Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lazy Days

Well, really, what else kind of days do I normally have? All the same today was a nice, easy relaxing day.

I'm starting to stay up later and will soon be back on nights. It's a weird fear I have of going to bed and not being able to sleep so I stay up until my eyes burn so we're looking at 3:30 am right about now. By Saturday I'll probably be back in my nocturnal pattern.

So I went to bed last night thinking today would just be indulgent because no one was expecting me and Bob was at work so I could just veg. Imagine my surprise when I decided to answer the phone (yes, if you call my house 10 to 1 you'll be talking to a machine cause I don't answer to no master. Yeah, yeah, it's because I'm too lazy to run to the phone to catch it in time) at 11:15am to find that Bob was taking lunch and wanted me to get up and go out with him.

All Right!!

So I was showered and prepped when he got home and he took me to Paris.

Paris, Ontario.

Now it ain't much but he wanted to take me to a little restaurant that had a back deck looking over the Grand River (which is low now cause no rain). I love water and eating by water is just a dream for me. One of my favourite places is a restaurant in Huntsville, Ontario (I've been going to Huntsville since early childhood so I get weepy whenever I go but I just love it there) that has a gazebo hanging over the river. Today I may have found a place 3 hours closer to home which is peaches because I haven't been to Huntsville in years but I'll happily hit Paris.

The food wasn't great and they didn't have potatoes on the menu and well, I need potatoes for a meal to reach even a remote chance of getting a good review.

Hey! On that note, what is with the salads that look like someone went into my backyard and started plucking whatever was growing. Uh, yeah. Half the salad on my plate looked like weeds I had pulled from my garden and after a few bites I was done. I never used to eat salad because when I was young all salads were made with lettuce - okay there's a name but I can't remember. I hated salads with a passion. Then I discovered Caesar salads and thought it was a good compromise. Until Bob told me I might as well order the french fries if I was going to eat a Caesar. Since mama didn't raise no fool I bloody well ate the fries. Then I decided to use romaine lettuce in a normal salad. I'm telling you a beam of light struck. I could eat salad all day long as long as it's made with romaine. Anything else and you might as well put a plate of twigs in front of me.

You still here?

I know. Where half the crap in my brain comes from I'll never know.


Then Bob just hung out and we had a nap. He made himself something for dinner because I've been feeling sick to my stomach (okay, why do I always spell stomach with an e at the end? Is that Canadian? Spell checker makes me wonder if I know what I think I know - yeah, it's like that!) around dinner hour so I tend to scram. I ended up going out and getting fries and chicken nuggets. Yeah. Not proud.

The next few days in my neck of the woods are supposed to become HOT. I'm hoping it's true (can't trust those weather people) so I can get in for my final swim of the season. Like I said before, if I had known the last time I was in the pool was the LAST time in the pool for the year, I would have basked in it a little more.

So here's hoping.

Oh and Bob can't afford for me to be up during the day. I spent 500 bucks in two days. Normally I couldn't do that kind of damage cause stores are closed but oooops! 200 was spent on my Godkids back to school stuff and the rest was spent on two pairs of Nike shoes (I'm going to see if I can return a pair because there is a joint that's painful and for a hundred bucks they should feel like angel wings on my feet) and a heart rate monitor for when you are working out. Since I only buy sneaks about once every three years I'm okay with the money but still, it was a shock when she rang it up. As for the heart rate thingie, I have one but it stopped working thus, a new one needed to be purchased.

Hmmm, I've been very good about not googling 'overheating while working out' but I'm extremely tempted to see if there is a solution.

As to other things did you hear about this?

I could totally see it if he was on a romance reading binge but computer games?

Oooooh, Scrabble just popped up, gotta go!


C2 said...

First of all - what kind of restaurant doesn't have potatoes on the menu?! What kind of anti-starch establishment did you wander into?? ;-) I loves me some starches!

Second - the way too avoid overheating during work? Don't work (or exert yourself as little as possible - think of your health).

Finally - they can try to call it "internet addiction" or whatever they want to...it still comes down to stupidity and there's no cure for that.

C2 said...

Gee, that sounded harsh...it wasn't directed at the poor soul who wouldn't stop gambling for 3 days (that is an addiction). It was directed at the people who try to put the blame on whatever is new in the world rather than address the deeper issues.

It's too early for such deep thoughts. I think I'll go lie down.

CindyS said...

C2 I definitely filled up on my starches today! And I googled overheating and there are a few suggestions so I'll work on them - I know to work within a certain heart rate ratio but I still have ruddy cheeks and am overly hot for about an hour afterwards. Just looking to see if I can make exercising more of a joy and less of a 'fear for my life' kind of option ;)

I totally get what you mean. You would think that by day 2 someone who worked there might have noticed the guy. Sometimes we are too locked in our own worlds. Still, my bladder would have had me getting up and around ;) Then again, time flies by when I'm doing the blog rounds. I think that's why I get to bed so late sometimes. I'm so busy reading and commenting that I don't notice four hours just past by!