Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just The Nitty Gritty

A few things happening around here. Some are Cindy specific while others fall into Bob's realm.

Okay, that was way too funny because Bob's realm is the shed. That's it, that's all, see you in the Fall.

We heard from the city and we have to move the shed.

Now, while Bob and I were talking about our outraged feelings I said something about moving only the back wall in so the shed remains where it is. I then said it would be funny as hell to re-coup the lost square footage as a bump out on the side of the shed.

Me: That'd show him, huh? Ha, ha, ha ... What?

Bob: You're brilliant! (a little ad libbing there but you get the point)

Schematics were drawn up, measurements were taken and the shed is about to become the world's biggest eye sore.

To the neighbour.

Poor bugger didn't have a chance against a woman who has nothing but time on her hands. I can't wait to buy over sized plastic candy canes to store on the back of the shed. I'll have to post before and after pics to explain it better so you'll have to wait.

Bob and I do feel bad for the guy but the man from the city told us to comply because the neighbour could forever cause us problems if we don't and he says, the neighbour has this stuck in his craw.

Once we comply there will be nothing he can do.


So Bob starts with compliance tomorrow. I'm thinking the neighbour will be gleefully rubbing his hands together as he watches the wall come down. I'm not sure he'll be able to take the shock when he sees just how much bigger the new wall will be. Not only that, it will still be pretty but not as pretty as it was because I told Bob if the guy doesn't appreciate the beautiful brick bottom then he doesn't get it. Full siding for him!

I'm a little worried about my Karma but seriously, don't mess with my hubby cause C-Rex loves to play.


Every single surface in my home needs to be dusted. That falls under me.

Between Cody's accidental paw fall and the cats with upset stomachs, I need to wash and sanitize every floor in the house.

Yeah, that's me.

We have company coming like normal but I'm feeling anxious about the messy house.

Bob's working on the shed and could care less.

So, uh, me.

And finally.

Emma, the princess kitty, has decided that her litter box is only a suggested area in which to do her business.

Any flooring in a 4 foot radius is also fair game.

Usually Bob's realm but, you know, the shed.

I'm it again.

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Mollie said...

That's too funny. I'm sorry you have to re-do it but I LOVE that you're just going to make it even more annoying for your neighbor! Go Cindy! (And Bob!)

Rosie said...

Remind me to NEVER tick you off.