Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shut! UP!

Ohhhhh, yeah.

Guess what I did?


OF COURSE NOT! *mumbling 'bought a straight jacket, unbelievable, these people!'*

Hmmm? No, I did not re-bleach my eyebrows and by the way, they are still streaked. Apparently they do not fall out and regrow as fast as I thought but I think they are cute now, so there.

You know what, now that I think about it, it might not seem like a great bit deal but, it is to me!

I ordered some books online. I decided to pre-order some books which I never do because I truly believe that I can get to the books before they can get to me and usually that's true but, get this.

By Friday, an entire week and four days before it's release, I should have my hot little hands on Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase!

Envy me.

Nah, don't envy, just was excited to see that I got the ship notice for this book today! Too bad it wasn't JR Ward's newest one because then you would have heard me screaming. It was the other one I pre-ordered in order to get the shipping for free. What'll really chap my ass is finding out that Chapters is shipping this from Vancouver then it could be a week before I see the book!

Hey, did you just say 'one could hope?!' Not cool!

Also coming are Pamela Clare's Surrender which, - holy crap! - shows as not released on the Amazon website although it should have been available on the 7th of February and I am sure I have seen many of my blogger friends with this in their sidebars.

And, taa daa, Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas should also arrive by friday before it's release date of March 7th also (hey, the site just changed it to 3 to 5 days)! I would be more pumped about this one but, uh, I haven't read the Autumn book yet because I haven't made the time and I do really like an author to be at least one book ahead of me.

Since I'll tear open the package with JR Ward's book and devour it in one sitting, I'll have to do it with others!

Okay everyone, cross your fingers that I get that extra special e-mail saying Lover Eternal has shipped.


Pretty Please. *pouts adorably with a wee bit of a lower lip quiver and big soppy eyes*


McVane said...

No, I did not re-bleach my eyebrows and by the way, they are still streaked.

Uh... yup, I've been away too long.

You have LORD PERFECT? *squee!* You lucky cow! :D Do let us know how it goes for you.

OK, I'll put in a good thought for you to get your mitts on LOVER ETERNAL early. :D

Nicole said...

Cindy, Surrender isn't available until march. Some of us have it on our sidebar because we got ARCs from the publisher. It is a March release.

Tara Marie said...

So, Cindy, have you heard of eyebrow pencil? *teasing*

Maybe I should pre-order, but I love going into the bookstore and seeing my heart's desire staring at me from the shelves.

Enjoy them!!

Megan Frampton said...

I pre-ordered Lord Perfect, have gotten NO SUCH EMAIL saying it was shipped. Not that I'd read it in a timely manner anyway, but--well, you know. I'd like to have it, just in case of emergency.

Kristie (J) said...

See, if I didn't already just buy about 12 books in the past few weeks and my reading has slowed to a snails pace so that it's taking me almost a week to read a book when I used to be able to polish one off in 2 days, and if I didn't have $100 in real money just waiting in the hidden place in my purse (that's big enough for two books) then I would be so totally jealous of you.
So because of that, I can honestly say - Cooooolllll and mean it.

sybil said...

LOL good for you kristie! I want to read LP but haven't read Mr. Impossible yet.

And want Surrender but that will have to wait, so it is better I haven't seen it in the store :).