Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spreading the Love

You're going to want to stick around for this post!

Some of you may have heard about a little something around my place called Birthday Week.

If you're new here's the thing.

Bob and I have no kids.

No kids means no one to spoil.

No one to spoil - but each other! Yeah Baby!!

So Bob and I don't have birthdays, we have Birthday Weeks.

Okay, settle down. It's not nearly as decadent as it all sounds because I'm also cheap but basically we point to it and it's ours (within reason - we haven't bought a big flat screen TV yet because we're sure the prices will continue to come down - so far the plans working).

I've managed to keep Bob from pointing at anything larger than a bread box although there are a few people *cough* lots*cough who wonder why Bob has two trucks (trust me, that wasn't even a birthday week!).

As my mother has slurred at me a number of times 'I live a charmed life'.

Now she doesn't even need a glass of wine to say it. *wipes tear from eye* The good ol' days.

So enough about me, let's bring this around to you.

I've been thinking about how there are people who are still looking for the HTF books by Anne Stuart.

Now, I know this is huge news because I'm very subtle but I'm a slut for all things Stuart.

See, subtlety in motion.

1. So here's the deal, I'm going to pick three people to send an Anne Stuart book to. Thing is I'm buying these off the net so I won't actually see them but I will do the best I can on quality. Some books may only have one copy available. This is international baby so nobody is getting left out. If I can't figure out how to get the book to you from the seller, I'll have it shipped to me and then on to you.

2. You get to pick the title. So you haven't read or ever even seen a copy of A Rose At Midnight, well put your name and this title down in the comments. If your name is picked you get the title you've always been hoping for.

3. This may take me some time. For example, certain copies of books are in the high 60s but if I find a lot on ebay for cheaper with the book then I will buy that. Remember, I'm cheap or maybe I just like to shop a bargain. $50 is as high as I can go for one book. Also, if the same book title is picked by more than one person and it comes up then I may have to hunt for copies. This is why I'm starting this now (Aug 16th) two weeks before my birthday. If I'm lucky I can get the books to the three winners by my birthday. (Okay, looking at the calendar you may be looking at September and if I get in trouble finding copies well, Merry Christmas)

To keep things above board I will video tape Bob's hand picking the names from a hat showing them to the camera. (Hopefully we can do it quickly so we can get it all on video)

Let me know if I haven't covered anything.

Oh! I'll close this Sunday at noon and Bob will pick Sunday night and I'll post the winners then.

Enter in the comments with your name and the title you would like. I'll put the names in a hat and pick out three. If you win, you send your address to me (knowing that I will have to give it to the seller of the item) and voila!

You point to it and it's yours.


Kat O+ said...

Oooh, how exciting! I'm relatively new to Anne Stuart, so I can't name a book I want.

I'm going to suggest to my husband this great idea of birthday weeks and the "point to it and it's ours" concept. Sometimes I like to put the fear of god in his eyes. *g*

nath said...

LOL, you are sooo nice Cindy :D but I kind of miss a part... is this week a b-day week?

and LOL, I'm definitively in :D I've been wanting to read A Rose at Midnight by Anne Stuart, but it's sooo hard to find :D

thank you so much for doing this!!!

Mailyn said...

I had two copies of ARAM but I forgot who I sent it to and I got another and I am sooooo happy because this one looks brand new!

If I had a birthday week I'd end up with lots of doggies. Or shoes. Or both. And throw in some books. And CDs. Oh and DVDs as well.

I don't think it would work for me. I already have the birthday weekend but I swear I'm not as bad as I used to be!

Anne Stuart historicals are the bestest! She needs to write more of them. :-(

Mollie said...

See there's something to be had for not procreating! BIRTHDAY WEEKS! Awesome! I've been wanting to read Ann Stuart, haven't read anything by her yet. Was looking around online and her Ice series looks interesting! What's the first in that? Black Ice? Yay? Nay? As I said, I haven't read any of her stuff.

Chantal said...

I don't need to be entered in the draw because I was not at all impressed with the AS book I read and I am not interested in reading more from her. However, I think your birthday week is SUPER COOL!

Good luck everyone. I can't wait to see who wins.

Rosie said...

As you know I love Anne too so I have all her books, but I just wanted to drop in and idea!

ReneeW said...

I remember birthday week from last year. Totally not fair! I had to share my (one day) birthday with Father's Day this year, so I feel totally cheated *whining* I did not get any pampering or spoiling. OK, I'll stop complaining. I have been collecting old Anne Stuarts over the past year and only have a few left and some are VERY expensive. I don't want you spending that much. Hmmm, let me check my list. Ok, how about Housebound (HAR-93). Thanks!

Megan Frampton said...

Man, are you playing my song.

Devil Count? (You already got me the DC's Daughter!).

I've got everything else, I think.

As for in general books--something rare by Balogh, A Promise of Spring, The Chance Encounter, The Trysting Place, or The Wood Nymph.

Or, heck, anything I haven't read that you loved.

seton said...

This is a very generous offer. I already have ARAM and TLADL but I've never read any of the Candlelights so whichever you would recommend. (Judy Cuevas' DANCE wouldnt be a bad choice either.) Thanks!

sybil said...

I have ARAM because Cindy sent it to me! :)

Marg said...

Crashcart at the ready....I haven't read any Anne Stuart other than her collaboration on The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes!

Chantal said...

Since you changed the rules, LOL I'll pick Elizabeth’s Wolf by Lora Leigh
(eformat is awesome for me)

Nikki H. said...

I have read several of her books and Ice Blue is the best book I've read this year, but I have not read ARAM or TLADL. And my birthday is Sunday so this could really be my birthday week!