Friday, August 10, 2007


Thanks everybody for the well wishes and saying you may just stick around. I figure I'll be one of those last to leave so I'll lock up.

That said, it's a good thing I don't have a specific theme for this blog because I'm dredging the river.

A lot of deep thoughts have been floating around but you know me, I'm trying to bat them away so I can maintain my cloak of Simple Cindy.

OH!! That reminds me. I've been trying to read the 13th installment of Evanovich's and well, I want some friggin' royalties! Damn, I wish I could remember the heroine's name. (You know I could totally understand my lack of memories if I had done some serious drugs when I was a teen but I was crazy pure. No really. I'm not pulling your leg. I even refused to try smoking and only did it when I was 23 years old. Then I razed my brother who was a closet smoker (but Lord could you smell it) by telling him to give me a smoke and when I smoked in front of him he completely freaked out. He's 5 years younger than me the bum and couldn't handle seeing me smoke. So yeah, I pulled the 'so how do you think I feel knowing you smoke?' on him. Bitchy sister I am.)

Crap, where was I?

Oh right, you know how I can be Bitchy Cindy or Bad Cindy or Lazy Cindy? Well, I'm reading Lean Mean 13 and come across the heroine calling herself by this. No not my name, using hers! So now I'm wondering what came first. Have I been totally stealing from Evanovich or do I see some cold hard cash coming my way.

Since cold hard cash never comes my way I'm guessing I'm a cliche. Stupid Cindy.

Course we could be both stealing from that commercial 'Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids'.

Mean Kids. Just share some of your cereal with the poor rabbit.

After this I'm betting you're wondering if I know what a deep thought is.

Oh and our silent partner guy is getting married on Saturday so Bob and I are going to the church to see him get hitched. He would have invited us but he knows what I'm like and figured Bob and I would rather not party. He was right of course cause I would have just worried for months about the date. This way it came up suddenly so I dragged Bob off to find a pair of Spanx (tiny miracle that it kind of does what it says) and then I had to buy all new make-up.

As a rule, I don't wear make-up cause, hi, lazy. Bob also says stuff like how he loves that I'm all natural and that I don't wear lipstick and such. Anyways, that's all well and good on an everyday kind of thing but I'm not showing up to a fancy event without some concealer and blush. I even bought mascara but over the years my left eye has become so sensitive to anything but water and soap that it weeps or leaks when I put anything near it. Stupid Eye.

Now I know I say things like Stupid Cindy but even I know I'm about to drop a mint on make-up.

No way around it.

Bob is with me and is extremely patient while I try and figure out if I'm fair, light pale, light buff pale, light buff, etc into perpetuity. I'm telling you, trying to figure out which colour you would be without looking like you put on a mask is frustrating! So finally Bob's all, 'do you know how expensive this stuff is?' Me, 'yep'. Bob 'You know I prefer you without make-up' Me 'Yep'. Still bought what I needed though and I think I'm fairly light handed about it anyways so Bob barely notices when I put the stuff on. I just get a 'you look great!'

Now let's just hope I don't pull one of my 'oops' moves while colouring my hair.

Although I hear animal prints are in.


Jenster said...

Oh my gosh, Cindy! You crack me up!!

Mailyn said...

Mean Kids. Just share some of your cereal with the poor rabbit.

LMFAO!!!!! I hated those kids!!! Trying to starve that poor rabbit. LOL.

Dude your post cracked me up as usual. Hope all goes well at the wedding!

Rosie said...

What Jenster said. I also read about the zebra eyebrows. Woman you got conjones that's all I can say.

Chantal said...

This post was so funny!LOL

Stephanie Plum is the heroine :) Anytime I write a review for the Plum series, I keep calling her Steph. I like Steph much better.