Saturday, June 23, 2007

Best Day EVER!!!!!

Knowing how long winded I am I have a feeling I should break this up into epic novel one, two, three etc.

I already said BEST DAY EVER!! Right?

I don't even know where to start!

Bob being the man he is made sure I got up when I was supposed to and had a shower before me. He was all spiffy and clean and he even shaved (weekends are shave free days). I get up and shower and am feeling great. I think I was a touch anxious and my tummy was grumbly but who cares. I come down the stairs and where is Bob? In the garden on his knees spreading around fresh wood chips! He's just so funny, always doing.

We get in the car and I take a pic of Bob and I but I'm horrible at doing those kind of pictures and all you see are my nose hairs.

I'll spare you.

I have tried a couple of times to get a picture of the CN Tower from where we live (when you go down the Hamilton mountain (hill) on a clear day you can see the CN Tower) but my camera just can't pick up that kind of detail.

Because of this I took a massive amount of pictures of the CN Tower on the way there. Weird.

I egged Bob on a few times because I was excited to get there and I wanted to make sure we were on time. Bob has a bad habit of driving in the slow lane in case we need to get off (I used to panic if I saw brake lights so he would immediately get off the highway) but I was all 'lets go!'.

The weather was gorgeous and it was such a good day to drive into the city. Not only that, as much as it was busy, the sun and the weather kept me calm. Here's a picture of the condos on the lake as we are driving in.

I called Kristie about 10 minutes from the hotel (the directions from Google had an error that would have had people unfamiliar with the area drive 16 km the wrong way - hello!) and got some hellos from Ames and Nath.


We find the hotel (super nice) and park in their underground parking and sure enough, they were in the lobby!!

Can I say Ames and Nath are just gorgeous in person (Kristie too but I already knew she was gorgeous)! Not only that but the sweetest people in the world!

We decide to go to breakfast and walk till we find a place. It turned out it was another hotel and let me tell you, the people who worked the restaurant were too funny. They thought nothing of telling you the way it was. 'Uh, hi, could I get', 'Just hold on, I'm still working on another order'. Uh, 'kay.

We ate outside which was fantastic and Bob and Ames started to feed the pigeons. I managed to throw some muffin for a small sparrow over the pigeon's head. At this point the pigeons figured this was an invitation to land on our table. Oooops. Then we notice the sign that asks the customers not to feed the pigeons. Might explain why the guys a couple tables over were giving us dirty looks. Double whoops.

Then!!! It was time!!!

I made Bob go across the street to take our picture. He was all 'but it says right on the door 'World's Biggest Bookstore'!'

Don't care, get across the street!

Then he took one closer up.

Poor Nath was getting antsy so when Bob had to take another picture for Ames I thought she was going to burst. Of course, after seeing her book haul I understood why she wanted in that store NOW!

Ames was just like her blog title - Thrifty! but with a deal of buy 3 books get one free, well, let's just say that 8 books was the minimum for Kristie and I. I'm thinking Nath may have hit 20 but Ames says her TBR pile is nothing compared to the rest of us.

The best part about shopping with book friends is they are right there when you can't remember the title of the book that Holly recently recommended, or the one with the cover of a woman's leg out of the tub. Kristie even remembered seeing some of the books I had on my TBB list on my bookshelves at home!

We were talking about different authors and which books we loved and I was talking about Theresa Medeiros' older titles. There was one in particular where the hero was sent to kill the heroine because she was a descendant of royal blood but the minute he saw her he decided to save her. (Let me know if this was a Medeiros) So there are three titles that I know I have on my keeper shelf so I'm reading the back blurb to see if I can find the one for Nath and she says, 'that's okay, I'll just buy all three'. I told her I didn't want a phone call at 3:30 in the morning saying 'You BITCH!' if she didn't like Medeiros.

Kristie and I also tried to convince Nath and Ames that vintage Karen Robards are great - hmmm, maybe she was the one who wrote the book I'm thinking of. Dang my memory!

Amber has just jumped on my lap and I'm typing impaired now so I'll sign off.

I have 10 books here waiting to be shared with you all but you'll have to wait until another installment. Let's just say that WBB wasn't the only stop and the walking, Oy!

(The World's Biggest Bookstore was at one time really the WBB - long before Chapters, Barnes and Noble etc. but I can't imagine that it's the biggest anymore but even so, the romance section was excellent. I swear, almost every author has a good showing on the shelves which means you find those rare gems that you have been looking for forever so it is definitely a great stop.)

But I'll second Kristie, my feet are killing me! I can only imagine the pain tomorrow will bring.

If Nath and Ames lived close by I would lose weight in a flash!


Kat O+ said...

I love reading your weekend posts. I almost feel as though I were there! Your Bob must love you heaps. Not only does my husband NOT come along to any of my meet-ups with other romance readers, but he insists that I take the toddler along with me. %)

Jennie said...

YAY! I'm so glad the day was a success. I knew it would be, I mean, you got to meet Nath and Ames, so how could it not? But still, YAY!

Zeek said...

Aww man I'm jealous!!! Sounds like tons of fun!

So I know which is ames and which is nath, which one is you?? Or did I miss that?

Kristie (J) said...

It was a lot of fun wasn't it? I have to break my report into parts cause I'm too longwinded to do it all in one *g*. Plus I'm having picture issues *sigh*.
Plus I think I'll have to do a separate one just for the books I got!!

Holly said...

Wow! I can't wait to hear the rest and see the books y'all got. I'm just pea green with envy!

I'm so glad y'all had a good time. And I so know what you mean about being with other romance readers. I felt the same way when I met Iz, Daph, Jazz and Ween for the first time. It was grand!

CindyS said...

Kat O+ Yep, Bob is one trouper for sure but I was told I owe him HUGE and apparently many trips to Home Depot will become mandatory ;)

Jennie - definite yay for me because I was able to get there and meet wonderful people. Terrific day!

Zeek - Ooops, I had posted a pic of myself with Cody there a few days ago but it goes from left to right, Ames, Nath, Me and then Kristie!

Kristie - But you have so much more to report! And yeah, the book haul will be a separate post for sure!

Holly - Definitely had fun! And so much fun to shop with them!


ReneeW said...

You ladies are beautiful! What fun. Who could resist a store called WBB. Looking forward to your next installment. Bob is amazing. Hope you don't have too many trips to Home Depot to make up for it.

Rosario said...

Envy, envy, envy! That sounds like so much fun!