Friday, June 22, 2007

Uh oh!!

I'm watching the news and guess what?

It's the beginning of Gay Pride week in Toronto. Apparently the busiest weekend in the summer for Toronto.

Biggest gay pride event in the world.

Expecting 1 million visitors.

Certain roads will be closed down.

Uh, yeah. That's a lot of people heading to downtown TO! Couldn't just be your average big city busy. Hell no. Gotta go there when everyone else is converging on the place.

That's too funny but I am excited without that over feeling of anxiety that I normally have. I have never really felt this way before and I am loving the experience. I know anxiety (the bitch) will pitch her tent and make waves eventually but I am just feeling great joy about going and being in Toronto with friends and enjoying the weather and the shopping!

Look out world!

The good news for me is the parade isn't until 2pm on Sunday but Ames and Nath will be there and there are large sections of road way near their hotel that will be closed!


I've printed off a list of bookstores and used bookstores although I think Nath had that covered but just in case I have a list with little dots where there may be stores.

The ladies should be just getting out of the Medieval Times fun and maybe gabbing at the hotel. On that note, I'm going to e-mail them so they know when I'm going to get to the hotel.

Damn, I have to shut the news off cause there is just some seriously horrible stuff they are reporting. Gah. One of the rides at Canada's Wonderland has been shut down but I don't think that will upset Ames and Nath too much - at first I thought it said the entire park was closed but it's just one ride.

Okay, I have to make up my book list for shopping just in case we get to a few bookstores. I'm thinking Ames, Nath and Kristie will be just fine shopping where ever and getting lunch where we can all gab.

And I wonder if we'll get to this place and if it's still claiming it's fame?

Years and years and years ago I went here and the romance book section was bigger than anything I could have ever imagined. Not only that but they used to have stock of out of print books.

Mmmmm, books.


Rosie said...

This reminds me of my first visit to SF as an adult. It was Chinese New Years and we had no clue. Can't wait to hear the details from all of you.

Kailana said...

I went to "World's Biggest Bookstore" when I was in Toronto, and I liked it. It had a lot of books that I had not seen elsewhere. It is owned by Coles/Chapters/Indigo too, which means discounts!

Bookwormom said...

Have fun!!

Mailyn said...

I can't believe I missed that store when I went to TO. Go Gay Pride Parade! I looove watching pictures from the parade.