and her last one Ride The Fire was so bloody excellent I still get happy-joy-joy tingles whenever I see the book. I've wanted to read this one for a while but my fear of depleting my TBR pile of all the great books kept me from grabbing it and tearing into it like me on Christmas morning.

Okay, that's it for now. As in that's what my memory is carrying. The book pile is upstairs and even though we know I'm lazy there is the added weight of not wanting to overtax Cody by having him follow me up the stairs. Poor mug. The humidity up here has been hard on him and we're trying to keep him from over doing it. Hell, I'm trying to keep from over doing it!

Not to bring you all down or nothing but Bob and I are struggling with whether Cody is still living a good life. My father was here for dinner on the weekend and I think he was surprised at how much Cody coughs or struggles for breath. Meanwhile, he wags his tail whenever he first sees Bob or I, he will bark heartily at Bob because he knows it will get him biscuits, he still eats his dinner and knows to go outside to do his business. He sleeps fairly soundly and only struggles from breath if he gets over excited (guests make him happy), climbs the stairs or gets up on the couch. Oh and after he goes outside to do his biz.

Bob and I are very conscious about his quality of life but I think we worry that we are too close to know how he really is doing. The good news is that we will check in with each other to see how we think he is doing which never happened with our other animals because they were 'Bob's'. (He had them before he met me so I only felt semi-comfortable saying stuff to him and in the end I know that Winston (one of Bob's cats) suffered but I knew it wasn't my decision to make) Cody is 'ours' and I take my responsibility to my pets very seriously so I know I would not shy away from the truth. Still hearing him do the cough thing can be disconcerting for people who haven't lived with it for the past few years.

Sorry, just something that has been on my mind.

Let's get back to books for a second.

I think I saw somewhere that Lisa Kleypas had another book coming out before the end of the year. She has been hit or miss with me lately so I may have to see how others feel about it. There may be a few other books that will come out -

Oh! Caprice Crane's latest is also on that book pile upstairs. It will be a fairly easy and flirty read I'm thinking. Not really romance but I think it would be considered chicklit. Hey, with all the heavy books (and egads the print is small in a few of them!) I needed a few that wouldn't hurt the brain.

I heard that!

No pictures or links because I need to eat some toast and it's 4:30am and I need to get to bed soon. Bad Cindy but I need to eat to get my stomach to stop trying to heave it's emptiness around. Ugh.


Kristie (J) said...

Well, I like your short list 'cause two of them are favourites. And though I haven't read the latest JE book - that's only because it's still in hardcover.
And it sounds like you and Bob are being very good pet owners by being mindful of Cody.

LinnieGayl said...

Starting with a short list sounds like a good idea.And I'm all for some light, easy reads in amongst harder ones. Sometimes all I read are light easy (totally depends on the mood).

Cindy: anyone who reads your blog can't have a doubt in the world that you and Bob are WONDERFUL pet owners. Cody, and all the others, are very lucky to have you as parents.

Kat O+ said...

I LOVED Demon Angel. Meljean Brook is now on auto-buy, and I'm considering stalking the bookstore for her. And I used to hate John's bits in the BDB, too, but I didn't mind them in LU. I'd be interested to hear what you think when you're done.

nath said...

hey Cindy :D

having a short list to start is a good idea, because your list is bound to change depending on your reading moods and what you buy :P Ask Ames :P I think when she had her 50 books challenge, she changed it a couple of time :P so short list is good :D i hope you'll get to read Demon Angel :)

As for Cody, the fact that you and Bob even discuss it is a big step. I think that in the end, you'll both take the right decision.

Rosie said...

Boy Cody must really be a worry. All of us know how conscientious you and Bob are with your well loved pets. You'll do the right thing at the right time.

You have a great list of books to work with there. I have mixed feelings about the AS book. I wasn't that intrigued to read that character's story. So I'll be anxious to see what you think.

Dev said...

I've started JE's Thirteen Book and also MB's Demon Angel. I'll try them again at some point ~ I just wasn't "there" with the Thirteen book and just found myself staring at the pages ~ not really reading. To be perfectly fair to MB's book, I haven't ever technically started it ~ the print is so small, I'm intimidated :-) I've heard good things about it though and I really want to read it.

C2 said...

Lisa K's new book, Mine Till Midnight, comes out next week. It's Cam's (from Devil in Winter) book!! Yay!

I started Lover Unbound (500 pages!) last night. So far, no lessers and only a little John.

I haven't jumped on the Meljean Brook bandwagon yet. I read a short story in an anthology and it was just meh. Too many books, too little time!

You know you're a good Cody-mom. :o)

CindyS said...

Thanks guys. When I think about Cody has a pretty sweet gig and I'm thinking he'll fool us all and be around for years yet!


ReneeW said...

I've been away from blogs for a week so I really missed you! You just reminded me that I need to finish Promises Prevail so I can send it and Promises Keep to you. Demon Moon was a very 'meaty' book and it took me quite a while to read it because I had to go slow and try to figure out what was happening. But it was worth it - a great read. I'm not so sure I'm going to read Lover Unbound - I'll wait for your opinion. Surrender was almost as good as Ride the Fire so I'd like to hear your thoughts on that one too. One Summer was a keeper for me so I hope you like it. Kristie will be ecstatic.

Poor Cody. He's so lucky to have you and Bob though because you seem to love him so much. I'm sure you are watching out for his welfare and will do the right thing for him.