Sunday, August 19, 2007

Following Kristie's Lead

While shopping for some books online just now I ran across a bunch of covers that had me wondering what the bloody hell was going on!! There are cover snarksters out there who are all over this stuff but these ones just kind of jumped off the list as I was looking for potential buys.

Now don't get me wrong, twins are a wonderful blessing but there is no way in hell I'd have time for romance while changing diapers, feedings, burpings, playing, laundry, night time eating, pooping, peeing ...

I'm just saying, someone would lose an arm if they so much as looked at me.

And sleep? You all know how I feel about sleep. Hell, I don't even have kids and Bob knows not to wake the bear!

Although I'm wondering about the 'twin' theme for this month.

Sure. Nanny makes three cause she's all young and pert and happy.

'Sweetie, this is going to be your new mommy.'

'No, my new mommy is going to be the young slut daddy boffed!'

Another baby cover!?

Well, it does say Royal Heir so I'm sure there are a bevy of servants around for the job of wiping Prince whoever's bottom!

Unless this is a love story between babies.

'Hey you, ya you in the incubator, I'm a prince don'cha know.'

'Oh, how exciting!'

Okay, this one again has a baby on the cover but the title is just too funny.

It's blurry but it is titled Her Pregnancy Surprise.

Was she not told she was pregnant and thought she had just put on a little weight?

Or maybe she was surprised that the baby is actually her husband's as her lover was Latino.

You don't supposed the Duke's Baby is the guy on the rock wall looking like he wants to be carried by his new mommy?

Just saying I saw this picture and wondered who decided this looked like a great manly shot of a hero?

Okay, I'll post late tonight the winners of the free books. You still have time to put a comment in with your name and HTF book title of your choice with a cap at 50 bucks. To get more information I believe the pertinent posts are now 3 down.


Kat O+ said...

What, the smell of day-old milk dribble isn't sexy? *lol* As a parent of twins, I can say that I I walk around in a daze most of the time. The last thing I want is another mouth on my boob.

I remember thinking, a couple of weeks after having my first child, what a LIE it was for romance heroines to be having sex within the first few months after giving birth. Sure, it probably happens to a blessed few, but I have yet to find anyone I know who's been up for it that quickly.

Mollie said...

You couldn't pay me to pick up a romance with a baby on the cover. I'm not a big fan of babies. I certainly don't want to read a romance revolving around them.

C2 said...

Okay, first of all, that cover with the duke on the wall is disturbing. Yikes! ;-)

Second, do the people writing these books have children? Because I don't and I still know they suck the romance out of things...or at least make being romantic difficult.

Last - if you are so determined to be generous and share the birthday love, I'll play. Judith Ivory/Judy Cuevas' Dance would be welcome at my house. I would even share it after and mail if off to someone else who hasn't read it. :o)

Jenster said...

Funny stuff, Cindy! I think the only book I've ever read with a baby on the cover was "What to Expect the First Year", and even then I only read the good parts.

Kristie (J) said...

I didn't notice how silly until C2 pointed it out - but that Duke one is a riot. I'm thinking little boy stuck in grown-up body now wanting to play strange boy kind of games.
And those aren't even HP or Desire books!!! It's spreading all across the line! When will it infect the Blaze or Nocturne line?!?
And babies on the cover of romance books - yea that just screams romance doesn't it?