Monday, August 27, 2007

Yeah, Spoiled Rotten!!

First, thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!

I am currently writing this post up on my brand spanking new LAPTOP!!

Holy Hannah.

Bob bought me an HP Special Edition laptop. Now, I don't know what half of that means but I'm stumbling my way through things right now.

I'm not keen on not having a mouse so I might have to buy one of those tiny ones that go with laptops. I'm trying to figure out how to import my e-mail onto this computer but I'm having a horrible time with that. Part of this was so that I could be anywhere in the house (like on my comfy sofa right now) and check e-mail and surf the net. Looks like tech support is going to be getting some phone calls. Kristie? Whacha up to? Wanna make a few calls ;)

So, yeah, my charmed life is even charmier much to the chagrin of my poor family. Don't care though. I was just stunned when I opened this up because I have jokingly said to Bob a few times in the past few years how my life would be easier with a laptop.

Floored. Still in shock about the whole thing and I keep waiting for the owner of it to walk up to me and say 'hey, that's enough, time to give it back.'

Oh and it's white. Super cool.

There's a butt-load of features on this but I haven't figured it out. I'm just happy I figured out the wireless stuff I had to configure on my desktop. So I can surf on the net, I just can't figure out the e-mail thing.

It also has Windows Vista but I'm wondering where all the 'automatic' things are.

So I'm still alive. We had a great weekend although it poured on my birthday. Since I get a week I'm okay with it. I just want to get back in my pool which we haven't been in for almost two weeks because of the cold nights and laziness with the solar cover.

Hope you all had a great time and now I'm off to blog hop.

And check stock on Caressed by Ice.


nath said...

Good morning Cindy and once again, Happy B-day! A laptop!! LOL :P that really starts the b-day week well! :D it's an awesome gift and I hope you have lots of fun with it :P and doesn't it suck how august is not over yet, but the temperatures have plummeled down?

Rosie said...

Well aren't you off to a bang up start to birthday week. Good job Bob! Hope you get some sunshine so you can get in the pool and have fun with your laptop.

Jenster said...

Happy birthday!! I love my laptop. I blame every bit of my laziness on it. Don't remember what my excuse was before I had it.

Good going, Bob!!!

Zeek said...

Happy Be-lated! Totally jealous of your laptop! You're a lucky duck!!

C2 said...

Isn't surfing from the sofa just the most fun ever?? LOL I highly recommend it to everyone!

I don't like Vista at all but that may be because I prefer my Mac overall and try to avoid my Windows laptop as much as possible. And Office 2007? Ick!

Sounds like the birthday was excellent! Yay!

Kristie (J) said...

A laptop - swweeettt. I'm like you though - I would need to get a mouse. I've tried just using the finger thing but it takes forever to do anything.
And I do so love to make those tech calls - NOT (chuckling)

Jennie said...

Oooh, lucky you! You'll have to keep us updated on how you like it, because I'm planning on buying a laptop in the next year or so and you can be part of my research. ;)

And wireless internet is the best.

ReneeW said...

Great gift! I bought Bob a laptop for Christmas 2 years ago and he hogs it most of the time. I love it when I can sneak it away from him. I had to make a rule: He can have the laptop or the TV remote control, not both at the same time. I'm sure you'll figure out your email. It took a while for to get used to the touch pad, but I think a little mouse sounds like a good idea. Have fun with it.