Sunday, September 16, 2007

Right, I Remember Now

At the old house Bob had a rule about what I was allowed to do.

See, Bob had been living in his house for a few years so he had already decorated the way he wanted.


No really, even Bob admits this now and I razz my best friend (his ex) all the time about her lack of taste.

There were friggin' geese on the kitchen walls.

I'm just saying.

The rule? One room at a time. I wasn't allowed to tear off the wallpaper in every room at once because that would have been too distracting to a man who is a bit of a neat freak.

Being the excellent wife I am, I stuck to the rules because I did want to change things and hey, one room at a time would be all my attention span could handle.

Why do you need this information?

So you can feel my bafflement.

It started with Bob telling me he wanted to tear up the hallway flooring. He's already stripped the wallpaper (which was horrifying) and started peeling all the trim up.

Did I mention we still own the 'other' house? Where a lot of our money is tied up?

So I may have mentioned that Bob had to slow down and not spend money for a bit. Bob's all, 'yeah, it doesn't take money to do demo'.

Are you ready? Are you sure?

Okay, here is my dining room wall. Ugly colour yes, but it's there.

See, I'm standing in our living room taking this picture. I can sit calmly in my reading chair and enjoy my book without seeing the crap cluttered all over my counters.

It was a good scheme.



No wall.

Suddenly the ugly is all over the place!

Yep. A wall was torn down so Bob could see how the floor plan would feel opened up.

It's official. There's not a room on the main floor that doesn't have some sort of demo going on. I'm glad we got those awful curtains down finally but uh, that loss of a wall just puts the 'ugly' front and center.

Hell, even Bob admitted the kitchen was uglier than he thought. Duh. Welcome to my view of things.

Who's getting a new kitchen?

I AM!!

Here though. I took another picture tonight after Destroyer-Bob has gone to bed.

I'd be even more excited about it if the other house was sold already but apparently I'm the only one really worried about the money.

Things are about to get very interesting.


nath said...

Hi Cindy :D

It seems like ages I haven't posted a comment on your blog. LOL, you're lucky Bob is actually handy, you know :D at least, the demo was "well-done" :P If it'd been my dad, it woulnd't be that straight! :P Yay, you're getting a new kitchen! and ugh, that pink was ugly!

by the way, are things done at the other house? I think it's been a while since you mentionned it.

C2 said...

New kitchen! Yippee!! Now would be my chance to mention I get appliance envy...bad! ;-)

LinnieGayl said...

Hmmm. Don't envy you living in a demolition zone, but WOW...a new kitchen will be fantastic! (Well, fantastic once it's in place).

CindyS said...

Nath - I know I haven't been visiting as often with the end of summer it's been one place after another. The great thing about Bob is he is a neat freak so he'll take down a wall but then he cleans up the mess immediately. Me? I would have to sit and chill for a bit ;)

The other house is finished but hasn't sold. We have about 2 more weeks to sell it and then we'll probably carry it through the winter. Ugh.

C2 - I get appliance, kitchen, couch, TV, bed linens etc envy so you're in good company ;)

LinnieGayl - You actually get used to things not being normal but only because Bob does keep things neat. If we had dry wall tools and saws and drills everywhere I would go nuts!


Dev said...

New kitchens are always a good thing....does that include new appliances also???