Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Partial Plan

Now I know I'm bad for talking about books but maybe you've noticed the book talk is at nil.

Hush. We're not saying the word!

So I'm forming a plan. This year I have only read 20 books (this is the worst I've been since the 'Slump to End All Slumps' happened about 4 years back) but I'm thinking it's time to take some extreme action.

Then I remember who I am and think I'm wasting everyones time by even suggesting I could do this.

All the same, I've had it on my mind for about a week and since we know I'm easily distrac - ooooooooh, a shiny object, how pretty - Wait! Right. Distracted. Since it's been jostling around in there for a week I figure I might actually have to do something about it.

The plan?

Read 20 more books before the end of the year.


Can I take that back?

Okay. Mean, but okay.

I figure I know which three are going to be read next. I started Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice while waiting in some line or another and the beginning is totally sucking me in. So that's one. Then there is the Anne Stuart. Yep. Then Ward's Lover Unbound.

So I only need to figure out 17 more titles that will either be published between now and the end of the year or I need to stop sticking my tongue out at my TBR pile.

That last sentence just blew my stress level for the week.

I need a nap.

Edited: I'm on my way as I just finished Dangerous Lover - I'll write up my thoughts later. I figured out the fourth book which is by Caprice Crane so already I'm ahead of where I was last night when I wrote this!


nath said...

LOL :D so not so hard to think up of books when you have a nice TBR pile :D let's go Cindy, I know you can do it!

Jenster said...

Oh, Cindy. You make me laugh. Heartily!

Dev said...

Well, I've got you beat. I've read 8, which is usually less than what I read in a month.

I'll cheer you on with the final 20 though!

Rosie said...

I say don't worry about how many books you read. When I'm not reading I miss it, but if I'm not reading cuz nothing grabs my interest I just do something else. Although I will be anxiously standing by to hear what you think about the Anne Stuart.

Did you like the LMR's book? GG even liked it.

I also read your post about your friend. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Kristie (J) said...

20 - Wow, that's a huge chunk to chew *g*. I seem to go in fits and starts. The problem is there isn't enough hours in a day to do everything!!
And I'll be looking for your Cindy type review of Dangerous Lover since I loved that one!!

C2 said...

You can do it!! Even if the new TV season is about to start...

CindyS said...

Nath - the TBR pile mocks me with it's beauty and yet, I can't pick a book without stressing for hours.

Jenster - you are too kind!

Dev - Wow, that is an extreme difference - I hope you aren't in a 's' ;)

Rosie - thanks for the good thoughts! I usually don't worry about how many books I read but I love reading so much and when I notice it's just not happening I figure I need to do some prioritizing ;)

Kristie - you have a job though! Me, not so much. Too much time playing computer scrabble and watching TV. Bad Cindy.

C2 - you're killing me!!