Saturday, March 31, 2007

Where Am I?

I'm up during the day.

By that I mean my eyes are open but I'm plagued by that hazy dopey feeling of not quite being in the room.

Yesterday was 'run Cindy ragged' day. Okay, there were a few hours where I had to make it to appointments and well, I don't do well with structured time lines.

Up here in good ol' Ontario Canada we have this @#@!# thing called the Drive Clean whatchamacallit. Basically, every year I have to go to the mall and stand in a line to get the renewed licence plate stickers because Bob works or some such bullshit. Anyways, every two years you have to have your vehicle run through a garage to test the crap coming out of the exhaust. It's 40 bucks a pop.

Well, I wasn't paying attention - I know, quelle surprise - and discovered sometime earlier this week that we needed the trucks to have the DC thing done. The trucks. Or as I like to call them, the toolboxes on wheels.

The stupid stickers expire the last day of March so I have to get the friggin' trucks into the auto shop pronto and lucky for me they had two openings, 9:15am and 10:30am. The thingie takes 15 minutes so I have to sit in the waiting room while very loud men talk on phones and to each other. I never look forward to this because I don't like feeling trapped. Then there is the whole 'it's not over yet' feeling after picking up the first truck.

Did it end here? Nope. I realized Cody was slipping a bit with his sinuses and decided the vet needed to see him to understand why Bob and I wanted him on anti-biotics till the end. Basically, on anti-biotics he can breathe. Not on anti-biotics his sinuses fill up and he can barely breathe. Appointment is 11:45am.

Now, I set the appointment because Bob misheard something the vet told him. That was a $100.00 mistake. The vet has no problem with Cody taking the meds and is happy to accomodate his needs and doesn't even need to see him. Uh, hi. A vet visit costs money! She will even prescribe him pain meds without a visit if we notice he is starting to feel pain.

Bob almost felt some pain.

After all that running around I allowed myself to just sit and veg in front of the TV. I was tired but I knew I had to stay up to complete the crazy 'beat the clock' game my body likes to play.

Today I got up at 11am and started out to pick up health insurance for Bob because he is traveling this week. This usually has me standing in a line for more than 15 minutes but today no one was at the CAA - phew. I was right across from the mall where I had to get Bob's stickers but he called on my brand stinkin' new cell phone (I knew there was a reason I didn't carry one before) and asked me to come home for lunch because he was back from the other house.

So I left without going to the mall (it would have taken me an hour to find a parking spot) and came home to find a sick Bob mad at the world and most especially the printer which never works for him. After telling him to leave the room I got the printer working so he could get his electrics diagram he needed and he was off to the other house again.

Somehow this threw my day off and I ended up sitting and vegging. Well, I did have to do a write up for the AAR mini-poll that just wound up. It took me two hours to write that puppy up.

Tomorrow is sticker day. Stupid stickers.

Oh, and Bob the sicky is taking the afternoon off tomorrow to be with me. He has been sick for 3 days and I haven't fallen ill yet, I'm guessing tomorrow is D-day because he leaves on Tuesday and isn't back until very late Thursday night. I was getting all geared up to paint a room while he was away but I know that life loves to play jokes on me.

If I am truly blessed I will not be a hacking, coughing, sneezing, nose blowing mess by the end of this weekend.

I feel the need to do some prayer.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I tell ya, there are days I should not be allowed to run amok in blogland.

Meljean would concur.

I was over at Sybil's the other day when Anna Campbell was the guest Author. I happened to see the Contest post because Sybil is super crafty and bolded up the contest so even I, someone who never sees anything right could tell that I had a chance to win something.

This is what I read:

The next three funniest comments win signed coverflats. Sorry, you’ll have to buy Claiming the Courtesan to see what should have been in between the covers.

Me, being the dipstick I am read this as the first three comments with jokes would get the coverflats. There were already three jokes posted but, I so love to share the funny so I posted a link the The Bunnies and since it's almost that time of year again, here they are.

I know you know what happened.

I WON A SIGNED BOOK!!!!! Cause see there was a whole other part to the post I hadn't read about there actually being a book for a prize.

I'm such a nob.

But I'm a nob with a signed book by Anna Campbell heading my way!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Visions Of Heat by Nalini Singh


Nalini Singh, welcome to my auto-buy list!

I analysed quite a few things after finishing this book and discovered that there is something warm and comforting about Singh's writing.

There are so many things to explain but most of all, what I love about this story is how the hero and heroine fall in love. There is no great angst like in Ward's series and I am somehow comforted by that. Singh reminds me of how Julie Garwood's (holy new website!) historical romances used to make me feel. The hero and heroine were always partners instead of being enemies. Even when they come from a background of misunderstanding and hate, it is never focused on the person they fall in love with. It is this direct conflict that catches them up, trying to understand how someone they could love is from something they have learned to distrust.

Cindy Blurb: The Psy are basically beings that have forcefully striped themselves of emotion. They have cognitive abilities that far surpass those of any other creature but somehow they came to believe that emotions could cause them to go insane or worse, become monsters who could carry out acts of unspeakable horror. In order to cull the evil impulses they instituted the Silence which is a way of erasing the emotions that they are born with so that by the time they reach maturity they are ruled by logic only.

Faith Nightseer is a foreseer who forecasts for businesses and is one of the most accurate foreseer of her generation. She was given over to the Psy at the age of three because it became clear that she had the ability to see the future. From then on she was trained to only see visions dealing with business and she is so strong that she has kept her family in the foreground and made billions of dollars. Family, however, is not like what we think of. Foreseers have a higher rate of insanity and Faith is monitored almost every minute of the day to make sure that she is always able to meet her business requirements. In essence she is an asset.

Asset or not, Faith thinks she might be on the verge of a mental break because she is starting to have visions that have nothing to do with business. In order to find out what could be happening she decides to seek out the only Psy she knows that would have no reason to lie to her to keep her forecasting. Thus, she finds a way to escape the monitoring to go into Darkriver territory where the Changelings reign supreme.

Vaughn D'Angelo, a jaguar changeling has been drawn to a section of the city where he believes a Psy lives in almost relative isolation. He is surprised when he sees a woman Psy climb over the fenced in compound to start into the forest. He realizes that the woman must be seeking out his pack leaders' mate Sascha (book 1) who was formally of the Psy and knows he must intervene.

The fact that this story isn't ripe with misunderstandings is a great gift to the reader. I mean, really, couldn't you just see the whole 'you are mine enemy, must hate you but, day-am you're fine' thing happening?

Not even remotely with this story. It's about people from completely different backgrounds wanting to be together and learning to trust things that had once terrified them. Having Faith basically removed from any kind of physical contact at a young age makes her brain overreact to any kind of touch. Vaughn, whose survival is based on touch can only push at her so much before instinctively knowing she can take no more. It is a really beautiful dance to watch and the threat to Faith is very real and yet, both are willing to take a chance on the other.

Mini cut-off: Knowing what I do about the basic need for physical contact in humans (especially in the first year of life) I had a bit of a struggle with how fast Faith was able to overcome her fears. Then again, Faith isn't removed from the 'family' until she is three so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to assume that she would have been handled as a normal baby in the real world. I find this highly doubtful in that the adults are emotionless and don't seem inclined to touch. So I did struggle with just accepting that Faith or any Psy for that matter could overcome their upbringing. (I can talk about this in another post if anyone is confused)

I find it hard to summarize books that have so much world building going on but this is a world that is comfortable and for all it's unfamiliarity, easy to navigate. Again, kudos to Singh for this because I feel like I can actually see the parts of the world that only manifest in a Psy's mind. Vaughn and Faith get to the point where they are connected but Vaughn can only feel through the link whereas Faith can close her eyes and see the links. I like that there are facets of each other that their mate can not experience exactly like their mate. It makes their connection all the more powerful in that they still remain individuals and are expected to be able to take care of themselves. Sure, there is the need to protect but there is also respect for the other's ability.

Huh. So I could go on and on about this book and still, you would have to read it to understand the world. I guess it comes down to where I started. I love the way Vaughn and Faith fall in love.

I think others have mentioned that they liked the first book just a touch more than this one and I think it may be the hero. I can't put my finger on it but Vaughn seemed more insular than Lucas but since Lucas is Alpha, he had to be more open with his relationships.

What I am excited about is that the next book in the series has the hero as the Psy. I think it would become a bit redundant to have the heroine always being the Psy so I look forward to the next in the series. The snippet at the back guarantees that I'm gonna love it too!

Side Trip! I mentioned that this book had me thinking about many things and one of the things that occurred to me was that the world Singh has created is much more organic than many of the other series paranormal books I have read. In particular, my love of J.R. Ward's series is completely different from that of Singhs'. Ward's stories have these finite rules that make everything so structured that the reader knows there are certain things that can never happen (unless someone magically turns into a Brother - just saying). Singh's world has endless possibilities and doesn't seem as black and white as Ward's world. Even still, there is a logic that has to be followed in Singh's world so it's not like she is breaking any rules. Contrast both these world's with Kresley Cole's world and yet again, it's something completely different. I think in Cole's world anything is possible but it is the protagonists themselves that create the conflict - rival species etc.

I just found it an interesting contrast considering I have read books in all these series and had keepers from all three. Makes you wonder what it really is that can make a series click cause three more different story paths I don't think you would find.

What do you guys think?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Me Thinks You're All Very Funny

I love how some of my dear friends clung to the hope that I did not leave the house after getting that urgent message from Kristie.

I have let you down.


Of course I left the house and ran my ass (I mean, really, I drove my van because the idea of me running anywhere is just way too funny) over to Chapters only to discover that the book was not on the shelf.

It's okay. I'm an old hat at this. No worries.

I manage to flag down (and by this I mean I walked up to one of the employees and got in their face) one of the helpful and told them my dilemma. You know, the store shows you have 5 books on hand but none are on the shelf.

Turns out the person I picked sucked at math.

Either that or the desperation in my eyes made the male employee fear I would tear off his jiggly bits and cram them down his throat.

Nah. I'm too much of a princess, must have been his math skills.

Let's not dwell on the fact that said employee had obviously never heard of the Great Stuart and spelled it twelve different ways while I hovered in the background saying helpful things like 'there's no 'w' in the name. Stuart, S. T. U. A. R. T. No! Don't hit enter you left the ...' It was then I realized I may have also tracked down the only employee who couldn't hear. Three screens later he finally had the screen that I could have had up in 10 seconds if he had just moved but, I'm okay! We're getting somewhere. I felt like saying, 'See!! 5 copies, now run back into your stock room and get 'em'.

Turns out he felt the need to go to that special inner screen that only the employees know how to get to (yeah, yeah, it's to let them know when the last shipment showed up, whatever) and I'm pretty sure by this point he was just showing off because DUDE! Where's my book!!!

Sure enough it too says there are five books in the store. Geez. Wonder where they could be?


And breathe.

Finally the gentleman (I let him live) decided that the books might still be in the back room (holy shit, why didn't I think of that) and left to go and see. Keep in mind that if this poor man came back without my book I was going to unleash C-Rex and then track down a new employee to repeat the drill.

Okay, who are we kidding, I would have went into the 'employees only' door and shown the SOB where the book was.

Police may have been called but, I knew I could call Kristie to come and bail me out.

Now that the search party (one guy) had been sent forth to find my book (and yes, it was mine!) I decided to peruse the romance section because some of you may remember my rule of never buying only one book at a time. Against my religion it is.

I drew a complete blank while staring at the now 32' romance section (when did it get so big?). What the hell else would be out right now? After giving myself a minute to think I realized that no new information would be entering my brain for the next bit so I just went with what I could see on the shelves.

Without further fanfare (shut up) I give you the books that I bought:

If you will recall I recently watched a romance book documentary and Kathryn Smith was one of the authors profiled. I know that she has turned now to paranormal historicals but I have a bit of a high threshold for an author to succeed in that genre. I picked up the books and read the backblurbs but knew I wanted to read her earlier books to get a good representation of her voice. I read the backblurb on this one about a ruined betrothal and how the hero will now have to win the woman back. Hmmm. Maybe he will have to grovel. All I know is that she was described on the documentary as writing sexy and emotionally charged romance. I'm in!

I really wish I could remember, OH! Nath wrote about this book when posting about her "Ten Books She Couldn't Live Without". I'm going to link to her post so you can read what she wrote. I'm thinking I have read Patti O'shea before and really liked her but I get her confused with Susan Grant who pushed all my 'I can't stand this!!' buttons. Now, I would suggest that Nath and I read at different spectrums but we seem to spark on the odd author so this one jogged my memory and I decided to run with it. I also knew I didn't own it because I never liked the cover of this one. So it was a safe buy.

Like Kristie I do enjoy a really well done historical western. This cover in no way says 'historical' to me but Kristie set me right when she blogged about buying this book a few weeks back so this one was also a no brainer.

Not only that, it also came with a 'special value' price which always looks cheaper than it is because it shows the U.S. price first and in huge letters. Heck, you can read the price off the little picture I've posted! Can you read the Canadian price? Hey, did you just blow the picture up!? It's okay, it was 5.99 and since books are about 10.99 up here it was still a deal.

Now, at this point I should mention that I had picked up all these books and was walking around. Just when I was beginning to think I had scared the 'helper' into running for the border he comes out of the stock room. The poor guy just about walked by me because he obviously forgot what I looked like but I once again stepped right up so that he would notice me standing there. I just managed not to snatch the book away from him and I guess I finally smiled because he felt compelled to ask if there was anything more he could help me with.

Sure, there was a bead of sweat, a nervous tick and a crack in his voice but, I thought it was real sweet that he had the guts to ask.

I thanked him, held the book to my chest and felt all aglow.

Thanks Kristie ;)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

KRISTIE J - Dang, it doesn't work without a middle name!

First I would just like to say that Rosie left me a wonderful comment on my last post (so very happy that your son is feeling better because WOW! those pictures) about how she just happened across Anne Stuart's latest release Ice Blue, which, if you are not an avid fangirl (get out!), is to be released the first of April.

Upon seeing this news my heart leapt but I tamped it down because really, it's just way to early for her book to be out here - many, many miles away from Rosie and well, I'm in another country.

Just to set the scene let's all remember it's Bobby Week so the minute Bob got home, my arse was dragged out of bed to go to a plethora of building box stores.

I know.

I'm living the life.

Now, you may recall that we had to fit our Godchildren into a three day span because everyone has jobs, church, swimming, well, you get the picture. So tonight I suggested we stop in so Bob could get his birthday hugs. He lasted 20 minutes before a breeze from an open window hit him perfectly across the face and whispered to him that it was time to sleep. (It was at this time that I reminded him as he pryed me from my Godchildren that on Sunday when he dragged my butt out of bed after 4 hours of sleep that I too would hit that perfect point and would need to be driven home - Yeah, I make my points where I can.)

We load back up in the car and we get home where we both change into our jammas since we are in for the night and we can snug on the couch. Okay, really, Bob watches some weird shows so I tend to play on the computer while he watches re-runs of Corner Gas. Don't ask.

I open my e-mail and see that Kristie, my dear pal has left me a HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!

I spin in the chair and declare that I had to get dressed and go back out again immediately.

Bob: What!?

Me: Anne Stuart's book is at Chapters and I have to go and get it.

Bob: It's nine o'clock and I don't want you out by yourself.

Me: You could drive!

Bob: *points at his jammas*

Me: *pout*

Bob: Tell me which store it's at and I'll buy it in the morning when I'm out and about and you're asleep.

Me: Listen, I know I'm not going to read it right now or maybe not even this week but you know what I'm like and I need to have the book under our roof.

Bob: I'll get it in the morning.

Me: IT'S ANNE FRICKIN' STUART!!!! You know I need to hold the book and call it George!!


Bob: Take your phone.

I jump out of the chair until Bob asks how I knew the book was at the store.

Me: Kristie told me! She wrote this taunting post about how the book was at my store and that she wanted to see if I would go nuts and how I would end up with two copies.


Bob: You mean there are still people who doubt you are nuts?

Me: *growl*

Bob: Ho-kay then. Wait, why would you end up with two copies?

Me: *whistles while counting the ugly tiles on the ceiling* Seriously, we have to do something about the ugliness of this room.


Me: I pre-ordered it.

Bob: *groan* Quit pre-ordering books!

Me: HEY! Why isn't the book on my doorstep as we speak, huh? I mean, they were able to ship it to the store which is still open and only a hop-skip and a jump away, so why isn't it here!?

Bob: *realizes Bobby week is in jeopardy* Take your phone.

So yes, I am Kristie's dancing monkey.

In return for such kindness I have ordered a taxi for my boy Cody and told them your address. Even though he is extremely gassy and has, in fact, broke glass with his odoriferous self, he just wanted to see you so very badly and knowing how oh so fond you are of puppies I knew you would be delighted. Now, you have to feed him the right food or that gas issue will get even worse.

If only I could remember which brand it is we buy for him.

OH! And I made a special lasagna with extra tomatoes cause I know how much you love them.

No, no. No thanks necessary.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Isn't Anybody Out There!?


Has everybody moved on? Cause like, I've seen nothing about a little show called LOST or even Grey's Anatomy - SO


Yeah, he does!! And yes, I think he is crazy sexy and by that I'm sure it's the character. There, I'm out.

I went mental watching the show. I was making noises out loud and even though I knew it was the story of how he ended up in the wheelchair I still freaked when it happened!



The dialogue between Ben and Locke - classic!

Paraphrasing about to commence:

Ben: I've been here all my life, how is it that you think you know more about this island than I do?

Locke: Cause I'm not the one in the wheelchair.

*does the wave, followed by fist pump - YEAH!! Take that Mofo!!*

Ben: What if I told you there was a box on the island that you could wish for anything you wanted and when you opened the box it would be there, what would you think of that John?

Locke: I think the box better be big enough to wish yourself up a new submarine.

*YEAH!! victory dance, fuckin' A!!*

Uh, if you missed this episode because you decided LOST had lost it's edge, well it's back baby!!

I mean, I know it's not obvious but I was a tad pumped up by this episode. I've kept it on my DVR so I can re-watch it cause Locke ROCKS!!!


Grey's Anatomy.

The scene in the linen closet was crazy tense and I loved every second of it. George's expression when Izzy touched his face? What a brilliant actor and I swear that guy steals every scene he is in. And he didn't even say a word. Not a word.


(This picture is from a scene later but I wish I could find a still of them in the linen closet)


I feel better.

Thanks for the B-Day wishes for Bob - I let him know and even told him about the burying the body line and he was greatly offended cause, like, he's a prince ;) It's a good thing we love each other.

We had a great night, the lasagna turned out excellent if I do say so myself - everyone except me had seconds (cause of my tummy I try not to eat too much of the foods I know can cause me problems and well, cheese. Although so far, so good), Caesar salad was great - OH! turns out the little lemon cake that I bought for my mom's birthday which was the only cake in the bakery case that *didn't* have a sign saying 'made with real cream' had the damn sign when I went to buy it for Bob's birthday. (I'm telling you, I'm surrounded by people who would prefer something other than chocolate cake. I know. The mind boggles) This is only a problem for me because it turns out anything marked with those pretty little signs that say 'made with real cream' become a nightmare for my tummy.

It's one of the foods I've isolated as a problem.

I bought it anyways but my Dad gets vocal if you don't eat a piece of cake cause it's bad luck or whatever. I think he just likes to see me twist. I had a sliver and it was really wonderful and again, so far so good! (Maybe they put the signs on the wrong thing)

I usually buy this Orange Creamsicle Cake which is basically a ton of real whipped cream with some orange zesty stuff and the smallest amount of white cake known to man. That cake has proven vera, vera, bad. I promised Bob I would get that cake for Saturday night and that way I could eat the left over cake that doesn't seem to have a bad effect. *fingers crossed*

Also, I have to say that apparently I bought my man a great gift.

I was so sucking wind I tell ya.

Everything I thought of was house orientated and felt like it wasn't something geared specifically to Bob. THEN I saw the Canadian Tire flyer and they had these 21' go-go-gadget ladders and I thought, hell, why not. I figure Bob can return it if it's not what he wants. (Just so you know, I don't do ladders so yes, this gift is strictly for Bob)

Turns out he's thrilled. I told him we could take it back and he could find a brand name that he loves but apparently the brand I bought was excellent quality and 'OMG' he can fit it in the back of his truck.

Exciting no?

I should really tell you the story of me getting it home in my mid-size vehicle because I was so happy to have found the bloody thing in the 'frickin store that is being remodelled to the hilt so nothing is where it is supposed to be and even the teens didn't know where the thing was'.

And breathe.

So I bought it when I found it and then got to my car and realized I was in big trouble. The kind of trouble that would need a pick-up truck. Still, I'm way too lazy for all that so I jammed the thing into my car (really the story gets way longer) only to get home to try to find a place to hide it. I notice that Bob has a few pieces of 4' X 8' sheets in front of his work bench and when I move them I find an empty space that I can get the heavy object into. I get it all put away with lots of grunting and groaning but I'm pretty proud of myself.

Then next day I open the garage door and see 10 more sheets in front of the bench.

As in the man has just buried his gift. It took a lot of brain work for me to figure out how to get the damn thing out while not waking up Bob - turns out that some of the sheets on one side were only 4' long and thus I could move those without breaking my back or having to open the garage at 4 in the morning. Then I disguised it so it wouldn't have that funny ladder shape to it (I put a box at the narrowest part so that it looked like a rectangular box - had to use the scrabble dictionary to prop that up too. In case you're thinking I'm a nut, 9 times out of 10 Bob has been able to guess what it is that I have bought him before he even opens the gift. Our first Christmas together almost had me in tears! Now, I'm crafty ;))

He guessed a lounger for the backyard. HA!!! I win!!!


Seriously, I deserve an award.

Good thing I'm a cheap date because a great book would be just the thing.

Soon, my precious.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

We're At Defcon Four People!

You know, I could never figure out why defcon four would be worse than defcon one - like a countdown but maybe I'm totally confused.


Today is the anniversary of the blessed day that Bob arrived on planet earth.

Okay, maybe that's harsh but 'came out of his mom' seemed gross and I seem to have a brain block lately with words. They're always 'just' there and then poof, I have no clue.

So, it's Bob's birthday or what Bob and I like to call The Beginning Of Birthday Week.

Now, when it's my birthday, birthday week rocks! When it's Bob's birthday week things revolve around what he wants instead of me saying 'deal with it'.

Which means, that when he found out my parents couldn't come to our house on Saturday night, instead of moving everyone to Friday he decided to have half the family on Saturday night and now my parents are coming for his birthday dinner (Thursday night). Dinner I had to cook because ordering in pizza two nights in the same week seems piggish and lazy. So those two beef tenderloins I bought today to cook on Bob's new indoor BBQ (our stove top) couldn't be done on his birthday - he says we should do it on Friday night.

I'm thinking he'll be lucky to be alive by Friday.

In my world, Bob and I have dinner and then basically have a relaxing night. Friday night more of the same, Saturday the entire family with pizza and goodies and then Sunday comes and my hair is still attached to my head.

Bob's way has had me running around all night making up a lasagna and picking up in general cause hey, the parents are coming - still have to vacuum even though I did that yesterday and making a list of things Bob needs to pickup at lunch because my sleep is a mess and I'm already bitchy.

Friday night - granted this should be relaxing but I have a feeling Bob will come up with something to throw my evening off - Oy vey!! I didn't tell you about last Sunday morning - Bob wanted to visit he parents but it had to be in the morning - IN THE MORNING - and he needed to be there and back within a specific time and blah, blah, blah, by 3 am I had a stress tummy and thought I was going to throw up so I woke Bob and said I couldn't go and the bastard cancelled on his parents - I'm like - just go!!! I'm pretty sure that's when bitchy Cindy showed up and she hasn't left all week.

Where were we? Right!

Saturday - have to get up before everyone gets here - I'm sleeping later - I think my body has become used to me always pushing it around the clock and now it thinks that's normal. Stupid body.

During all this his Godchildren would like to see him.

So if I go missing for a few days it's because I'm hiding the body.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Am I Still A Reader?

When is a slump not a slump?

When I first started reading romance I couldn't really afford to buy many but I did borrow from the library. I seem to recall easily reading three books in a week. Now I didn't do that during school because I knew myself enough to know I would pick reading a romance over reading my history text book and I already had enough procrastination issues.

So I remember my summers off from university as very much romance reading packed. I used to get annoyed because I would have to go in to work and all I wanted to do was sit and finish my book. I remember laying on my bed for hours and reading well into the night - Hey! Does that mean I can blame romance books for my nocturnal ways? Nah. That's pushing it. - I didn't know I was a slow reader at the time, I thought every one took a good eight hours to finish a typical book.

The Kinsales that I read back then nearly did me in time wise!

Then I got out of university, and landed my first full-time job which turned out to be a nightmare of epic proportions. During this nightmare I met and fell in love with Bob. Why he fell in love with a weepy mess of a woman I'll never know but I'm grateful! I cried all the way into work and all the way home and reading time? Forget it. I barely had time to eat with Bob before I had to go home and crawl into bed so I could get up at 5:45 in the morning.

Every spare minute of my weekends were spent with Bob. I'm not sure if I told you guys this but my parents refused to meet him the entire first year we dated. Bob was still married although he and Sue had filed for divorce, he was 12 years my senior and my boss (for a time). My mother said it was her Catholic nature that wouldn't allow him to come into her house (I don't know, something about divorce). Amazingly I hadn't seen anything Catholic about her in my 23 years but okay. So basically, I woke up, showered and left the house and didn't come home until I was ready for bed.

Also, not so much time to read when you are being courted ;)

Finally a year and a half after meeting we got married and we started our life together.

Anyone who tells you the first year of marriage is bliss is LYING!!

Having never slept in the same bed as someone else, I was shocked to find this very big heat sink rolling over every ten minutes onto what should have been my side of the bed. I barely slept for the first three months of marriage and no, it wasn't for a good reason! Then there was the worry that I wasn't a good wife. Luckily I outgrew that. Poor Bob.

Anyways, I hadn't read a romance in about 2 years when I finally found time to pick up a book again. I didn't have as much time to read as I did when on summer break but I probably read a book a week in between work and home. I think also, I am more mobile than when I was younger. Bob and I like to get out and go shopping and sometimes we go out for an hour, come home for an hour and then out for another 3 hours and then home.

Then the panic attacks got out of control and I couldn't sit still because I was always thinking that I should be forcing myself out of the house. That was three years of whoop-de-doo and I only read auto buy authors during that time. I had also discovered AAR and if a book got lots of buzz I would pick it up usually to a good result. Still, maybe a book every three weeks.

Then the slump hit and I'm pretty sure I didn't read anything except Anne Stuart and Suzanne Brockmann, oh, LKH and Janet Evanovich for two years. Nobody else. So Stuart and Brockmann maybe have 4 books released in a year, and LKH and Evanovich had one each about? So 6 books in a year. Yikes.

So how is it, 18 years after reading my first romance book I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to call myself an avid reader anymore?

I'm definitely above 6 books a year so it's not like I'm at my worst. (In all honesty, I'm glad that I had someplace like AAR to go to because it was there that I found out there were such things as slumps. I mean, if I hadn't had a word to put to what was happening I'm not sure I would have done well)

I think part of my problem is I go to the 16' romance section and while browsing the books I'm thinking 'have it, read it, read her and ain't going there again, never heard of her, really bad grade at AAR, I know the name but was the book panned or recommended by bloggers?'

I definitely have a 'been there, done that' kind of feeling when I go to the bookstore nowadays. Nothing like when I first started reading and the bookstore had maybe a 4' section of romance books. Every book was shiny and new and a potentially great book. Now I have had my share of 'meh' books and 'crap, I really wish the author hadn't done that' books and then there are the authors who decided to move on.

Maybe I've become jaded. Maybe it's a world of too many options.

How can I walk into a bookstore with the biggest selection of romances available and find nothing new that peaks my interest? Why am I not making the time to sit and read instead of plunking myself in front of the TV to watch the latest and greatest? Course, I'm having a hard time sitting still for any length of time lately so half hour shows on the DVR keep me amused for a length of time before I have to pop up and do something my brain won't stop going on about.

On that note, I have been renting movies and then not watching them which is not like me either.


I don't know. I thought maybe my readership card needed to be revoked but maybe something else is going on. Let's hope I figure this out so I can sit and read like the book lover I truly believe I am! I mean, if I'm not a romance reader, then what the hell am I?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Dog is Killing Me

Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack - lyrics changed by CindyS

Killing me softly with his gas,
Killing me softly with toots,
Killing me softly with deadlies,
Killing me softly,
With his gas,
Killing me softly,
With his farts.
Killing me softly
With his flatulence.

I heard he was a good dog,
I heard he had some gas,
And so I sat with nose plugs
And still my breath couldn't last.
So now I've left the building,
Yet the stank still lingers.

Killing me softly with his gas,
Killing me softly with toots,
Killing me softly with deadlies,
Killing me softly,
With his gas,
Killing me softly,
With his farts.
Killing me softly
With his flatulence.

Your welcome.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

FYI Part 2

I'm going to start with covers because that is something near and dear to many romance readers hearts!

Claire Zion, Editorial Director for New American Library Penguin US, talked about that time in romance cover history when covers were mostly flowers. The flowered covers were selling because women were not embarrassed to be seen reading the book on the subway and the publishers ran with it. However, after a while the flowers weren't telling the consumer enough about the book because almost every book had a flower on it. Now publishers try to have covers that are author specific and have more to do with what the story is about.

This trend is very apparent to me when I think of J.R. Ward and her covers. They are very similar in style and the font and titles almost let the reader know that these books are by one author. Nora Roberts books have also been revamped with new covers that are softer and even have the NR on them to let the reader know if it is a new release. Not only that, but if you look at the last trilogy that was published her name is in much bigger font than the title. Christine Feehan is another author whose covers let me know that the books are paranormal with their moodiness and that they may be related to each other.

Aside: I wanted to get four covers of each of the authors to put up but I wanted it to be in one line for each author. Turns out I don't have a clue how to do that and if I put 12 covers up on this post it will be all pictures ;) What I found interesting was going to Ward's site and seeing how her first book cover is different than the rest - her name was not as prominent and obviously the art department decided on a 'standard' way of setting up the covers - I do have to say that I am especially enamoured of them. Turns out Christine Feehan's covers do run the gamut and yet, there is something about them that when I see them I *know* whose books they are and I haven't ever read her. Maybe I will see if I can figure out some basic photoshop skills and do cover analysis for different authors. Then again, maybe I should leave that to the pros!

Lucia Marco, Executive Editor for Morrow / Avon tells us that editors know how crucial the cover is. She tells us that there are about 5 seconds (if that) in which a consumer decides whether they are going to pick the book up off the shelf and read the back copy. In the case of well known authors, their name will sell the book but for new authors or new-to-the-reader authors it is the cover first, the title second and the back blurb that will ultimately sell the book. Also, when dealing with a new author the tone or voice is not yet established so the cover can be hard to pin point.

Eloisa James touches on how a cover can make all the difference to a mid-list author. An author can languish on the mid-list for years even though she is "writing great prose" (sorry, you know I wouldn't say anything like that, those are Ms. James' words) only to end up on the best seller list when they get a great innovative cover.

This was telling for me. We complain about covers and yet we are drawn to something new or eye catching but then it truly is the publishers job to keep trying to get a readers attention.

What was universal among the writers in the documentary was that they could only control what was between the covers of the book. Every thing else is decided by the editor and publisher so I imagine that at times it can become very frustrating to mid-list authors to see new exciting covers for other authors while they end up with the same fuzzy historical embrace of the scantily clad H/H.

Then the show went somewhere I couldn't really follow but then, I am different in seeing man cheeks on the covers of my books.

Raelene Gorlinsky, publisher with Ellora's Cave talked about the 'hunky men'. When asked why there are 'hunky men' on the covers of their books she said "well, they sell better than women on the covers" and I would imagine EC would know. She said that male chests help sell books. Sometimes butts can help too. (I love how candid and straight shooting this woman was about the covers of EC) It was mentioned that EC now sells 80 000 books a month world wide which is astonishing when you think that they are a print on demand publisher (am I right in this or did I hear this wrong?).

Where I broke off was when Ms. Gorlinsky talked about being at a signing where the cover on the right was blown up to poster size and how she would watch the women walk up to the sign and stroke the man's chest. It's okay, you can out yourself here if you have been known to stroke a book cover. I mean, I've never felt the need to stroke a book cover or a poster for that matter but I have been known to hug books that I have been waiting for to my chest and growl at anyone who would dare to snatch it from me. So maybe I'm just a little different.

Finally, I just wanted to mention Harlequin's approach to the erotica market with their covers. They have gone the opposite route of Ellora's Cave who puts 'naked' on their covers without flinching. Harlequin Spice, on the other hand, are going for more subdued colour tones on their covers while being clean and contemporary. I like that there are two different marketing techniques being used right now and it would be interesting to know how Harlequin's Spice line is doing in sales. (On that note, I didn't know these were erotic books and now that I know I may start with these and I love the colour on that cover - I believe this book is available this month - yikes, it's in trade size!)

And now a few tidbits that made me want to stand and applaud.

First, I have never seen nor met Nora Roberts but I'm telling you, you do not want to mess with this woman. As a romance reader I was proud to see a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind and won't take any crap.

While at book signings:

A woman: 'Oh, you're Nora Roberts, you write that smut!'

Nora Roberts: 'I do not write smut and that's incredibly rude, what's wrong with you?'

I'm sorry but I love that response. At that same time, Debbie Macomber is not above giving it back.

A woman: 'Oh, you write those kind of books'

Debbie Macomber: *laughs* 'What? No pictures?'

I heart Debbie.

I will wrap up with how Nora Roberts started writing as J.D. Robb - I couldn't get it down word for word so this is the gist.

People ask Ms. Roberts why she doesn't go on vacation and she is hilarious because her response is 'I like being at home, I don't want to go anywhere else'. Her editor at one point called her and told her she needed a hobby. Her response? 'Ew, no, I don't want a hobby.' The editor then said, how about a pseudonym and Ms. Roberts said no, I do the work, I want to see my name on the cover (with her there!). I think it was two years later when the editor finally said, "Nora, there is pepsi, diet pepsi, cherry pepsi..." and Nora Roberts said it clicked.

She could be two top selling brands!

And thus the birth of J.D. Robb.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Just FYI

I was alerted to a documentary on romance books by one of the people on my book trading group. I was unable to tape it for Alyssa because I don't have a VCR but I do have a DVR which is like a Tivo.

The documentary is called Who's Afraid of Happy Endings? and was broadcast on Bravo!

I had the DVR tape it thinking maybe I would watch it but since I'm pretty much an avid reader of romance I wasn't all that concerned. (Really, what could they tell me I didn't already know?)

It's an hour long show and well, surprise, surprise, there were a few moments that had my eyebrows raising into my hairline. I haven't seen anyone talking about it so I decided I would re-watch the show and try to take notes and do a documentary review.

Turns out that's like work.

Five pages of notes later I decided that I would kind of hit the highlights.

Basically the documentary follows two published authors, Kayla Perrin and Kathryn Smith and an unpublished hopeful, Kelly Boyce.

Kayla Perrin has 25 books published and is an African American romance writer who took a leap at Harlequin in order to advance her career. Ms. Perrin openly talks about being an African American writer and how there is a niche market. Knowing that love is something everyone strives for she decided to write a book with two black heroines and one white heroine.

Interestingly enough, I had one publisher say why is there a white girl in this book. You would think that in this day and age you wouldn't get those kind of comments. I think they are absurd.

Her editor sent the book to Harlequin and they loved that she had both black and white couples in her story because they felt it reflected reality. They asked her if she could 'up it' sexually so that they could launch their Spice line with her story. Wanting to grow her career and knowing that Harlequin does great launches she signed on and entered the erotica market.

What was interesting was the approach that Harlequin took to the cover. They deliberately made the hand squeezing the peach more mocha in colour so that looking at the cover it could be any one of the heroines in the book holding the peach. They also did this in hopes of getting new readers to pick up Ms. Perrins' book.

Kathryn Smith is the author of 12 published books and has been in the mid-lists for the duration of her career. At the time of this documentary, Ms. Smith decided to make a change. Up until this point, she was a writer of regency historicals but as she said, there are many authors at Avon who are already successful in regency romance and she felt like a little fish in a big pond. So in the hopes of moving her career forward she made the switch to paranormal romance. They will still be set historically and she's hoping to bring a fresh voice to the genre.

What was interesting was hearing that for the previous 2 years, paranormals had increased sales of 30% for each year. Even though us romance reader groan at the glut of paranormals, it seems that they have provided a cross over audience and thus a wider market is open to them. Let's just say that I see why some authors have made the move!

Next, I'm beginning to understand the 'Avonization' argument. (Seriously, I didn't understand it until Kristie explained it to me and I thought 'oh, I knew that, that's why I don't read historicals much anymore)

Kelly Boyce is an aspiring author and we get to follow her to the RWA conference where she has a chance to pitch her book to Avon.

Kristie, I can't believe what I saw!!

Kelly Harms (with Avon) is the woman that is hearing the pitch. Ms. Boyce is nervous and starts her pitch off, basically her story is not earth shattering but her heroine is a widow.

So, you have a widow, did Julia (I have no idea who she is referring to here) tell you I always complain when there are widows?
The first thing I always send her or any of my pros is to try and envision the book with The Virgin.

I'm telling you she drew out The Virgin as if it was the magic and she says that it absolutely sells. Not only that she mentioned that the story being pitched was a stand alone and that there were no opportunities for a series.

So there you have it, straight from the publishers mouth. Virgin. Series.

In the defense of authors (and really, this documentary definitely brought this across), if you are told that a Regency set Vampire romance with a virgin heroine will fly off the shelves, you're going to want to write that book.

Each of these authors have a dream and that dream is to be the next Nora Roberts and quite frankly, I can't fault them for that.

I'm going to stop here cause this is getting long and you guys can let me know if you want to hear about the issue of covers and some anecdotes from authors like Nora Roberts, Jennifer Cruisie and Debbie Macomber.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nope, Not That

I know I don't have the great book blues.

Wait. That time change thing. Maybe that's what's got me off my rocker again.


I'm so bored I feel like I overdosed on boredom. I have no inclination to do anything. TV? Boring. Internet? Boring. (I've already done the blog loop and now I got nothing) Reading? Just not into it.

So I'm feeling meh, blechy, yetch.

And bored.

Still, I thought I could mention a few things.

It's March break so my best bud who is a teacher is coming down on Thursday for a visit so no boredom on that day!

Friday 'the husbands' are out so Sue and I are going to get together and order in KFC for us and the Godchildren. I really thought I would see them more over the break but Bob is off sick so I am with him instead. He's better now but he will be taking tomorrow off as well. I'm one of those people who believes that when you are sick you should keep your ass at home. Period. I also don't think rushing back to work is a good solution either so I told Bob he was taking another day to get his bearings. Workaholics don't like to be told they can't go to work so I imagine someone will be crawling up the walls. I'm so going shopping tomorrow!

That's the other thing, shopping even bores me.

Sorry, we'll move on.

Bob's birthday is next week and I don't have a clue. Not one iota. So that's bugging me as well. I thought about a massive (20' long) outdoor canvas pergola but they seem to only sell nice ones in 10 x 10 or 13' by 13'. So I'm still in euchred land.

Okay, Amber just crawled up on my chest so I'll sign off before she decides my typing is annoying her and starts to bite.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward


I'm not sure where to start with this *cough* opinion.

So I'll start by saying I really, really, really wanted this book to blow my skirt up - so to speak.

Am I disappointed?

You bet.

Does this mean the book is crap?

Not really.

I've mentioned in a few places that I think I would rate this book a straight B and hopefully that pans out.

Cindy Blurb: Wait. I really don't think you can read this book without reading the rest in the series. Maybe it would have worked better if I had never read the other three books but I'm not sure.

Butch is basically the human pet of a bunch of vampire warriors of the Brotherhood. He fetches when called and isn't allowed out to play with the big boys. He stumbled into knowledge of the Brotherhood in the first book in this series and his choice was to stay with them or die. He chose to stay with them and really he didn't start to regret his decision until a year had passed and he realized his life was the same as before except he now has financial privileges. In the first book he met the King's ex-mate Marissa and bloody hell if she isn't the love of his life after one kiss. I have to say seeing him mope over his booze was not quite what I wanted to read.

Marissa meanwhile, is part of the glymera (basically high society of the vampires where lineage is all important - yeah.) but has been shunned for something like 300 years because soon after her pairing with the vampire King it became clear to everyone that he did not bond with her. Yep, she's the oldest living virgin.

Okay we need to speed this up.

Butch gets caught by lessers (evil dudes) and is tortured for information which he doesn't give up. He knows he's about to die but then the Omega (super big evil dude) realizes the Brotherhood will want him back so he puts a piece of himself in Butch.

V - Butch's bestest friend (and did V want more?) finds him, takes him to the vampire hospital where he realizes Butch is suicidal and calls Marissa to help him. Marissa races to Butch's side. She's later caught by her brother in a compromising position with Butch, gets thrown out of her home, goes to the Brother's mansion (where Butch lives) for sanctuary. Butch is worried he's going to turn into an evil guy, a whole bunch of lesser crap happens, finds out he's got some Brotherhood blood in him, gets turned into the new weapon against the evil, joins the Brotherhood and Marissa takes her head out of her ass and HEA.


I have many.

I loved Butch as the world weary cop with a heart of gold. He was so broken and lonely and wonderfully dark. In the beginning of Lover Revealed he is all that and I was in my glory. Hell, Marissa has a panic attack in the beginning of the book and I'm all relating to her and thinking 'Booyah Baby this one's going to be a keeper!'


I should look the page number up but Butch and Marissa tell each other they love one another fairly early in the story. Some seriously heavy petting ensues, they promise to always be straight with each other and then WHAM - blindsided by stupidity and immaturity.

Saying, hey, let's always talk things out does not mean someone says something and the other leaves the room with out going 'WTF did that mean!?' Communications were down, their software was not compatible and it was a frustrating thing to be a part of.

These two people were perfect for never saying anything outright or letting the other person explain.

Here's what I know for sure.

Butch loves Marissa hands down.

Marissa is about 21 yrs old in human years.

Apparently vampires mature much, much, much slower. MUCH! I figure she needs to live another three hundred years before she is ready to actually be with Butch.

I'm just saying, I live quite a cloistered life and I'm only 36 but even I know whose opinions matter to me. Three hundred years should put a bit of gumption under your belt so I find it odd Marissa would just discover she has a backbone.

So, not a big fan of Marissa and Butch was pussy whipped.

Since this is getting long, let's see if I can do bullet points.

1. Butch was himself in the beginning and I would have preferred it if he had actually remained who he was but instead he discovers he's more than human and OMG that means he has purpose. Ugh. At this point I began to feel like he read like all the other Brothers.

2. The Brotherhood blows. Butch gets caught and is being tortured for a day and all the Brotherhood can think of is 'OMG what if he tells the lessers something'. Wow. I can only hope I have friends like you. Then they get him back and even V starts to question whether Butch is his enemy. WTF?

At one point the vampire king says 'go bring our boy home'.

Here Lassie, here boy, come on Lassie! Ugh.

3. V is an asshole. I mean really. First he's worried he's going to have to kill Butch (cause he's evil - NOT), then he knows if Butch tries to leave the Brotherhood he will kill Butch, then V does some sort of suicidal swan dive off a building but hey, vampires can do that whole teleportation thing and he ends up behind Butch who is screaming because he thinks his best friend just killed himself. Yep. Not a lot of sympathy for V going on over here.

All of the above blew holes in any type of homo-erotic stuff that *might* have been going on between Butch and V. I don't think Butch ever felt that way but V from previous books seemed to. Well, if this is the way V loves someone then whoever is about to become his mate better look out!

Let's end there before my head explodes.

So why a B? It didn't feel like a C book which usually leaves me with a 'meh' feeling. Obviously I have some pretty strong feelings.

Oh. And for those who are wondering, I skimmed the lesser parts and John's parts and I didn't miss them.

It gets worse.

I read the preview of V's book and I thought 'meh'.

I guess I can do a separate post sometime on how reader's expectations can bite an author in the ass.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I finished Lover Revealed but I'm not going to blog about it right now - the epic novel I am writing will need much more time.

Let's just say I am done with series books! *shakes fist*


Short and sweet I would rate it a B but every time I think about what I'm going to say about Lover Revealed my brain shorts out and 15 rants start up. Too much pissed me off but it's more about me than about the book. I think. I'm staying away from other reviews right now but I really want to go read what others have said cause I'm wondering if I'm a freak. STOP!

Anyways, let's not get into it now.

I have to head to bed soon but I thought of all this stuff I was going to blog and about and poof, it's gone.

Poor you.

Here's one thing for ya.

(Okay, here's a link so you know where I *might* be coming from)

(Here's another where JMC says everything so much better than I ever could (okay, just read the link above and then the first comment by JMC))

Every genre ever written has books in it that suck donkey kong balls.

That's right, romance isn't the only genre you will find duds. Course, publishing more books in a month than other any other genre makes it seem like maybe there are more crappy books but I'm betting percentage wise it's all the same.

That's why people write reviews in other genres too. *whispers* Cause the other genres have books that only get one star, dagger, dragon, time machine too.

Yeah, that's right.

Somewhere in the world someone is throwing a Robert Jordan, Tony Hellerman, Dan Brown book across their bedroom and slamming it into the wall.

And then they go looking for matches.

Don't kid yourself.

There are sucky books every where so don't give me any shit about how male writers write better, smarter heroines than female writers. Sure they do. But only in books. Let's not hold Lara Croft Boob Raider against them. Or any action movie made in the past 20 years where the heroine is a screaming nightmare of stupidity. No. That's different.

So if you are reading a bunch of male authors who you feel are really getting their female character right then good for you (I'm betting they are a woman using a male pseudonym but whatever) ride the wave baby because I'm betting you had to read just as many horrible heroines written by men to find those heavenly books.

If you didn't, please rub a penny and send it on over to my house so I can get your kind of luck. I'll buy some lottery tickets so I can buy more of my 'brain candy'.

And on that note, if one more person says romance is just 'brain candy' I'm going to tell them to FUCK OFF!!

Unless it's my mother.

Then I'll just refill her wine glass countless times, wait till she's lying on the floor in a drunken stupor and then tell her to fuck off.

In a whisper.

Cause unlike most heroines in romance (according to some people), I ain't stupid.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Other Books

Frankly, I think we're all bored of hearing about how I can't find time to read a certain book I now have two copies of.

I said I don't want to talk about it!

So we'll talk about the other package of books that landed on my doorstep.


More books to not find time to read.

My life is a blooming wonderland people!



I read and loved Slave to Sensation so I am very much looking forward to reading the second in the series. At least, I think it's a series and the reader reviews have been very good indeed. I believe Rosario did one (yep) and maybe Dear Author (wow, two for two!)

Ever since reading Stupid and Contagious I have been looking over Chick lit titles and noticed this one at the local pharmacy. I liked the cover and then I noticed the author was Stephanie Rowe who should be the same author who wrote Date Me Baby One More Time. (I'm checking the copyright name and they are the same - duh, just looked on her website.) That sold me.

I have walked by Blood Lines many times and the cover always gets me so finally my cheapness fell away and I bought this book. I'm pretty sure this one has been having a positive outcome for readers but I've been known to be wrong. Oh! And I flipped to the backblurb, saw 'Touch-sensitive' and I was in. Yes, I'm that easy.

The Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter. Okay, to be fair, I needed to fill up my online basket so I could get free shipping so I broke my rule about 'not having read an author whose books are in my TBR pile'. In other words, I now own four books by this author and I have yet to read an entire book by her. I did recently start one of her books but I wasn't in the mood for a meaty historical - I liked everything about it, it was just my mood. Hence, my breaking of a rule.

Sexy/Dangerous has been all over the net but I believe I bought this one after Renee blogged about it (I think because I can't find the post now - bad brain). I'm thinking it showed up in the AAR Reader Poll at some point also so that was another selling point. Oh, all right, it was Renee's rec that did it because I do prefer to know the address I would have to send my flying monkeys to - just in case things go bad ;)

And finally, I bought this little gem.

My philosophy has always been you can never have too many romance books. Turns out I feel the exact same about design books which is definitely harder on the wallet.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to get ready for bed because I'm trying to be a normal person.


Course, it's 1:30am so I'm not that normal.

Shut up.

Makes me feel better.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Sue's painting.

Sue has called.

Discovered my drug benefits did not get to the company and have to get duplicates done up.

Have to leave the house.

Have to go to Sue's.

Sobbing won't help.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I have done my duty as a friend and went painting today. We got a lot done but, boy oh boy we are euchred on Thursday! She is painting all the trim and doors the same colour and painting trim is a bitch. At least we're not painting over peach like I had to at my old house. FOUR COATS OF PAINT! Pain in the ass. Seeing as how we are painting the upstairs there are 5 doors and the trim around it. Ugh.

But that's something I can worry about on Thursday.

Tomorrow is Butch's day!!!

Yeah, I'm a little excited.

Just a little.

I would start it right now but I know myself too well. I would end up staying up all night reading and I can't start that right now. I need some day light time and I have my sleep on a great schedule!

So as Bob and I like to think about life - just one more sleep!!

Monday, March 05, 2007


My second copy of Lover Revealed arrived today.

I haven't opened the book yet because I know I'll be out of commission for two days and my best friend Sue has asked me to help her with painting. I was there today and will be there again tomorrow but then I think she will have to wait until either Thursday or Friday because she will be babysitting kids.

At least I hope.

Cause I really want to get lost in a book already!

Other than that, I am sleeping like a normal person except I'm exhausted around 4pm, lay down for a nap and wake up an hour later feeling like I want to puke. Not exactly the way I wanted my day time life to be like!

Tonight the wind chill will get to -32 degrees C. I was just getting used to not having to button my coat all the way up. I have been trying to get warm for the last 2 1/2 hours but I still have a chill.

So I now I have two copies of the book I have been waiting for (very eagerly) and I'm afraid to open it because I don't have time to get sucked into a book.

End whine.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yep, I'm THIS Crazy!

Having never claimed the cloak of sanity I thought I would share with you the days events.

Okay, really, just a few minutes of my day.

I pre-ordered J.R. Ward's Lover Revealed because sometimes Chapters sends out books weeks before their release dates.

Hey, I took a chance.

So I have been checking my 'shipping status' pretty much hourly. Get this, all the books that the online store said would be shipped in 24 hrs are coming from British Columbia (other side of Canada) and as of tonight, they have not left.

Meanwhile, I get another e-mail saying that they have shipped Lover Revealed!! I look it's tracking number up and it's coming from Mississauga (40 minutes from where I live) so I know this book is going to show up before the others.

Now, there have been times when books have landed on my front stoop on a Saturday and today I was itching to see if I would find a brown cardboard box with my copy of Lover Revealed in it.

I've been up since 7am and got out for a bit with my best friend Sue - shopped for 3 hrs (an hour of which was spent in the most hideous of places, The Home Depot - by the time I got her out of there I was ready to unleash C-Rex!)

So, I've been sitting on the couch since about 3:30pm and it's now 7pm and my eyes burn from want of sleep. That said, I have been fighting it so that I can sleep like a regular person tonight. *snort* Wonder what that's like?


I should mention that I have checked the Chapters website for Lover Revealed because it will list the stores nearest you and how many books they have in stock. Kristie was the one who let me in on that nifty little feature and it has saved me oodles of gas money and time while at the same time having the ability to dash my hopes within seconds.

So, I'vd been checking stock pretty much twice a day for the last few days.


Okay, maybe they're not in the system so I called the store that normally gets new releases first and was disheartened to hear that no, they have no Lover Revealed books.

For some strange reason, a half hour ago I decided to recheck the site and see if any stores had stock.


Bob, being the precious man that he is drove me over to the store (they showed 48 in stock) (because I'm in no shape to drive) so I could go and get the book a whole day before it lands on our doorstep.

Yep. I'm that much of a nut.

Bob asked what I was going to do with the copy that would show up Monday morning - why, return it of course!

I'm not sure what it is about me and my auto-buy authors. I must have their books as soon as humanly possible but even I will admit that I have been watching the website much more than I ever have.

I'm going to chalk it up to 'needing something, anything to look forward to!' Hey, spring isn't nearly as close as it should be!

So there you have it. I am a touch on the insane side.

Luckily I have a husband who doesn't mind and a bunch of blog buddies who might just understand.

You understand, right?



Okay, no more pre-ordering for me.

Uh, wait.

No more pre-ordering after Ice Blue (Anne Stuart) cause I already pre-ordered it.

I'm so going to end up with two copies of that one too.

Oh, and I'm so friggin tired that I know I'm not going to read the book tonight. I weighed that while trying to decide if I had the energy to leave the house. My fear? That I would wake up at 1am because - well, I think I covered the things that will wake me up and yes, Cody was a pain in the arse last night and I ended up getting up with him for a couple hours - and then I would be mad at myself for not going and getting a copy of the book.

So now I'm covered. I can read it whenever I get to it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Bob's calling me to pick the colour of the straight jacket he is ordering.

Friday, March 02, 2007

And We're Off!

I always say I'm going to be quick like a bunny and end up writing an essay but I thought I would do a mini-update.

1. I realize now that I'm just waiting for J.R. Ward's Lover Revealed to get to my door already. Reading anything else seems to be a waste of time. All the same, I am trying to read The Stranger I Married by Sylvia Day which I think is probably a great book but I can't seem to sit and read for more than 5 minutes. I'm hoping the Ward book will cure this.

2. I am just starting to come out of my hibernation. I realize now that I have been an extreme shut in but I think it's starting to wear off. I actually felt like I wanted to go shopping for the first time in months. It only lasted a few seconds but it's nice to remember what it feels like.

3. I also seem to be getting ready to do something to the house. I'm not sure what exactly but I have a feeling paint will be involved.

4. I slept 16 hrs yesterday and woke up a midnight. It's now 4:30pm and I figure I'll be hitting the bed in the next little bit. So I'll be a day walker for the next couple of days which is nice because I was forgetting what the sun looked like. Cool.

5. I'm stressed about Cody - I started to type out what's going on but I'll leave that for another time.

6. I can't wait for Bob to be done with the renovations at the other house so I can have my husband back. Did I mention how my days just all meld together right now. Seeing as how I'm going to be heading to bed fairly early, I won't see him tonight (although we'll get to sleep beside each other - I told him not to make any noise when he comes to bed or I would wake up swinging! For some reason if Bob accidentally wakes me while coming to bed (I've never heard someone make so much noise going to bed - calling for the cats and Cody and then has to talk to them and then God forbid he forgot to shut something off - up he gets and lots of re-shuffling of the cats etc.) it's the end of my sleep cycle. So I told him that if he messes up my sleep tonight I'll be going to the job site tomorrow and making his life miserable! Course, only I know that I'm not setting foot on the job site.

7. I bought this go-go-gadget shower scrubber. So I super extend the pole and don't see a locking mechanism but whatever, I have really got to scrub the shower from top to bottom. On one of the down sweeps I fell into the shower because the damn pole collapsed! How do companies get away with making this kind of crap!! Oh! And how many of you have to actually get in the shower with the bleach cleaner and clean while having a shower? I have yet to figure out how to clean a shower without having to get in which would be fine until you run out of hot water. And this shower is all ceramic tile so there are grout lines everywhere. I think I may just have to clean the bloody thing everyday!!

Okay, we should end there before you all fall asleep.

Apparently I'm going to need more than this lack luster entry to put me to sleep.