Thursday, September 13, 2007

Things On A Cat

It all started with an e-mail that asked if I would be able to guest review for The Good, The Bad and the Unread.

Sybil (To be referred to as 'Fairy Godmother' from here on out) had a stack of ARCs she needed to get in the mail to the team and figured she would see if I would be able to take some of the load.

Seeing as how 'Fairy Godmother' has read my so called reviews I decided why not.

Great, she e-mails back, I'll send you Anne Stuart's ARC.


The scream that followed excited the critters in the house but Bob only sighed as he turned the page of his newspaper.

I now wonder if the first few times he had ever heard my squeeing sound over books, he too got excited at the prospect of which lottery amount we had just won.

(In case you don't know what the big deal is with Anne Stuart - welcome to my blog. I love everything Anne Stuart and am an unabashed squeeeeeing fangirl. Okay, you're all caught up)

Hey, our men have it pretty good. Most women only get this excited when presented with diamonds. These guys should be thanking their lucky stars that 10 dollar books are what rock our socks!

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, my latest diamond!

Fairy Godmother mailed out the book the day after Labour Day but I blocked it from my mind. After all, I'm in Canada and if customs got a hold of the book I wouldn't be seeing it before it's release date for sure. Well, I did get antsy this past Monday when it still wasn't here. I started to think that the mailman was also an Anne Stuart fan with the gift of x ray vision, thus seeing my precious gem through it's bubble wrap paper.

Ah, but the jeweler finally arrived and placed my gem in that special box that seems to hold the bad news but also the greatest news!

To mark this special occasion I decided to do an ode to 'Stuff on My Cat' cause the cover of this book alone makes me just the happiest person in the world. That there would be my Amber.

In case you can't read some of the 'fine' print it says:

Advance Uncorrected Proofs
On Sale Date: November 2007

Super Cool!!


Kat O+ said...

*lol* You made me laugh. Yeah, the men are lucky. But I still made mine buy a diamond (he got lucky--I didn't insist on the matching earrings). :-) I haven't read the third Ice book yet. I should get around to that.

nath said...

LOL!! You got really, really lucky Cindy!!! I guess that takes care of any reading slump :P nothing like getting a book when it's not published yet!!! :D

sybil said...

So... I guess you got the book :)

C2 said...

I wondered what that distant scream I heard was... ;-) Enjoy!

Kristie (J) said...

Sweeeet. Now you just need AS to come and autograph it for you *g*

Rosie said...

Yay for Cindy!! (Although color me pea green.)

Dev said...

Congrats, Cindy! Have fun with the AS :-)

ReneeW said...

OK, I'm officially jealous! You lucky girl. Where are you BTW? and what was the big secret? Did I miss something?

CindyS said...

Kat O+ Oh, the hubby had to buy the diamond for the engagement but I don't really do jewelery - I lose more than I have kept over the years!

Nath - I'm waiting until tomorrow to start - here's hoping I have time.

Sybil - YEPPERS!

C2 - yep, that was me.

Kristie - I'm considering a vacation in Vermont - I mean, how big could that state be? ;)

Rosie - ah, Anne Stuart, how I love thee ;)

Dev - thanks! that's what I plan.

ReneeW - the secret was that I was going to do a guest review for Sybil and it was for AS!! I know, it was about me ;)

Where am I? Near Hamilton Ontario - is that what you mean? ;)