Wednesday, June 13, 2007

AAR Mini-polls

Just so you know we have a mini-poll up at AAR for your Top Ten Short Stories and your Top Ten Anthologies and we'd (LinnieGayl, Lee and I) love it if you ran over and filled out the ballot.

On that note, I have blogged over at AAR After Hours about my favourites so feel free to come over and comment or, you can comment right here!

In other news, Bob surprised me with taking two days holiday this week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Everybody remember how I feel about these kind of surprises? Yeah.

So I'm trying to be awake when my body wants to sleep and this will bring me into that Thursday mess that starts the weekend of hell.

I'm not letting my anxiety pills out of my sight!

Oh. And it's hot.

Humidex will be at 29 for the week and Bob hasn't let me close up the windows and put on the air yet.

The man lives dangerously.


Kristie (J) said...

Yikes! I'm wincing at the no air yet! I have fans AND air going

nath said...

it is indeed hot! but i think he's going to succomb soon, my dad did yesterday :D

Jenster said...

I feel your surprise pain. Just totally messes up your mojo, doesn't it?

Holly said...

I'm with you on the surprises, too. EEK!

Oy, no air? It's been SUPER hot here lately and we've been running the air 24/7.

Mailyn said...

I hope Bob is ready to deal with the consequences of no A/C while it's hot. LOL.

ReneeW said...

Ok I've been meaning to submit my vote, but need to look through my spreadsheet. ok, ok, I hear you. Working on it now. We've been having cool rainy weather all week. I'd like one hot day to warm up.