Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And We're Back

So, how did you all enjoy the trip with crazy? Wild wasn't it?

We'd like to thank our sponsors 'Holy Lord, We're Over Reacting' reality tablets, 'Panic!' The board game that shows it's not just for life and death situations anymore and our favourite 'Grown Ass Woman Underwear, not for those who are weak at heart'.

Thank you all for your participation. This was a test of our 'Run, Run for Your Lives' Broadcast system. If this was a real life emergency well, let's face it, you're on your own.


I tell ya, I hope you all popped some popcorn and cozied down with a tall cool one with that little drama. True, I involved no one else and it didn't leak over onto any other blogs but hey, I'm a one woman show and I now have the ego to prove it.

One order of humble pie comin' up!

Yep, that's the kind of shit that happens when you forget that the world itself does not, I'll repeat that, does NOT revolve around you.

As you can see I'm back and as humble as ever.

That's okay, I'll wait till your finished laughing.


Alright then, moving on.

Lean Mean 13? Have no clue where I last put it. I'd say I'm all worried and stuff but apparently it's barely registering on my radar. Weird that.

I have a list as long as the Mississippi of things I have to do and the energy of a three toed sloth. I'm thinking the Mississippi is going to swallow me whole.

Oh and sleep is playing hide and seek with me. The minute I find that devil I'm going to wrestle it to the ground and make it eat dirt. Cause I'm feeling fiesty.

How can I write that last sentence and then sit here feeling groggy all of a sudden.

I wonder how I'm even able to dress myself in the late afternoons.

I'll give you a minute.

See, I'm back.


Mailyn said...

I love my Cindy either way crazy or deranged, er, I mean to say normal. LOL. ;-P

Kristie (J) said...

What is life without a little self-induced paranoia from time to time? Pretty darn boring I say!

Rosie said...

Gawd you are so damn funny!

CindyS said...

Mailyn - normal is so overrated ;)

Kristie - thank you! I'd hate to be a bore ;)

Rosie - you are too good to me!