Monday, September 10, 2007

And So It Begins

I feel like I've used that title in the last week or so. Everything is beginning!

A few things.

1. I don't think I have a word program on my laptop so where am I supposed to type up stuff? I went into Adobe Reader and promptly snuck (hey, is this a word to you guys? The speller doesn't know it) back out because I didn't recognize anything. I left my Office CD at my aunts house. Ooops. Isn't that what happens when you need something pronto.

2. I have a to-do list in my head that is huge and I need to get it down on paper so I can actually see some progress. On that note, I have about 15 pens that are in and out of ink. Shaking the pen, rolling it fiercely on another surface. Well, let's just say I've had enough of that after writing up thank you cards for FIL's wake. So I need new pens and some good paper so I can do up a proper list.

3. For some reason (I'm betting Cody may have had a leak) this room (the den) has a urine smell in it. Bob denies that Cody would have had an accident. Hey, I'm not mad, I just need to know where the smell is coming from. I'm thinking the black light needs to come out. The last time that happened I ripped up all the carpet in the old house. I don't think Bob is ready for that. And I know for a fact he doesn't want me buying a new sofa. A dilemma I'm not sure I'm up to solving right now.

4. The reno house. We still own it, I could write a friggin book about it but I'll save it for an eventual book I will write, sell and get movie rights for. Yep. Gotta make money on this one some how. Let's just go with an ouch as my comment for now. (Just thought of the title - The Business of Friends)

5. I have to post the final shed pics for you guys. The photo program I am currently using is eating my photos at an alarming rate of speed. It's also hiding them in sub folders that I can never recall when I need them. Another thing to add to my list of things to do. Fix the picture program properly. My dad sent the pictures to his friends who *know* Bob and what he is capable of titled 'This is what a Shed looks like in Bob's world'. Of course I sent him the pictures with the title 'New Pics of Your Retirement Villa'.

Oh! Did I tell you the neighbour decided to back off? They are working on some sort of solution for the back side of the shed so I'm not worrying anymore. As long as my bank balance doesn't decrease drastically - there was a comment about how much they liked the brick on the shed - yeah, that ain't cheap and it's on a 1/4 of the shed for a reason.

6. I have the Shopping Channel on right now while I'm typing this - it's on mute so I don't get distracted but I do know they are selling Alloette Anti-aging cream with all the befores and afters. So, anyone use anti-aging creams? I keep thinking it'll be like a glue on my face - it get's rid of the lines by making you look permanently surprised. I'm figuring a crispy skin isn't what I'm going for but how else to explain these results they show on the screen. Oh! What about the one for acne? I've been thinking of trying it because at 37 I've had enough. I just can't remember the name right now.

7. I have a secret that I'll share tomorrow but it's more about me than anyone else so don't get all excited. Basically it'll be a squeee fest and I'm hoping something shows up tomorrow to help me with the brain drains I have going on right now.

8. I now know it's the day after you have to worry about. The evil negative thoughts are trying to invade. Must get more shiny objects to distract myself with.

9. I need to blog more about books but I think I'm still in the 'great book blues' mode.

10. My pool looks cold.


Kailana said...

If you need a word program pronto, I use Open Office. If you search for it it is a free download and then you can save it as lots of different stuff so if you need to open in later in a different program it will recognize it. Plus, it will open documents saved in other programs like word. I have an Office CD too, but it got used a bit too much and won't work anymore, this was my alternative. :)

C2 said...

You didn't even get a trial of something Word-ish? Bummer! What about a Text program or something that might be hidden?

You could email yourself a list, if you're desperate. :-D

I consider "snuck" a word but strict grammarians (did I make that up?) might not. In fact, according to Ask Oxford:
There is a helpful summary in The New Fowler's Modern English Usage by R.W. Burchfield (OUP 1998):

sneak (verb) Its origins are shrouded in mystery ... From the beginning, and still in standard British English, the past tense and past participle forms are sneaked. Just as mysteriously, in a little more than a century, a new past tense form, snuck, has crept and then rushed out of dialectal use in America, first into the areas of use that lexicographers label jocular or uneducated, and more recently, has reached the point where it is a virtual rival of sneaked in many parts of the English-speaking world. But not in Britain, where it is unmistakably taken to be a jocular or non-standard form.

I think I've just been insulted but I'm not sure. Hmmm. *shifty eyes*

Kate Diamond said...

I hear you about the insane to-do lists. Sometimes, mine are layered in my planner because I tape the new one over the old one.

And I don't have good book blues... I've got "I don't have time to read" blues. Should have been lesson-planning and working on my novel this weekend. Instead, I managed to read Lisa Kleypas's "Suddenly You."

I have no willpower.

ames said...

Hey Cindy-I've missed you!! I was cracking up while reading this post. Especially at the "retirement villa." hehe

As for the blacklight. Ewww! LOL I was remembering a tv show about hotel rooms and let's not go there. haha!

Bookwormom said...

Hi CindyS~

1. I think google has free wordprocessing programs.

2. I didn't think about the reward of being able to see progress on a to do list by crossing things off. Maybe I oughts write a list up just so I can cross ab lot of stuff off! LOL

3. Do they make doggie diapers for geriatric dogs? It'd save you quite a bit cleaning even if they're bad for Cody's self esteem and Bob's coping with Cody getting older.

4. I don't use anti-aging creams, but I heard products with alpha hydroxy acids are really good.

Chin up & keep up the good fight!