Saturday, September 22, 2007

AAR Top 100 Romances

I'm falling behind on my blogging I tell ya!


Starting October 1st All About Romance will be opening the polls for the Top 100 Romance Books of all time. (I added the all time but hey, if it's voted on by hundreds of people, I'm thinking 'all time')

I hope you will click through here because I think LinnieGayl and Princess did the announcement best!

The last time I voted in this poll (I wasn't a pollster) I only got up to 34 books before my brain started convulsing under the work load. Then again, I'm also a procrastinator so I think I had about 2 hours to get it filled in before the polls closed.

Hopefully with this head's up you can start on your list (Rosario would be so very happy but she's in London and I don't know if her spreadsheets are with her) and hopefully you can use your blog posts about books to help you remember those gems that get lost in the deep ether of our brains.

Just me again?

I should buy some Ginkowhatever.

My next post should be on Dangerous Lover, you know, if I kept to any sort of plan.


Rosie said...

You entertain surely do. Ginkowhatever got me this time.

Dev said...

Well, I always end up adding more books to the TBR when I read the top 100. It's a vicious cycle.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - you're not yelling now.
I saw the blog and I've already started tallying my top 100. Opened a separate spread sheet and everything. :)

C2 said...

Top 100, huh? I can usually make it to 30-40 and then I get tired. ;-) Maybe I'll give it another try.

I'm with Dev, I usally just end up adding to the TBR when these lists come out, darn them!

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy: how funny! Oh, and Princess wants me to remind everyone to keep Amelia Peabody in mind!