Monday, September 10, 2007

Because It Makes Me Happy

It usually surprises people that I'm a fangirl of these guys but seriously, their lyrics alone in most of their music is amazing. All the same, it's this song that will get me out of a chair and bouncing around the house.

I'm now a daywalker. My body has wanted to change for a few weeks but I had too many events to let my body have it's way (it can take up to 5 days to switch but I let my body start doing what it wanted on Monday and I'm on the third day). I went to bed at 4pm yesterday and got up at 6am today. I'm excited because I get to get out of the house by myself and get some serious shopping done.

I need to get some of the pics off my camera but again, I haven't dealt with that yet. Why? Cause I got something in the mail yesterday that had me squeeeeing with happiness. Bob was in the area on a business call so he stopped in for lunch with me and was there for the event. He just smiles.

I'll let you in on it when I can get a picture and have more time to blog. Now I'm off to drop some coin in a serious bout of retail therapy!


Zeek said...

I frickin' love Simon and Garfunkel! Especially THAT song! hee

ReneeW said...

I LOVE S&G too and that song is one of my favorites. Trying to catch up with all your blog postings. You look gorgeous in that dress.

sybil said...


Do I know what you got in the mail? ::crosses fingers::