Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fractured Thoughts

I'm sick of brown in decorating. Seriously. It's one of those 'fads' that will age a room after a few years. Don't get me wrong, dark woods are not counted in this. It's that chocolate brown and pale blue look that's killing me. Now I've seen it with pink and green and UGH!. Enough already.

I've decided to buck the trend and make grey the next big thing. Unlike brown, grey comes in a million shades depending on the base colour so I know I can work with it better. Right now, I'm trying to stay away from anything with a blue tint to it and I seem to be over green too. I'm still a purple chick but I don't mean Crayola purple but steel grey purple. Yum.

Yep. It's that time. I have to start picking paint colours for the main floor. And I'm soooo not doing anything 70's inspired like the 'trends' that are happening now.


It was pool cleaning day because it was gorgeous out and Bob and I got into a wonderfully warm pool. Still it took me lots of time to skim the pool, back wash the filter and try to vacuum. (Vacuuming is a pain because we keep losing suction and it involves running back and forth - it's best done with two people so one can hold the stupid plate down in the filter return beside the pool while the other is 100 ft away trying to re-prime the pump. I don't deal with frustration well)

Tomorrow is in the planning stages. I've been looking at Cody and thinking about how I need to put him in our upstairs tub and give him a bath. Note I'm still thinking about it. Which seems to be the theme of the last few days. Thinking and not doing.

Gah!! My eyes!! I'm watching a design show and the walls are painted brown and supposedly lime green only it looks like brown and avocado green. Hello 1970. Ugh.

AND, my napping and sleeping mojo have left me. I only slept for 7 hours last night. WTF? I was up at 1:30pm today which is not like me when I got to bed at 6 am. Then I tried to have a nap but I seem to remain in this semi-conscious state that makes me feel nauseous. Yuck.

It's 3am now and I am tired but I'm afraid to try sleeping in case I once again just lie there waiting. And yes, I've taken the sleep meds after reducing them over time.

I'm also horribly bored. I haven't had this since the last snow fall. Not good.

Okay, off to kill some time.

Yes, I'm avoiding the 'S' word. Hoping if I don't type it, it won't be true.

Geez, on another subject the Canadian dollar is almost equal to the US dollar. Now, I pay 11 bucks a book while the US price is much lower. Shouldn't I now get to pay the lower price on my books?

Yep, I make economists cringe in horror at my ignorance.


Rosie said...

Our temperatures have really dropped this week. Daytime was in the 70s and when we swam last night it was only in the 60s. After an unseasonably warm summer I'm bummed because normally September and October we have 80 degrees and no wind. One of the reasons Fall is my favorite season. Instead we are getting lower temps and wind. Both are messing with my swimming.

Since we go to the community rec pool we don't have to do any of the maintenance and upkeep of a pool. One good reason (the only one really) not to have a pool. I still fantasize about getting one.

Time was that I started my Christmas shopping in September. No more. My list making helps and so does the internet. Although when C2 mentioned that it's only about 6 weeks until her tree goes up I sort of shuddered. Yikes! That's soon. We don't put ours up until Dec. 1st, but still thats a little over 8 weeks. Where did 2007 go?

Dev said...

It's been in the mid 60's and 70's here and I'm loving it! I'm perfectly content with the colder weather.

Cindy ~ I wouldn't call it ignorance...I'd say it's more "creative thinking".

I don't even want to think about Christmas shopping. It just depresses me.

Megan Frampton said...

Grey is the huge color for fashion in Spring 2008. And I love those '70s colors, so when you visit me in Brooklyn, calling me MEG-an, don't freak out at my color choices.

I am so painting the dining room split pea green.

Bookwormom said...

My kitchen is painted in what was advertised as a "southwestern red"- which reminds me of the 70's orange. We painted it three years ago though- maybe we were ahead of the trend?? I hope.

Once it dried I couldn't decide if I liked it or not, btu I'm a lazy woman so it has remained "southwestern red" aka orange.

CindyS said...

Rosie - I only wish our weather would stay warm like that for the long haul. I'm feeling very blessed in this extra long summer! Apparently it's going to be 30 on Monday - yay!!
I do love Thanksgiving but the winter is my 'blue' period ;)

Dev - You know most people do love the cooler weather but I'm a shorts and T girl for sure and if the pool is crystal clear and rippling then I'm in! I'm with you on Christmas shopping!

Meegan - I think if you love that style then it's absolutely what you decorate with. I've never been fond of the 70's or 80's decor. Heck I don't like the retro look either but Bob loves the 'diner' look. I think I'm more traditional with a touch of contempary but I think it's about my fear of looking around in 4 years and thinking OMG what was I thinking!! At least you know what you are going to paint your dining room - Bob's been mocking me for a few weeks now because I'm not ready to commit ;)

Bookwormom - oh yeah, 'southwestern' design is hot right now. My friend did her house in terra cotta and gold and she's on trend. Meanwhile I've lost my decorating mojo!


C2 said...

LOL I made Rosie shudder! :-D My tree goes up Veteran's Day weekend and then gets decorated over the next couple of weekends. I don't actually turn the lights on until after Thanksgiving, though.

I looove grays! And I don't like browns at all (unless it is something chocolately on a dessert plate). So the steely purple gray sounds lovely to me. You'll be ahead of the trends, you fashion guru, you.

Jenster said...

I'm considering paint colors, too. I can't seem to get away from sagey, heather greens. I try. Lord knows I try. But I can't seem to do it.

CindyS said...

C2 - You made us all shudder ;) I was just trying to look strong under pressure.

Mmmm, chocolate. I do like chocolate in clothes but only in cozy sweaters a loose breezy tees.

I think with all the design shows I watch I can pick up on trends or fads very fast and then I try like hell not to do them. I know I will eventually get sick of the colour on my walls but I want to love them for more than a year!

Jenster - I'm feeling your pain. I'm stuck on purple based colours and have been for years now. I did learn that blue in any room other than the bathroom doesn't work for me. My poor bookroom is not the steely blue I wanted and is more of a whimpy blue. Ugh.