Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sharing Some Crazy

I know it's September when the dreams start.

I've been dreaming all week that it's only a few days till Christmas and I haven't bought any gifts and there are only hours left to shop AND our super extended family is coming and it would be horrible if they woke up to no gifts. Oh! And all the stores are selling candles. That's it.

So, I woke up this morning thinking I had to get to the mall immediately. Then I remembered it's only September.

I've known for years I have a broken brain but it's funny that I'm actually able to observe and note the times when my brain cracks. Years ago I just would have been stressed to the hilt and begging Bob to help me get the shopping done pronto. Now I wake up and once I realize I have months yet I calm back down but at least now I know the anxiety is starting.

Although I do wonder why my brain brings this stuff up. I'm thinking my brain automatically equates the end of summer to 'It's Christmas!!! Your most stressful time of the year!!!'.

Stupid brain.

I want a refund.


nath said...

LOL, good luck on getting a refund Cindy :D Well at least, to be sure to avoid the anxiety of Christmas shopping, you can slowly start now :D

Dev said...

Well, crap, you would have to mention Christmas. I'm sitting here wondering how I'm going to pay off all my medical bills by the end of the year ~~ hadn't even considered Christmas and I've got new people to buy for this year. I want a percentage of your refund :-)

C2 said...

Hey, who doesn't like candles?? ;-)

I was looking at the calendar earlier today and figuring out that the tree starts going up in about a month and a half (but it takes weeks to get it all's 9 footer).